Top 5 best eye exercises for myopia

Since the beginning of this century, more and more people are suffering from various eye and vision problems and this article will help all of you who want to improve your eyes or maintain your excellent visibility.

Short-sightedness (myopia) is one the most common disease of eye refraction. According to the estimates by scientists, 30% of people in Europe and 60% of Asians are suffering from myopia. In most cases, the expression of the refractive errors often occurs before age 20.
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When it comes to surgery, the eyeball is lengthened, causing improper refraction of the light rays fall on the eyeball and focus the rays on the retina before instead.
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I hope with these eye exercises for myopia below, everyone can improve their vision.

Best Eye Exercises For Myopia – The Most Useful Exercises:

Myopia is a serious and common eye problem in the nowadays, so learning how to deal with it is very important and essential for everyone. In the article today, you and other readers will have a chance to learn some of the most effective eye exercises for myopia that can help you deal with this eye issue and improve your vision naturally right at the comfort of your own home. You will not need to make use of any type of drugs, pills, or medications, so do not worry about this. Just try one or some of these exercises and feel the improvement!

1. Eye Exercises For Myopia L1. Exercise With A Snellen Chart

eye exercises for myopia - eye exercises for myopia l1. exercise with a snellen chart

Exercise with a Snellen chart is one of the best eye exercises for myopia to cure myopia that is good for the disabled of short-sightedness. Those who have the correct vision should also do this, regular exercise will be very good for eyes because you will be able to maintain good vision or even better than the standard of 20/20.

Put a chart Snell in the gap can clearly see about half of the chart, add a portion of it may be obscure or intangible.

Read the letters in each line clearly, every word. Try to draw their contours and see they are clear and black. Trying to draw their lines and see if they are clear and black. During training exercises, frequent winks, closed your eyes in time and imagine the message you have just read. Visualize that it is even blacker and sharper.

When reading the chart, you can raise the hands to the right and left side of your body to the height of the eyes and move your fingers as well as your palms. This will activate your peripheral feel and help reduce stress by the center vision.

When you come goods with non-recognizable letters, do not try to strain your sight. Try not to see clearly the letters, nor read them.
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Let your eyes move freely on the characters and try to see them clearly. See the space between the letters, in black and their shape. Go deep and slow breaths, splashing and wave your fingers. Once in a while, close your eyes and visualize the repeated character in mind charts are white and the letters are black

Move down the chart, and when you reach the end of it, do a short palming. Then, repeat the steps, but, this time, starting from the bottom of the chart. See if previously visible contours of the letters are now better able to see. Accept what fuzzy and enjoy every detail you can see clearly without straining

Duration: 5-7 minutes.

Repetitions: 2 times per day

Alternative exercises: L3, L6

Eye strain: medium

Myopia is a serious issue, do not look it down as it can lead to terrible consequences.

2. Eye Exercises For Myopia L2. Stretching Of Eye Oblique Muscles

eye exercises for myopia - eye exercises for myopia l2. stretching of eye oblique muscles

This is one of the best eye exercises for myopia, which is designed to relax the eye oblique muscles that are used to change the eye optical length, and are responsible for proper and acute vision.

Take a pencil or use your thumb and start to move it slowly, up and down, near the body and then move it towards the tip of your nose. Look at the tip of your finger until it touches the nose and your eyes turn to that point (there is a good chance that near the nose you will see two thumbs).

Then, make a horizontal movement to the right but still looking at the finger as it is moving. Make movement for the length of your arm or a bit shorter. Your sight may move even further (the thumb is not as important here). Take a break in this setting and move back towards your nose.

When pushing from the nose to a particular direction, breathe in (the muscles strain), stop for 2-3 seconds, and afterward, when moving towards the nose, breathe out (let the muscles relax).

Move as in the step 2, upwards and then to the left. Move slowly, but in case of any pain, refrain from exercises. Make no more than 3-10 full turns (down, right, up, left) depending on how much your eyes are tired.

Duration: 3 minutes.

Repetitions: 3-5 times per day

Alternative exercises: L1, L4

Eye strain: medium

3. Eye Exercises For Myopia L3. Exercise With Two Charts

eye exercises for myopia - eye exercises for myopia l3. exercise with two charts

This exercise is one of the best eye exercises for myopia allows people to practice the alternate perception from near or far, which will improve eye accommodation and spatial perception. This is one of the best eye exercises requires a unique chart with letters that you can look at from far or near.

