31 Tips On How To Remove Freckles, Moles, And Age Spots Naturally

Freckles can appear naturally along with your age or occur as a result of sun exposure. They lead to no harm to the skin, but many people want to remove or lighten them to get beautiful complexion. This article will provide you with 15 useful tips on how to remove freckles, moles and age spots naturally and prevention tactics to get rid of these conditions quickly.

I. How To Remove Freckles, Moles And Age Spots Naturally – Dealing With Freckle With Healthy Foods

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There are 2 useful methods for dealing with freckles that I am going to guide you through today. If you follow these tips exactly, you will be able to fade and remove the stubborn freckles within a very short period of time. Food and healthy diet is a natural remedy that helps to relieve many kinds of diseases. If you can apply the proper foods in the right way and on time, you will be able to get rid of freckles. Now I would like to show you how to remove freckles with the 8 foods that are useful for you to deal with freckles.

1. Cinnamon Powder And Fresh Lemon Juice: 

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The first out of the tips on how to remove freckles I would like to show my readers in this article is a homemade facemask made from lemon juice and cinnamon powder. Lemon is a fruit which is rich in vitamin C. This fruit is not only a cool drink for hot days but it is also well known for working out the type of pigmentation, dark spots, and freckles, giving people radiant skin. To treat skin pigmentation and freckles naturally with this fruit, you can associate it with a little cinnamon powder to have higher efficiency in beautifying your skin. Here is what you will need to prepare:


  • 1 fresh lemon
  • 50 g cinnamon powder

First, you will need to drain the lemon thoroughly to get the juice. Then, pour the lemon juice and cinnamon powder into a small bowl and mix them until you get a fine mixture. Finally, apply the mixture onto the skin areas with pigmentation and freckles within 20 minutes. Leave this for 20 minutes and rinse your skin with cool water.

The face mask made from lemon and cinnamon will help you get the positive changes of the skin. Your skin will be clear, smooth, and bright, and the traces and freckles will also disappear.

2. Honey And Chicken Egg:

how to remove freckles

Honey is traditionally considered the “miracle natural medicine” which is very familiar to women because of its beauty benefits. It has effects of softening and brightening skin. This ingredient, when combined with chicken egg, will create a great mixture which helps to deal with skin pigmentation and freckles naturally, quickly, and efficiently. This is also one of the best tips on how to remove freckles at home that people should try!


  • 1 chicken egg
  • 1 tablespoon of honey

How to process and apply:

  • Pour honey into a small bowl and add 1 beaten egg to the mixture. Whisk the mixture until it is viscid and foamy.
  • Apply the mixture onto the skin areas with pigmentation and freckles.
  • Let it stays in about 30 minutes, then rinse the skin with warm water, and rinse again with cool water.

Applying this method on a daily basis 2 to 3 times/week will help you dramatically improve dark skin pigmentation and freckles. Also, you can treat melisma and freckles with perfect lighting technology.

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3. How To Remove Freckles With Aloe Vera 

aloe vera

Talking about aloe vera, everyone knows that it has many wonderful beauty and health effects. Aloe vera is used by a lot of women as a beauty mystique which is cheap and effective. Aloe can help to make your skin smooth, ruddy, and radiant. Not only that, it can work great in treating freckles and pigmentation on the skin.

The magical effect of aloe vera has been discovered and used since 3,000 years ago, from the period of the beautiful princesses. In ancient Egypt, aloe vera is considered the lily of the desert, and it can help to smoothen and whiten the skin effectively.

Therefore, the ancient queen of Behenu used aloe vera to keep her skin smooth and bright forever. Until today, aloe vera still keeps its certain and important position in the beauty handbook of women. Aloe vera gel contains a lot of nutrients, such as anthraquinones complex which can help to treat dermatitis, Aloe Emodin which can help to fight aging, Barbaloin helps to moisturize the skin… and many vitamins and minerals which can help to firm skin and keep it more cheerful. Moreover, the pH levels of aloe vera are equivalent to the pH of the skin. Therefore, it helps to regulate the acidity of the skin and helps the skin look more youthful.

