10 effective tips on how to maintain a good relationship at work

Most of us spend at least 8 hours in the workplace.

All the relationships at workplace including with our mangers, supervisors, team members, associates have significant impact on our daily working experience as well as our feeling after finishing our work. As we know, there are different cultures, age ranges, personalities, expectations and values in your workplace. Hence, tensions and disagreements about every thing is difficult to avoid whenever there is different thought of any problem. Nowadays, many employers require their staff to have good ability and strong skills in communicating, working effectively in group, building the relationships.

All these skills play an important role in their workplace especially skill of building up and maintaining a good relationship with coworkers, partners….

How To Maintain A Good Relationship At Work To Create A Healthy Working Environment.

The good working relationships often base on the factors like the trust, mutual respect, mindfulness, welcoming diversity, open communication. How to maintain a good relationship at work is always an easy task for most of us. If you are newcomer and wondering about building and maintaining a good relationship in workplace, read the following tips to get your answer:

1. Respect The Differences From The Others:

how to maintain a good relationship-respect the differences from the others

Respect is the most basic and effective foundation for how to maintain a good relationship at work. According to Maslow’s hierarchy, all people have demand for being self-esteem and esteem from others. Hence, if you want to have a good relationship and keep it well, you must learn how to respect your colleagues. It means that, you treat all the people with the same courtesy as the way you hope to get from them. Furthermore, you cannot hope everyone have the same thoughts as you do. You should know how to accept and respect the others’ differences so as to learn from each other for the best things at work.

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2. Positive Attitude:

how to maintain a good relationship-positive attitude

During your work, you should pay attention to your attitude with other people. A positive attitude will help you strengthen and maintain your good relationship with your coworker. It can be difficult all the times. However, you can change your negative attitude gradually by considering your negative attitude of any problem and find out the good in every situation, at the same time, you have to learn how to keep your positive attitude and control yourself as well. You may find other good changes from them. Of course, you may work with the people you do not like because of the ethical or moral differences. Try to make the relationship the best that you can. If you cannot do it and want to change your job, settling for an unpleasant work environment is really bad. More seriously, it can affect on your attitude in your life after finishing your work.

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3. Be Happy At Work:

how to maintain a good relationship-be happy at work

The simplest thing you can do to be happy at work is to get into the habit of smiling and greeting your colleagues. For example, you can say good morning to your coworkers with a smile every morning. This action also helps create a friendly environment at work that can have good effect on your working result. A happy staff with good attitude is always more welcome than a staff with a cranky face in the workplace.

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4. Get Your Job Done:

how to maintain a good relationship-get your job done

Your boss and your coworkers often expect that you can finish your work in the best way you can. Instead of spending too much of your time on personal phone calls or gossiping, you should focus on finishing your work well. If you cannot get your job done and feel that staying late is necessary, you should do it. This action means that you are responsible for your work. Getting your job done also contribute to build a healthy relationship with your colleagues in the workplace. Besides that, it can help for how to maintain a good relationship at work because anyone wants to keep a good connection to an excellent staff with high responsibility.

5. Help Each Other:

how to maintain a good relationship-help each other

All of us may face with difficulty in any time and need the help from someone. Then, you should give them a helping hand as you can because you may need their help in the future. So do your coworkers. In case your colleagues cannot finish their jobs and need your help to get the job done, you should try to help them. And your employer will highly appreciate it. It may be good for your job in the future. Moreover, this is also a good way on how to maintain a good relationship at work in general and with your boss and your coworkers in particular.

6. Help Yourself:

how to maintain a good relationship-help yourself

If you need the help from your coworkers or even have any question, you need to see if you can try to finish your task or look up the information for your question before depending on someone for help. Even though you only do it partially, your boss and coworkers will know and appreciate your effort at work. Thereby, you can get respect from them. No one wants to work with a staff with a great dependence on the others.

7. Avoid Gossiping:

how to maintain a good relationship-avoid gossiping

One of the reasons that can destroy your working relationships is gossip. If you are invited into a gossiping party, you should refuse cleverly. Keeping a way from gossiping trap at work is also a good way on how to maintain a good relationship at work. No one wants to become a subject for a gossiping party including you. Then, if you are having any conflict with somebody in your workplace, the best way you should do is to talk to them directly and clearly about the problem to find out the best solution. Speaking against somebody behind his back is always the quickest and easiest way to exacerbate the situation. Moreover, spending your time on gossiping will make to reduce your time for work. Letting your work uncompleted will make you become a lazy staff in your employer’s eyes. Furthermore, your boss can listen to your backbiting about another or himself will affect directly on you.

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8. Resolve The Conflicts Early:

how to maintain a good relationship-resolve the conflicts early

If you are facing up with a negative situation, you should not let it develop. Try to have a plan to deal with it promptly, directly, honestly, courteously, and professionally. Both of you can work together for a long time. So resolving the conflicts as early as you can in order to minimize its influence on your relationship as well as your work. Avoid bringing it to your manager. You can do it only when your colleague and you cannot find out the best way to resolve it.

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9. Participate In Office Outings:

how to maintain a good relationship-participate in office outings

If your company often has outings, don’t ignore it because of any reason. You should participate in them comfortably and happily. This is a good chance to know your colleagues well. All the outside activities will make you build camaraderie with your coworkers more easily and effectively. By this way, you can realize easily that you have more in common with your coworkers and it can make your relationships better. Sometimes, this is a way to resolve the conflict effectively if you are having trouble with someone at work. Also, it’s an excellent chance for everything. Why dont you participate in?

10. Be On Time:

how to maintain a good relationship-be on time

This is a certain things you must do in a workplace. However, some people think that working late for about some minutes is nothing. It is wrong. Arriving early at least 15 minutes every day is always a good way to make a good impression with your colleagues, especially when you are a newcomer. It expresses somewhat your responsibility with your work. Of course, your employer will appreciate your good attitude for work. It can be one of the advantages for promotion in the future.

In summary, building and keeping your healthy working relationships play an important role in our working experience. Actually, doing it is not really easy. If you need the help, here are 10 effectively ways on how to maintain a good relationship at work that we want to show you. After reading this writing, please tell us about your idea or question about this subject by commenting in the following part of this website. We will reply for you soon.

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