How to increase brain power and concentration naturally

how to increase brain power

Brain is the important part of our body, which sends most of the signals to other parts. If you want to look for the ways to do the better tests tomorrow or try to remember the experienced things, there are some tips and secrets on how to increase brain power and concentration naturally.

How To Increase Brain Power & Concentration Naturally – The Secrets That Everyone Needs

Brain is the important part related to power and cleverness. Unfortunately, most of people only use a mere 10% of brain and do not know about the brain facts. There is a mistake to think that we stuck with our brain when we were born. However, the theory is proven to be wrong. It is the fact that our brain functions like our muscle. We can improve our brain capacity in order to memorize and concentrate better in our life. It is simple task. All you need to do is investing enough time to exercise and train the brain. Interestingly, you do not need to be a millionaire to have a super mind. Therefore, on, I would like to share with you some tips and secrets on how to increase brain power and concentration naturally that I have learned. Read this article bellow to understand more.

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1. Deep Breath: 

how to increase brain power

It is the first tip on how to increase brain power naturally. When you have the deep breath, you can boost the blood flow and oxygen delivery. As a result, the brain functions better. Doing the deep breath for 15-20 minutes every day has a long-term benefit. Moreover, if you do it before studying or before taking the exam, this simple exercise will help you slow down the nervous and depressed level.

2. Get Enough Sleep: 

how to increase brain power

Sleep is remarkably good for your health including brain and other parts. When you sleep, the body produces cells and gets rid of all the toxins. So, the brain can become worse and you will not be able to concentrate on work and study the next morning because of lack of good deep sleep. Not only concentration but also creativity, cognitive functions, memory and solving problem ability can be affected. It is recommended that an 8-hour sleep is the best idea for adults while toddlers and children need more. In order to get into the deeper sleep stages, you should turn off all the electronics in your room, including lights, televisions, computers and iPods. Therefore, if you look for the ways on how to increase brain power and concentration, you need to take enough sleep.

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3. Have A Healthy Diet: 

how to increase brain power

Food is the solution for all problems and the trigger of any ailments. Having a bad diet can affect your heath and worsen you brain functions. It is necessary to avoid all harmful foods such as fatty meat, fast foods, junk foods and soda which can make our brain foggy and sluggish.

There are abundant foods that are the secrets on how to increase brain power.

  • Foods are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Examples are salmons and walnuts, spinach, broccoli, soybeans and pumpkin seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids play the important role in cognitive thinking process. When you eat enough omega-3 fatty acids, it can help you to boost brain function.
  • Complex carbohydrates in foods can give your brain and your body energy to survive all day long. Complex carbohydrates are contained in brown rice, lentils and whole-wheat bread, etc…
  • Magnesium is important for brain because it can send message signals to brain. We can find magnesium in chickpeas and garbanzo beans

4. Read A Book: 

how to increase brain power

Reading is the effective way on how to increase brain power. It can help you boost your imagination because you need to picture what you have read. However, the choice of book types you should read is also important. The comic book is the worst book to read while the novels or scientific books are the best ones.

5. Meditate: 

how to increase brain power

Meditating is the good exercise for the brain. Mediating can help to get rid of the toxins and all negative elements which can harm our brain. This exercise not only reduces stress but also boosts memory. You should find the quiet place where you can sit and focus on breathing. Keep the deep breath in and out. Another meditating exercise you should try is to relax in warm water. The way you feel the water and shampoo on your body can keep your brain calm.

6. Learn Something New: 

how to increase brain power

Sometimes it is better to try something new rather than getting stuck in the old ways. Astoundingly, you never find out how intelligent you are if you do not try to do something new. You can learn the second language or try a new skill.

7. Drink Green Tea: 

how to increase brain power

Green tea can benefit your health as well as your brain if you drink enough 5 cups a day, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The ingredients in green tea can reduce the psychological distress level. It functions as caffeine which can help your brain awake all day long, hence improving concentration and brain power.

8. Laugh: 

how to increase brain power - laugh

We all know that laughing is the best medicine. It is not surprising when it is considered as one of the ways on how to increase brain power. Laughing may help to stimulate the different areas of your brain. As a result, you can think and understand in a more comprehensive and broader way. Moreover, it reduces stress and tension as well as pressure that can trigger the memory loss. The more you laugh, the healthy your brain is.

9. Do Not Use Calculator:

how to increase brain power

Since the calculator was invented, people’s life has become better. Unfortunately, it put the risk to our brain. The brain is not trained because more and more people rely on the calculation even with the simple equations. So, in order to exercise the brain, it is necessary to use the brain to calculate.

These are 9 tips and secrets that I would like to introduce. I hope that it will help you find the simple and natural ways on how to increase brain power and concentration. If anything you want to ask me, please leave your questions bellow. I will respond as soon as I can.

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