Not only help to make the skin smooth and firm, but aloe vera can also help to fade freckles on the skin surface, thereby making the skin whiter and more toned.

It is simple that you just need to wash your face and apply a layer of aloe vera gel on your face before going to bed at night. To the next morning, wash your face with cool water. To see the effect of treating freckles, you need to apply this method regularly 2-3 times per week.

4. Sauna


Sauna is a natural and effective way to treat pigmentation and freckles. They will help to fade the pigmentation, helping the skin go back to its best condition. If possible, you should apply this method twice a week. In addition to the effect I mentioned, it also helps to relax the skin, thereby slowing down the process of premature aging.

5. Honey, Rose, And Yogurt 

how to remove freckles

This is one of the best tips on how to remove freckles that people should try once for good! As I mentioned, honey is very good for skin beauty and health of human beings. This is among the best natural ingredients which can be processed into many masks, liquids, food dishes…which are very good for health. To make the facemask from honey, rose, and yogurt, you will need:


  • Honey
  • Rose
  • Non-sugary yogurt

How to process and apply:

Choose fresh roses which have uncrushed petals, then remove the petals and put them in a bowl with a little water. Put the bowl of rose petals in the steamer to get the attar to use.

To make a special cream for melisma and freckles on the face, you should get the attar which was distilled, add half a milk box, 2 tablespoons of honey, and mix them together to make a facemask composite.

You will need to wash your face, apply the cream for melisma and freckles that you prepared before (extracted from rose) onto your face for about 30 minutes so that the rose essence will be deeply absorbed into your facial skin, helping to reduce melisma and freckles, nourishing and brighten you’re the skin as well.

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6. How To Remove Freckles With Egg White

how to remove freckles

Egg white can work to take away dirt and dead skin cells. Besides, egg white can work to help our skin smooth, bright, and ruddy.

To do this, you will need to get the egg whites and rub it into the mask and apply on the skin for about 15 minutes. After that, you will need to rinse your skin with water.

Using the egg white mask 3 times a week, you will see the miracle effect of egg whites on treating melasma and freckles.

7. Wash The Face With Attar And Salted Water 

how to remove freckles

Saltwater or attar can help to blur the melisma and freckles effectively without leaving any harm to your skin. This is a simple, cheap, yet safe, and effective beauty method for everyone if it is applied properly.

To wash your face with attar and salt water, you need to mix saltwater and attar in the ratio 1: 1. Apply this mixture onto your skin daily to get the best result. This method will give you whiter skin and help to remove your facial dead skin cells.

8. Sauropus Androgynus

sauropus androgynus

Sauropus androgynus is very familiar with people but not everyone knows about its effects on treating melisma and freckles naturally. Combining sauropus androgynous and ginger, you will have the secret effective treatment for melisma and freckles. You just need to mill sauropus androgynous with ginger and rub this mixture onto the affected area and let it stay for about 15 minutes, and then rinse your face with water. Perform this method regularly until the dark spots and freckles are faded.

In addition, you can add the sauropus androgynous soup to your family’s daily meals. This dish is very nutritious and rich in vitamins A, C, which can help to moderate melisma and freckles from the inside out, giving you radiant and ruddy skin.

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9. How To Remove Freckles With Parsley

how to remove freckles

Parsley is also a green ingredient which is an effective natural home remedy for freckles that people should make use for good. You just need to squeeze and get the juice of parsley and mix it with a little lemon juice or orange juice. Then, apply this solution to the skin area on your face which is affected by freckles and let it stay for about 15-20 minutes.

10. Radish 

how to remove freckles - radish

Radish is a quite familiar food in your daily life, right? Therefore, it is not difficult if you want to apply this method to treat freckles.

How to process and apply:

Peel the radishes, then mash them, and mix with lemon juice (you can use a food processing machine). Apply this mixture onto your face, wait for it to dry, and then wash your face with clean water. Natural whiteners in radishes will help to eliminate the freckles fast and effectively.

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