How to stop depression fast and naturally – 7 useful tips

how to stop depression

Depression is an emotional disorder and its clinical manifestations are emotional states of sadness, despair, melancholy. This mental disease can occur at any age but most commonly between the ages of 18 to 45, more in women than men. Depression is a disease that is potentially harmful to humans. Therefore, preventing and treating depression is very important to implement immediately.

How To Stop Depression Fast – Natural Tips:

According to the World Health Organization, the depression deprived 850,000 lives each year. By 2024, depression will be the disease that ranks the second place on the list of the common diseases worldwide with 121 million people infected, but only 25% of those treated timely and with correct method. The incidence of real depression accounted for 3-5% of the population. Depression’s early stage expresses is the debilitating status as tiredness in the morning, mental dullness, sluggishness…

Here are ways to fight depression and self-cure methods:

1. Smile A Lot: 

how to stop depression

This is the first tip on how to stop depression that I would like to introduce in this article.

The smile will make you more confident, comfortable, and fun, so you should laugh every day to make your life more meaningful and get rid of worries. Do not overlook the symptoms of depression. You should let your family members know your symptoms and they will help you.

2. Keep Your Mind Relaxed All The Time: 

how to stop depression

Do what you love to feel comfortable, such as listening to music, watching movies, reading, shopping …- anything you want and love to do.

Moreover, you should make your life busier. A busy life will make you do not have time to think too much about things that are not fun, and a busy life can help you see your life more meaningful. Relaxing your mind is also one of the best tips on how to stop depression fast and naturally that everyone can apply with ease.

3. Dandle To Make The Helix Warm: 

how to stop depression

Use the index finger and the thumb to dandle along the ear on the same side from top to bottom. Slowly and lightly dandle your helix about 21 times. Many studies of modern medicine and traditional medicine have led to consistent results on the reference area in the outer part of the body associated with the organ located deep inside. One of the important reference areas with dense, delicate nervous system is in the helix, and when you impact your helix, it will be able to re-establish homeostasis, adjust the central nervous system.

Thus, dandling the helix of the ears to make them warm will regulate the sympathetic nerve, promoting the blood circulation and relaxing the whole body. This is also an useful tip on how to stop depression naturally that people should learn and apply.

4. Dandle Along The Eyebrow:

how to stop depression

The next tip on how to stop depression fast I would like to show you is that you should dandle along your eyebrows for relaxing. Use two fingers to dandle from the start point and along the eyebrow bone to the outer edge of the eye’s hairline. Slowly and lightly dandle for 21 times. The regions of eyebrow and arms have corresponding reflex points. Therefore, this action is to create muscle relaxation between the arm and hand. Two hands are two other parts referring to the entire body so that if you can relax your hands, it will affect the overall body relaxation.

5. Dandle Along The Two Sides Of The Nose: 

how to stop depression

Use the index finger of one hand to dandle one side of the nose. Use two hands to dandle both sides at the same time. Dandle down from the point between the eyebrows along both sides of the nose through the corners of the mouth to the chin corner. Slowly and lightly dandle like this for 21 times. According to the theory of meridians of traditional medicine, this action can help the blood flow outward, increasing the relaxation effect. This is also one of the best tips on how to stop depression naturally and fast at home.

6. Stimulate The Area Behind The Head: 

how to stop depression

Put your two hands on the two crows in the back of the head, behind the ear and dandle up and down behind the ears. Dandle your head like this for 21 times. This action has an impact on air anti-reverse, treating neurasthenia and refreshing the head and the brain.

7. Practice Breathing: 

how to stop depression

This is the last but not least tips on how to stop depression that I would like to introduce in this article. After practicing the movements above, you should sit comfortably on a chair with backrest; place your hands lightly on the thigh or lie down in a quiet and cool place to think. During this time, you will need to pay attention to the breath by concentrating on the lower abdomen. When inhale, slightly bulge the abdomen. At first you may not be familiar with this way of breathing. That is not the problem and has no effect on your health. Remember, you need to relax, so no need to consider deep or shallow breathing. Just breathe, and know that breathing normally is sufficient. It is important to pay close attention by all the mind to know if we are breathing in or breathing out through the movements of the abdominal skin.

Here are 7 tips on how to stop depression naturally that are very useful for people who are visiting and really desire to stop suffering from depression without using drugs or pills. These tips are really easy to apply and everyone can follow them at home.

If you feel this article and the tips on how to stop depression naturally I introduced above are very useful for you, and want to show me – author Lien Nguyen your own ideas about any aspect of this topic or want to share this list with other people who are also facing this problem, leave your comments and feedbacks below.

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