12 Tips And Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Up Fast When Sick

how to make yourself throw up fast

There are sometimes in your life when you want to vomit immediately, which sounds quite insane but actually true.  Vomiting is medically considered to meet the purpose of getting harmful things out of the human body when anyone catches up in terrible conditions like sickness or stomach problems. Although almost of people rarely keep the thought of vomiting, it is sometimes essential to throw up in order to relieve one’s body from the bad feeling of general weakness, particularly nausea indeed.

The most effective way on how to make yourself throw up may be decreasing the intake of alcohol and bad dishes from your normal life. However, there are also other ways that give fast efficiency for those who want to vomit in some certain cases including using fingers, emetics, some special smells, and diet…  By these ways, your problem will be immediately dealt then you will recover from annoyed feelings more quickly.

At present, VKool would like to show you 12 tips and ways on how to make yourself throw up fast when sick at home. All of the recommended ways are effective, reliable, and quite simple to follow. For those who need to throw up quickly in some certain cases, spend a little time reading our article to know more useful ways to relieve yourself well.

12 Tips And Ways On How To Make Yourself Throw Up Fast When Sick

1. Use Index Finger

how to make yourself throw up - use index finger

Suffering from some conditions & diseases may make you so annoyed that you want sometimes to get rid of all the contents in your stomach immediately.  Using your index finger to give gag reflex is known as the first way on how to make yourself throw up quickly. In fact, it may sound quite disgusting for some people but is really effective. You just have to put your finger into the mouth then push it to the throat back, which should be carried out until you get the feelings of gagging.  The advantage of this method on the way how to make yourself throw up it that you can do it in many times until throwing up if the first time is not successful.

And the follows are the steps to use your finger to make yourself desired to vomit:

  • Cut your nails and wash your hands before using your fingers to scratch the throat.
  • If you own long hair, make sure to pull up or get it out of your mouth areas.
  • Select a place to vomit, possibly in a bucket or toilet.
  • Knee or sit down provided that you will not press the abdominal area as well as the stomach.
  • Put the index finger into the mouth and approach the throat back, keep pressing the finger down until you have a gag reflex.
  • When the feeling of nausea starts, remove the finger immediately and throw up.

In addition, in case you cannot throw up despite feeling nausea, try once again as the following direction:

  • After vomiting, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Get rid of remained stomach acid from the mouth and throat by rinsing and doing gargles with plain water.
  • Avoid brushing your teeth 30 minutes after throwing up because the enamel is so sensitive to any touch after contacting with the stomach acid.

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2. Use A Toothbrush

A toothbrush has the same uses to your index finger, so it is also used as a way on how to make yourself throw up quickly at home. In case you find disgusting to use a finger for your vomiting problem, you may have a try with a toothbrush. You just have to make bristles wet, which makes you feel more comfortable, and rub that head to the inside tongue. It may take you several times to carry out until the nauseous urge occurs to you. And always remember to clean the toothbrush before and after using it for your mouth as well.

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3. Drink Warm Salt Water

how to make yourself throw up - drink warm salt water

Warm salt water is known as another way on how to make yourself throw up quickly. In fact, salt water has been used as a natural emetic for inducing vomit for a long time.  It is because that excessive sodium chloride existing in the stomach helps activate the vomiting process. That means if you fail to use finger to vomit, you can also take in a glass of warm salt water and after about 2 minutes you can try to vomit

A glass of required salt water is made by stirring 2 to 3 teaspoons in a glass of warm water. You should drink this water to induce vomiting and wait for about 30 minutes for it to give effects. By this way, almost of the contents in the stomach will be removed from your body so that you will feel better.

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4. Drink Coca-Cola

It is so surprising that Coca-cola helps induce vomiting, so it has been used as a way on how to make yourself throw up quickly at home. In fact, this kind of drink is always known for the fizz that is considered to be very handy when used for vomiting. More clearly, the produced bubbles in Coca-cola are very beneficial in relieving an upset stomach, which you may have known before. Especially, when you drink this beverage without any bubbles in intervals instead of water, your stomach will be discomforted then the feelings of vomiting will appear. Coca-cola is highly recommended as the way on how to make yourself throw up when suffering from food poisoning.

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5. Watch Someone Throw Up

Another way on how to make yourself throw up is watching someone else vomiting. It is because the sensory stimulation of the human is easily affected by other’s acts in different ways. That means when you watch someone throwing up, you will receive a strong urge to vomit as well because your body will get triggered to the same response. There are many videos of people throwing up available on the internet for you to watch whenever you want to have the same acts. These videos, of course, cannot give you immediate effects, so you can use your index finger to approach your throat in order to vomit more quickly as well.

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6. Constantly Think About Vomiting

how to make yourself throw up - constantly think about vomiting

Similar to watch someone else throwing up, you can do something on how to make yourself throw up by keeping thinking about vomiting. For some people, just thinking of throwing up is enough to lead the feeling of vomiting. By this way, you just have to focus your thoughts on disgusting something you have seen or eaten. Besides, you can think about a type of medicine that you have the worst memory with so that you can take some time back with the bad feelings. This method may be beneficial for almost of people, however, if you also find the difficulty vomiting, use your index finger or toothbrush to make you throw up more quickly.