Put the bigger chart on the wall in the distance at which you may see it more or less clearly, and hold the smaller chart in your hand.

Read the next 5 letters from the smaller chart, close your eyes for a while, then look at the bigger chart and read the same letters. Follow this with next 5 letters.

During this exercise, you could read the letters in various ways. Read them by the columns, rows or slantwise. You can form more irregular shapes or just choose any lettering you like. Follow this procedure not more than 6 times.

Now, move yourself a little bit from the further to see the letters blurrily. Practice as in the steps 3 and 4. Blink and breath to keep your sight relaxed at all the times.

Should you feel any eye ache during the practice, stop it and do short palming.

Duration: 3-5 minutes.

Repetitions: 3-5 times per day

Alternative exercises: L1

Eye strain: high

4. Eye Exercises For Myopia L4: Exercise With A Cord

eye exercises for myopia - eye exercises for myopia l4 exercise with a cord

This exercise is one of the best eye exercises for myopia helps to assess the range of good vision of individual (near and far points) and extend it.

This exercise requires a cord 1m in length, and the best line is elastic, nuts or other mobile markups (available in our shop). It is also a good idea to ask other people to help you.

Visibility was measured for each eye well separately.

Hold one end of the cord at the cheekbone (a little below eye check). The other end is fixed to anything at the peak of the eye.

Now, we mark our point of access to acute vision should be somewhere in the area of 5-20 cm (depending on the characteristics of each) and begin to move the marker from the cord (on the cheek). We are interested in finding a point we will be able to see our signs clear and deep. It cannot be a fuzzy or blurry image.

Now, we marked the furthest point of acute vision. We started to move the marker from the other end of the cord (eg, by direct our hands or supported by someone else) and while approaching the cheek we found that we are sensing point of view acute, we will be able to see our marker clearly. We mark this point with the marker. With the near and far points of view marked acute, we can start work on expanding the scope of good visibility by moving for about 5 cm marker near each point of both sides. Elastic cord can be pulled out and moved close to the hand is a perfect choice here. Breathe calmly as you reach the eyes and inhale when you move away. This exercise should be done in about 5 minutes, but quite often during the day (even 10 times a day). If one eye is weaker than (“lazy eye”), we should work on it to make it sharper as the stronger eye.

Time: 3-5 minutes.

Repeat: 3-10 times every day

Replace exercises: L5

Eye tension: Average

5. Eye Exercises For Myopia L5: Figure of eight

eye exercises for myopia - eye exercises for myopia l5 figure of eight

This exercise is one of the best eye exercises for myopia aims to increase the flexibility for your eye muscles in a relaxed way.

  • Breathe. There are two deep breaths that you should remember
  • Either standing or sitting with your feet shoulder width apart with your hands at the side of your hand. Remember not to cross your hands. Let your knees bent a little bit.
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  • Imagine an eight-figure about 10 feet away from you (located in the shape of an infinity sign)
  • Let your eyes track the eight numbers without moving your head. The first trace in one direction, then in the opposite direction. Always continue to breathe and blink when your eyes move easily along the figure-eight. Check the tension in the jaw and let it release.

Since the beginning of this century, more and more people are suffering from various eye and vision problems. While many of us are not aware of it, there is an alternative solution to this kind of problems. All you need to do are some simple exercises for several minutes a day and your eye health as well as your vision will gradually better. Even in case you do not have any eye problems and your vision is very good, you can still do these best eye exercises for myopia to maintain your 20/20 vision. You can do these eye exercises anywhere you want and without any special equipment. The exercises are easy to do and with you can always find everything you need.

After reading the article today and learn about the eye exercises for myopia as well as some basic knowledge of this eye issue, what you should do next is to spend time reading another article coming with a good purpose related to eye health and eyesight – the Improve Eyesight With Natural Clear Vision article. This is an entire writing that will help people know how to improve eyesight naturally, in turn, avoid the risks of myopia at the same time as a result. The remedies and tips suggested in this recommended article have helped several people in the world be free from this issue and get their eyes bright again. These remedies are also are proven by science so that readers of should catch this chance and make use of this useful article without concerning about any possible harmful side effect.

The entire writing you are reading collects some of the most useful exercises for myopia that are proven by science to work effectively for all cases of this disease. Actually, everyone who is at high risks of myopia or has poor eyesight should read this article and try practicing these exercises right from today for good. If you think that this article is useful, share it widely to help other people you know. If you want to ask me anything about the content of this article, leave your comments and feedbacks below!
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