16 Effective Tips On How To Induce Vomiting In Humans Naturally

how to induce vomiting in humans

Actually, vomiting is not a disease and it is a natural bodily reaction to some conditions or diseases. When you unluckily swallowed poisonous things and you cannot ask for help, vomiting is the simplest way on how to remove the poison from your body. However, it is not easy to vomit when you have no feeling of nausea. So, I will reveal some of the simplest home remedies to induce vomiting in humans right now.

I. Risks Of Inducing Vomiting

Before learning how to induce vomiting, you need to know about risks of inducing vomiting first. When you vomit, you can experience some risky conditions such as:

  • Aspiration: Some of the fluid can get into your airways, resulting in choking. If it travels into the lungs, you need an immediate medical help.
  • Burning: Vomiting has corrosive chemicals that can result in serious burns in the throat, mouth, and esophagus
  • Esophageal tear: Violently vomiting can make the esophagus become partially or completely torn. Patients often experience intense pain in the lower chest or upper abdomen.

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II. Home Remedies To Induce Vomiting For Humans

Vomiting is a process to throw out things that make you feel sick and uncomfortable. Additionally, apart from removing poisonous things from the body, there are some other reasons why a person may want to induce vomiting, including a bad meal, too much alcohol, or something that we find uneasy to digest.

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III. Things To Do After You Induce Vomiting

After inducing vomiting, it is necessary for you to make up for what you lost. And what you need to do is:

  • Sit down for a while, relax both of your mind and body. This will make nausea go away.
  • Once you make sure that you will not continue to vomit, drink a glass of cold water to keep your body hydrated.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and acidic fluids as they could upset the stomach
  • Clean the tongue and brush the teeth to remove any lingering stomach acid from the mouth.
  • Remember not to eat until you do not feel nauseous and be able to eat again.
  • If you are hungry, you can eat bland foods, including broth, rice or crackers [1] to avoid the vomiting.
  • If you continue feeling weak after going back your normal eating routine, you may need to visit a doctor

1. Find Place To Induce Vomiting

Before you induce vomiting, you need to find a suitable place to vomit. This is a really important thing that you need to plan well before you want to induce vomiting.

Actually, throwing up tummy content is an immediate process and when your vomiting occurs, you will not be able to control it. Therefore, you should find a familiar place to induce vomiting for a secure feeling, such as your toilet, your sink, or a normal bucket. Also, if you are not at home, then you should stay away from others and their stuff because nobody likes random people to vomit on their stuff.

2. When Do You Need A Vomiting?

Before learning ways on how to induce vomiting at home, you need to be aware of something first. This is because vomiting is not a recommended thing to do. It will make you feel tired, lose your appetite, get pale tongue for a while, feel scared of food smells, have the burning feeling in your stomach as well as experience headaches and dizziness.

Therefore, it is important to determine whether or not your body really needs a vomiting. Somebody gets frazzled with a short period of nausea and then induces vomiting; though the fact is that they do not need any vomiting.

There are a few symptoms to show that you need to vomit, including:

  • Excess salivation
  • Feel uncomfortable in the tummy
  • Lips become pale
  • Have nausea which even gets worse when moving

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IV. How To Induce Vomiting Naturally In Humans – 16 Best Home Remedies:

Before applying any of these home remedies, you need to keep in mind that forcing yourself to induce vomiting is very harmful and it should be the final solution in almost all the situations. Now, I will reveal some natural treatments on how to induce vomiting in humans that you should consider applying.

1. How To Induce Vomiting – Try Bloodroot Herb

how to induce vomiting - try bloodroot herb

This is the first one of the simplest ways on how to induce vomiting in humans naturally that you should remember and then make use for good!

This is an herbal remedy, which is extremely toxic in case you use it with large doses, so you need to remember to use small amounts of this herb. You just need to mix some bloodroot powder with water and then consume this mixture quickly in order to induce vomiting.

It is actually a toxic herb and drinking it can cause some health issues such as tunnel vision and foot pain. High doses of this herb can prove fatal, so to be safe, you need to consult a doctor to know your proper dosages before applying this herbal remedy.

2. How To Induce Vomiting – Sensory Stimulation

Being in contact with some certain stimulus can induce nausea and vomiting. In order to stimulate your senses, you can try watching a video of someone vomiting, and this will cause you to have a nauseous feeling and thus inducing vomiting. Similarly, you just need to have contact with some offensive smells if you are already feeling sick.

Actually, if you are looking for natural treatments for inducing vomiting, you should not skip contacting with sensory stimulation.

3. How To Induce Vomiting – Overeating

Overeating can also make you want to vomit right away. So, if you are looking for natural ways to help you induce vomiting, overeating may be an option for you. This may not be the best action, so you need to think carefully before applying this vomiting method.

Try to eat healthy foods, including green veggies and fresh fruits when you want to extend the stomach by overeating. Also, avoid junk foods as the intake of these unhealthy foods can result in extra distress that may worsen digestive health.

Actually, overeating is actually a great way on how to induce vomiting in humans that you should not look down, but try to apply it when you want to vomit.

4. How To Induce Vomiting – Use A Toothbrush

Using a toothbrush is another effective way on how to induce vomiting in human naturally that I want to mention in this article. The steps you take with a toothbrush to throw up is as same as those with your finger as I mentioned above. This means that you can use a toothbrush to cause the gag reflex in order to induce vomiting. To use a toothpaste to induce vomiting, you should follow the step-by-step instructions:


  • Firstly, you wet the bristles in order to avoid scratches.
  • Then, you use this toothbrush to rub against the place where it makes you gag.
  • Perform this process a few times if required.
  • After that, remember to clean your toothbrush thoroughly.

5. Make Use Of Your Finger

This is one of the easiest ways on how to induce vomiting naturally that you should not look down when you want to vomit. When you make use of your finger, a wave of nausea that results in vomiting will be created. Remember that you can hurt your throat, so ensure to keep the nail of your fingers clean and short. To perform this process, you take the following steps:


  • Keep your head down to prevent choking.
  • Then, place both of your index and middle fingers into the mouth.
  • Push your tongue’s back until you have a feeling of nausea and would like to vomit.
  • After that, remove your fingers immediately and remember to wash your hand with the help of soap and lukewarm water.

The effectiveness of this method will depend on your gag reflex. People with a suppressed or dormant gag reflex cannot find it useful.

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