Although vomiting helps you eliminate all the harmful substances from the stomach, you should not always get a self-induced vomiting as it could cause an esophageal tear, throat, esophagus and mouth burns. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up your mouth and drink adequate water to hydrate your body after throwing up. It is also the time when your stomach is sensitive to any foods, so you should avoid some components like alcohol, caffeine, and acidic fluids that may upset your stomach indeed. And if you also keep feeling sick after resigning your new eating routine, come to see a doctor to get more professional advice.

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7. Take Emetics

Emetics are known as medicinal drugs specialized in inducing vomiting. There are many kinds of emetic available on the market including natural and artificial ones. For example, Ipecac syrup is one of these drugs. To use this Ipecac syrup as a way on how to make yourself throw up, you should mix it with water then swallow in one long gulp. In addition, there are also other emetic tablets designed to serve the aim to throw up. By causing some abdominal discomfort that makes you nauseous these drugs contract your stomach and make you induce vomit. Although emetics are the safe ways to get rid of all the components from your stomach, you may experience some side effects like lightheadedness, low blood pressure, dizziness, shortness of breath, or fast heartbeat, thus, you should use them under certain caution.

If you find using index finger or toothbrush disgusting, you can use emetics to bring you the gag reflex while always remembering to drink it in small amounts so as to prevent possible side effects. And these steps below are recommended to take ipecac syrup:

  • Follow the directions obviously noticed on the syrup bottle.
  • After taking ipecac syrup, drink 1- 2 glasses of water corresponded with 8- 16 ounces of ipecac syrup.
  • Repeat the dose if vomiting does not occur after 30 minutes.
  • If the second application is not successful, contact your doctor immediately.

Along with the advantages of emetics on the way how to make yourself throw up, you should also pay attention to some of the points as follows:

  • Do not give ipecac syrup to children who are less than 12 years old, pregnant, and breastfeeding.
  • Some other side effects like allergic reactions, drowsiness, rashes, and dizziness, so keep careful when using anyone.

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8. Use Mustard

Mustard is another homemade emetic on how to make yourself throw up quickly. The mixture to use includes a tablespoon of mustard and a glass of warm water. You should drink the solution really quickly and with a very unpleasant taste, it will raise you so bad feeling that you want to throw up immediately. After about 20 to 30 minutes, you may receive the effect from the solution. However, if it does not work, you can use your index finger additionally to do the trick.

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9. Use Bloodroot Herb

how to make yourself throw up - use bloodroot herb

Another way on how to make yourself throw up is the mixture of bloodroot herb powder. When mixed with water, this solution of bloodroot herb is very helpful for inducing nausea and vomiting after drinking. Because of its strength, the solution may give fast effect. Despite its efficiency, you should also take some caution when using this herb because the large doses may be toxic and able to cause tunnel vision, foot pain, and other fatal symptoms. And if you have any strange symptoms, call a doctor immediately.

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10. Gargle With Egg Whites

For some people, the smell and taste of raw egg white are so terrible that they cannot bear them and even throw up immediately. That is why you should try gargle as a solution on how to make yourself throw up quickly. You just have to beat 2 to 3 the egg whites in a cup and gargle it slowly until the feeling of gag appears. By this way, you may spit it out but if you cannot vomit, repeat the procedure 2 times until it works. In fact, this method is very effective to get rid of all the toxic contents in your stomach though it takes you quite much time and even costs money to work.

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11. Expose To Terrible Smells And Sights

Exposing yourself to the terrible smells and sights is also a way on how to yourself throw up quickly. It is because the brain of the human always reacts to the bad smells and sights, for example, by causing nausea. And with the long exposure to this kind of sensory stimuli, you may want to vomit in the long run. It is more effective if you use your index finger in combination to make you throw up more quickly.

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12. Overeating

how to make yourself throw up - overeating

There will be cases in which you become desired to vomit if you have taken so mush foods in. Overeating always has a good effect in overextending your stomach, thus, the over capacity of the stomach may prompt it to get rid of foods out. It is the reason why you can easily throw up when overeating. In addition, it is also very necessary to be careful when choosing the kind of food to eat if you want to use this method as a way on how to make yourself throw up quickly. For example, if you use unhealthy foods like junk food, you may get a stomachache and other digestive issues more than inducing vomiting. Alternatively, you should consume health products like vegetables, fruits, and bland starches to induce vomiting.

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13. Some Risks When Making Yourself Throw Up

Although throwing up is certain demand in some cases but you need to know that it is not good for your health. On the process how to make yourself throw up, you should pay attention to some points in order avoid some side effects as follows:

  • You are able to experience the sensation of burns in the mouth throat, and esophagus because of the expel alkali and acid.
  • If you cannot throw up properly or your ways restrict the breathing pathways, you may deal your problem with aspiration.
  • The violent vomiting can cause partial or even full thickness tear esophagus, which often occurs to those who have overeating or chronic alcoholics. Therefore, you may experience more upper abdominal pain and severe lower chest pain when you vomiting.

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After reading our article on 12 tips and ways on how to make yourself throw up fast when sick in our main How to page, hope that you can find out more ways to relieve yourself from sickness or toxic content out of your stomach more quickly. Please let us know if you have any question or concern about throwing up by leaving comments below and feel free to share with us if you know other ways to throw up easily.

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