ProBrain Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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The lack of quality reviews, bait and switch website, and the basic formula all amount to a fairly cheap and unreliable nootropic. What was most concerning was the lack of an official website and the inability to get it from a secure source.

In our review of ProBrain we outlined all the major highlights so you can learn about what it has to offer.

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ProBrain Overview

ProBrain is a nootropic supplement that currently has no official website and which only features old marketing images. There is a single website which advertises this supplement but they are a bait and switch site which does not actually sell it. Currently you can only get it on Amazon, but there’s no telling if it would be safe to take.

The bait and switch website is a common trick played on unsuspecting customers, though often it’s in place because a company has abandoned their supplement. All this made it clear that ProBrain is no longer a reliable supplement, and that it’s risky to try, if you can even get it.

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ProBrain Claims

All the claims are provided only on 3rd party websites and they say this will effect:

  • Concentration
  • Memory loss
  • Lack of focus

No actual specifics or explanations are given as to what it will do. A bait and switch website claims that this can help people “understand things quicker” and that it can help users retain information.

Anything that this website claims is unreliable however, and we only bring it up because there is no other source of information. All we have to examine are websites which are not only unreliable, but which are operating a clear scam.

ProBrain Ingredients

We have no way of determining if this formula is up to date, what the dosage strength is, or even if any of this is actually included. The ingredients were mentioned on a 3rd party website which may not be accurate:

  • Ginkgo Biloba
  • John’s Wort
  • DMAE Bitartrate
  • Glutamine
  • Phosphatidylserine Complex
  • Vinpocetine
  • Bacopa
  • L-Carnitine

Ginkgo Biloba is used to help support memory function and it can help reduce symptoms associated with dementia. This has been used since ancient times for its nootropic support.

DMAE Bitartrate is used to help boost mood, energy, and overall mental focus. This is sometimes taken in additional amounts for those who are looking to help control Alzheimer’s.

Glutamine is a highly important amino acid which can provide numerous benefits. IT’s especially useful for people who have mood disorders including anxiety and depression.

Bacopa comes from an herb and it’s a typical nootropic ingredient that has a long history of use as a medicinal plant. This is added to help treat mood disorders and to help support proper memory function.

Vinpocetine is an extract used for enhanced blood flow in the brain, and for reducing the chance of early onset brain diseases.

L-Carnitine is a naturally sourced amino acid which plays many important roles. This useful ingredient can actually sustain athletes, and help provide mental focus.

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The Science Behind ProBrain

No scientific explanation is provided to help showcase not just what it can do, but how it will work. We can’t know for certain if they even use the claimed ingredients, as the only way to learn about what’s added is by looking at review sites.

No official source has identified what’s added or what the dosage strength is. Since we can’t know anything factual about it, there’s no telling how this was formulated or if the company responsible has done their research.

It should be a requirement for any company to at least give the opportunity for a person to perform an analysis of the formula. With this brand all you can do is review basic claims made about any brand.

There’s no way to break down the formula to determine exactly what it can do, and what can be expected.

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Word on the Street About ProBrain

“Can’t really tell if it did anything at all”

There’s only a single review and the person who rated it admitted they don’t know if it offered support. This often means that the effects were too minimal to notice much of an improvement, which is never a sign of a quality nootropic supplement.

Since there’s no other mention of this anywhere we can’t say for certain if it’s going to be reliable enough to use for daily support. We can’t verify if it’s likely safe either, and it greatly reduces its appeal without any consumer support.

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Is ProBrain Worth a Try?

This should be avoided; there is nothing about this which is good. We don’t know for certain whether or not it’s actually still made, and the only source for information is an outdated Amazon site and a clear scam website.

The bait and switch website doesn’t do a good job at all on selling the product since it’s a clear template on a cheap outdated website. They mostly use old marketing images which are rough explanations on what the intended benefits are. There has to be more to review and an actual website to help determine its true worth.

All that we know is that it would be unsafe to try and use this, since its clear the manufacturers have decided to no longer sell this. Even though Amazon has a listing for it, we can’t tell for certain if they are providing batches which are still fresh and safe to take. There’s nothing reliable about this brand and there’s no reason to believe it’s going to be safe and effective.

There are currently no better supplements for natural nootropic support than the brands highlighted in our top 10 review.

ProBrain vs Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain markets itself as a “clinically studied” nootropic which is true, but it doesn’t begin to tell what this has to offer. The 2 studies performed only were on small groups which were clearly not enough to prove its effects. This is meant for both memory and focus but alarmingly, hundreds of customers saw no benefit. Because this increased in popularity there was a lot of attention paid to it and people in the know commented on how ineffective the formula was.

ProBrain FAQ

  1. What are the official ProBrain ingredients?
    We only know what’s inside from reading 3rd party reviews so we can’t verify for certain if the following are used or not:
  1. What are some typical ProBrain reviews?
    There were no reviews currently found online.
  1. Are there ProBrain tabs?
    It’s impossible to say whether it’s tablets or capsules.

So What Really Works?

For the most noticeable impact on mood, focus, energy, and overall brain health, we found no better supplement than Memotenz. The product deliver on all fronts, and people often said it gave them the mental boost they were looking for. All the ingredients are typically reliable in their effect, which ranges from stress reduction, more blood flow, and all with nutrients which can affect the way the brain functions.

It’s clear why this was effective since after reviewing the dosage strength and blend of ingredients, it was well-rounded enough for effective support. All the reviews left said how it gave users an impact in their mental functioning and overall mood. In practical terms people felt reenergized and better able to handle both physical and mental tasks. The company history was also solid since many had great experiences and we couldn’t find any issues like auto-shipment or questionable practices. Our review of Memotenz showed a lot of benefits and you can read what it has to offer direct from the source by clicking here.

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