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Bioslim is a diet pill designed to normalize the way your body’s metabolism works. According to the official website, Bioslim does not contain harmful ingredients like ephedra, or other chemicals.

Instead, the makers of this product claim that the elements included in the blend are there to make you feel healthier, not sicker.

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Bioslim Overview

Bioslim is an herbal supplement that contains ingredients like green tea, pyruvate, quercetin, and more. The supplement is part of a larger kit that comes with weight loss literature, vitamins, and a cookbook–but the main component is the weight loss tabs, which the site says increase energy and stimulate the metabolism with use.

According to the official website, Bioslim has helped over a million people lose weight, though no statistics are backing that claim.

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Bioslim Claims

The makers of Bioslim have put together a kit containing a range of weight loss tools, but again, the central piece of the puzzle is the weight loss tabs.

The formula was designed specifically to affect metabolism. And the makers of this product claim that taking this supplement instead of trying the Atkins or Keto Diets is bound to give you longer lasting results than you’d get through traditional channels.

The site also claims that Bioslim is the only way to lose weight “healthfully and permanently,” because the supplements give you all the nutrients you need to support your body through the weight loss process.

Additionally, the makers of this product state that you’ll see substantial savings on healthcare costs, as this product will make you healthier–and that you won’t need to use exercise equipment any longer. We’re not sure how they’ve come to this conclusion, as no study proves this to be true.

In all, there is no evidence that this product can replace exercise, dieting, and healthy lifestyle changes–that said, let’s take a look at the ingredients used to make this product.

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Bioslim Ingredients

Bioslim is made from green tea extract, along with several herbs and other nutrients that the makers claim will help you lose weight with daily use. Here is a closer look at the ingredients you can find inside this blend:

  • Green Tea
  • Continus
  • Quercetin
  • Pyruvate Complex

According to the official webpage, Bioslim is made with a green tea containing 50% EGCG. A flavonoid found in green tea that is thought to have a profound effect on fat burning and to increase the metabolism with use. Green tea also contains caffeine, an ingredient used as a stimulant, which also works to improve fat burning and exercise performance.

Unfortunately, caffeine isn’t right for everyone. The popular stimulant may cause heart palpitations, diarrhea, headaches, anxiety, and more.

Cotinus is a plant that also goes by the name, “smoke tree.” According to the makers of Bioslim, this herb works to improve users’ metabolisms. However, there is almost no information about this ingredient online–from reputable sources or otherwise. With that in mind, we don’t have enough information available to know whether or not this ingredient is safe.

Another key ingredient here is the Pyruvate Complex. This ingredient is a blend of calcium-pyruvate and potassium-pyruvate, plus elements such as choline, inositol, and vanadium. Pyruvate is known for its ability to aid in cell metabolism, and as a result, it might have some effect on the user’s ability to lose weight.

Studies suggest that supplementation with pyruvate and related nutrients can increase the rate of weight loss in obese individuals, inhibit weight regain after an initial weight loss, help improve muscle performance, and reduce cholesterol levels.

Chromium Polynicotinate: An essential nutrient present in the Bioslim formula for its ability to stimulate the body’s metabolism of fat, sugar, and cholesterol. Chromium also plays a major role in how our bodies process insulin.

Chromium may also help users gain lean muscle and burn fat with exercise.
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Additionally, this product has a strong herbal element. The product features ingredients like ginseng, which is known for its ability to improve strength, stamina, and concentration.

Atractylodes and Astragalus are also present in this formula, and according to the site, are used to improve energy levels, regulate blood sugar and regulate the function of the digestive system. Both herbs are thought to have a positive effect on the immune system.

Bioslim also contains a selection of Chinese herbs known for their effects on metabolism, liver function, and how fat breaks down inside the body.

Licorice Root is a soothing herb used to reduce inflammation and calm upset stomachs, sore throats, and other ailments. According to WebMD, some experts believe that licorice can also aid in weight loss, as the sweet root can make you feel, and as a result, cause you to consume fewer calories.

Dong Quai is a Chinese herb used to stimulate blood flow throughout the body and moderate hormone levels.  It may also help keep anemia and fatigue at bay.

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The Science Behind Bioslim

There is some evidence supporting claims that ingredients like green tea and pyruvate can help users lose weight. However, we had some difficulties tracking down any studies or clinical trials that backed up Bioslim’s claims that the tabs can replace traditional means of losing weight like diet and exercise.

Based on our look around the official website, it’s clear that the makers of this product have opted to list lengthy descriptions to make it appear as though this product is tested and approved by the scientific community.

Metabolism has more to do with things like body size, genes, activity levels, gender, age, and more. Mostly things that you can’t change.

Honestly, the website itself is full of an awful lot of text, but none of it seems to provide the details needed to go through with a purchase. The site is full of claims saying the product doesn’t contain the unhealthy additives you’ll get with all the other items in this vertical.

Aside from their ability to boost protein synthesis, amino acids are thought to play a role in helping people maintain a healthy weight. Studies have found that amino acids may help play a role in fat burning.

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Word on the Street about Bioslim

Past consumers did not have good things to say about this product. For one, many users felt as though the makers of Bioslim had taken advantage of them—the BBB website, as well as Consumer Affairs, was filled with complaints from people who had signed up for a free trial offer. Those customers quickly found out that they were on the hook for monthly shipments of this diet plan.

There aren’t too many reviews of the product itself, just the poor conduct on the part of the business responsible for putting this product together. We don’t know if this supplement has helped anyone lose significant amounts of weight or if there are any adverse effects associated with its use.

After reviewing this product and the company that makes it, we can safely say that we do not recommend that anyone buy this product, especially if that means signing up for a free trial offer.

What’s more is, this company makes a diet supplement line for children, which feels a little exploitative to us. In all, this company puts forth a bad impression—one that makes them look like they don’t have customer best interests at heart.

The website includes just enough science to be believable, which is the scary part.
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Information about green tea, licorice, and the rest of the ingredients present in this blend do appear to be consistent with what experts are saying elsewhere. But, the website features a lot of information that doesn’t make sense.

For example, there are several unsubstantiated statements – like Bioslim will eliminate the need to work out, or that it has helped millions of people lose weight.

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Bioslim FAQ

  1. Where can I buy Bioslim?
    Bioslim is sold exclusively through the official website,
  2. How often should I take Bioslim?
    The Bioslim program recommends you start by aking three “accelerator” tabs per day for the first 12 days. You’ll then switch to a vitamin, plus a slim-tone formula–a total of four pills per day.
  3. How much does this product cost?
    The Bioslim website isn’t the most straightforward e-commerce channel, but shoppers can choose to purchase an $89.99 kit or upgrade to the $129.99 kit, which covers the needs of two adults for a month.
    After the initial 30-day supply, a single adult refill kit costs $39.99 on a monthly basis. This offer is only available if you enroll in their monthly autopay program.

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So What Really Works?

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