9 Time Management Skills And Tips That Really Work

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Nowadays, there is too little time and too many tasks for many of use. Everyday demands seem to engulf the day that leave you have little time to pursue things you desire. So, the question is how effectively you spend your time? Balancing what you want to do and what you have to do well can help you find happiness and success in the life. Turning good time management skills into habits might take time and patience from you; yet, the results they can bring to you will extremely worthy for your effort ? With the help of 9 innovative tips given in this article, you will be able to manage your time and your life effortlessly and efficiently.

Good Time Management Skills – Discover How Well You Manage Your Life With Top 9 Tips

1. Evaluate Yourself

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Before starting a new day, you had better give yourself some reasons for wishing to manage your time better. Do this by listing your reasons below, and then focus on what you actually want and really need to do most in your own life. This is considered as the first step to turn your dreams into reality – evaluate the current time management skills – this can give you the baseline and overview for positive changes. Knowing where you are standing and how you manage your life is a great way to begin changing yourself. Without this, you could not plan your life, in general, and your career, in particular.

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2. Find Your “Gold” Time And Make Use Of It

Each person has different energy timetable. It means that you might be a “morning” person, and other might be an “evening” people. It depends on when you feel your energy at its highest level to do things. One critical factor to gain better time management skills is to identify your high energy stages and arrange complicate tasks at time that you can do your best. When finding the best period that your energy is, you should find ways to stretch them of greatest energy. Also, it is necessary for you to save routine work for low-energy stages. Take breaks whenever you feel down energy; take advantage of music for relaxation; and use stress-relieving exercises.

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3. Set Your Goals

Another key that you need to know if you want to develop good time management skills is goal setting. Goal setting is ultimate factor for effective time and life management. Set yourself up with constancy, persistency, and possible goals instead of changing, vague, and impossible goals. You need to ensure for your success by getting to know how to construct goals with meaningful parameters.

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Especially, the goals will be more practical if you note down them into papers. The more specific, measurable, realistic, and achievable the goals are, the better your opportunity of reaching them. Obviously, making decisions will be easier if you define what you want.

Then, after setting goals, choose some critical goals to start dealing with. In fact, many people usually try to modify too much at once; they steadily lose encouragement and are overwhelmed by their own plans need to be done.

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In other words, you also need to state the outcome as well as the results in case you cannot finish your tasks, targets, or anything else. This can help you prepare the emotions for facing with potential risks that you cannot predict.

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4. Prioritising

Do you confuse between efficiency and effectiveness? Well I guess that the majority of you might think two conceptions are the same, in fact, they are not similar to each other. Those people, who work hard and are well-organized, yet spend time on unimportant, even unnecessary tasks, might be efficient but not effective. In order to be effective, you need to decide what task is urgent, and what is not. Just differentiate also between important and urgent tasks – an urgent task might not necessarily be important. It means that you have to know prioritizing. It is very important to list your tasks and to sort these in order of priority. You will know what the most important tasks you need to devote most time to. This helps you avoid the natural tendency to concentrate on the easy and simple tasks and to allow too a lot of interruptions to your work.

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5. Take Responsibility

Many people usually blame others for wasting their precious time. However, as long as you blame other people for your late, your time management failures, you are going to have little chance for improving your own life. In that case, accept the responsibility of how you manage your timetable, and then this will help you re-gain the powerful energy for directing your life. Once you could look back and connect with your previous choices of time management, you can make better choices and shape your career, your life in a positive way.

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6. Know When To Say No

It seems to be real, but it is totally beneficial for good time management skills. Why I say that? Learning to say no, as simple as it sounds. But, it is also the hardest facet of time management for the majority of us. Develop this skill; you can develop the ability to control over your life. So, how to do this?

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  • Be clear about things you want to do, not want to do, both with your mind and with the communication with people around
  • Assess the requests. Ask yourself that whether you have time to join in, or you have to give up one of them, or this activity can help you get closer to your goals or not, etc.
  • Tactfully reject or accept as quickly as possible. Just avoid giving some answers like “Uhm…let me think”, “I will answer you later”, and something like that.

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7. Get To Know How To Delegate Or Ask For Assistance

This is considered as one of the most important time management skills. Good delegation will save your time, improves you success, and motive yourself. In contrast, poor delegation can cause frustration and demotivation as well as confuse other people. This also leads to failure in task achievement. Delegation can be useful for succession planning, personal development, and encouraging promotion. Therefore, managing the way you get and agree to do delegated tasks is one of the crucial in good time management skills. Some advice for great delegation skills are:

  • Pick the right person. If you pick wrongly, the task will be fail.
  • Decide how much time you or others will spend on each task delegated
  • Match the requirements of the task to the abilities of those people for boosting their potentials.
  • Delegate smaller tasks for the newer staffs if you are a leader. This can help to build their competence and confidence
  • Delegate clear outcomes and make them be more measurable. Once you cannot measure it, you will not be able to manage it.
  • Delegate with discussion and participation. Willingly welcome questions and be open to suggestions.
  • Start with the task that only you can do

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8. Change The Habits

All of us develop habits in order to save time; nevertheless, sometimes, we take the the behavior too far, and it becomes a detriment. So, it is essential for you to evaluate your habits. Which ones save time, and which ones waste it? I know that lifetime habits are hard to change, but you need to do this if you want to achieve more success.

These are two keys to success in changing lifetime behaviors that you need to consider:

  • Determine a benefit of a new habit/behavior.  
  • Accept that to develop the new good habits, you need to let go of the old, less effective ones.

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9. Simplify Your Life

Get rid of clutter. A lot of time management specialists claim that to be efficient at time management, we need to learn how to manage and de-clutter the spaces and places we are living and working. You can do some simple steps below to conquer the clutter challenge:

  • Make a plan
  • Pick a target
  • Make a date
  • Get help from others

Also, you should identify the technology time-wasters in order to control them efficiently.

Besides, you can make use of time management tools. Today, a large number of time management tools are available such as planners, calendars, handheld computers, cell phone, or PDAs – a variety of choices. So, how do you decide which one works the best for you?  No matter which kind of time-management device you choose, it is the best if you can select one tool and stick to it. By this way, you will not risk overlooking important information because you attempt to transfer things from one planner to another.

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Well, the process of learning good time management skills might require from you much effort, time as well as patience. I hope that the tips introduced in this article will be useful to you.
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