Excellent Sources Of Potassium In Diet And Its Health Benefits

potassium protects the brain & heart

Eating more the potassium mineral is essential for the heart, the muscle and skeletal systems, and overall health.

The Recommended Daily Allowance of potassium dose for both men & women is 4,700 ml. Keep reading this article on VKool site to find out excellent sources of potassium in diet that are listed by the Dietary Guideline Of Americans.

Excellent Sources Of Potassium In Diet Along With Its Health Benefits

I. Health Benefits Of Potassium

sources of potassium

Potassium is an important mineral used to maintain electrolyte and fluid balance in the body. The deficiency in this mineral can cause irritability, increased blood pressure (hypertension) and fatigue. Unless you’re on dialysis (or have a special health condition), overdose of this mineral from natural sources is impossible; nevertheless, you may consume too much amounts of potassium via salts that may lead to vomiting, cardiac arrest and nausea. Potassium rich foods from natural foods like beans, potatoes, dark leafy greens, squash, fish, yogurt, avocados, bananas and mushrooms are considered healthy and safe. The daily value for the potassium mineral is 3.5g.

Below are top food sources of potassium in diet, check out to know what you can add to your daily diet for your health improvement.

1. Potassium Protects The Brain & Heart

In a report from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, potassium is used in the diet to lower blood pressure levels. In fact, high blood pressure are a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Researchers who have studied on the effects of potassium in diet on the blood pressure conditions state that potassium can curb the elevated blood pressure levels by contributing to flexible arteries and helping the body lower excess sodium levels. Sodium can promote fluid retention that result in high blood pressure.

2. Potassium Helps Prevent Bone Loss, Kidney Stones And More

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Potassium is not only essential for heart health but also helps prevent other health conditions and diseases effectively. For instance, potassium is suggested to bolster the bone strength by preventing against bone loss, plus it can help in reducing the risk of kidney stones. Moreover, studies also indicates that diets based on large amounts of whole grains, fish, poultry, lean meats, seeds, nuts, beans, nonfat dairy, low fat, vegetables and fruits are related to lower sodium levels.

II. How Much Potassium Do You Need?

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When it comes to foods sources of potassium in diet, you first should know exactly your potassium level and ways to adjust it for disease prevention and cure.

The daily value for the potassium mineral is 3.5g. Understand that your potassium levels are affected by various factors, such as hormones, kidney function, over-the-counter medications or prescription medications.

Those who take thiazide diuretics may need extra potassium for treating blood pressure. That is because the thiazide diuretics can promote the loss of potassium from the body. Laxitives and steroids also can deplete potassium.

Many drugs used to reduce the blood pressure levels like ACE inhibitors and beta-blockers also raise the potassium levels.

People with lowered kidney function need to limit or reduce their potassium intake.

Ask your health provider, doctor or pharmacist on how medications you take may affect potassium levels in your own body, then you will know how much potassium you need less or more.

III. Excellent Sources Of Potassium In Diet

1. Carrot Juice

sources of potassium

Just with a cup of carrot juice, you get about 500 mg of potassium. Beside carrot, other orange colored vegetables and fruits are great food sources of potassium. Hence, consider consuming carrot daily for your good vision and disease prevention.

2. Sweet Potatoes

sources of potassium

Next to excellent food source of potassium in diet, consider sweet potatoes. The root of this vegetable is rich in potassium. A medium potato contains about 694 mg of potassium that is approximately 15% of the daily amount — while it has only 131 calories.

As a superfood, sweet potato is also the top sources of both vitamin A and beta carotene.

3. Orange Juice

sources of potassium

Orange is good for its high content of folate, vitamin B complex, calcium and it is also high in potassium. A cup of orange juice contains about 355gm of this essential mineral. For this, consider drinking a cup of fresh orange juice every morning for your better health.

4. Beet Greens

sources of potassium

If you have ever bought beets and then tossed them in your garbage, it’s time for you to change that way. Those slightly bitter greens deserve a place in your eating table as they are loaded a whopping 640mg of potassium/cup. Moreover, beets are a good source of folate, vitamin A, beta carotene and other antioxidants when cooked or raw.

5. Prunes

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When it comes to excellent sources of potassium in diet, prune juice is definitely no joke. A cup of prune juice delivers about 530mg of potassium while 1/2 cup of stewed prunes contains nearly 400mg. You may know prunes are healthy for regularity, but you may forget that consume these dried plums also help improve your stronger bone health. In a study, people who consumed 10 prunes per day noticed their higher bone density significantly than people who consumed dried apples.

6. Potatoes

sources of potassium

Potatoes are favorite vegetable of Westerners. A medium potato delivers about 600 mg of potassium and a high calorie amount – 145, including its skin.

Moreover, this super food is high in vitamin B6 that is important for skin! But be wary because potatoes may be laced with toxic chemicals and pesticides. Better opt for organic potato sources whenever possible.

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7. White Beans

sources of potassium

When it comes to excellent sources of potassium, white beans are the top. Just a half cup of white beans delivers nearly 600mg of potassium. Besides, kidney beans, lima beans, lentils as well as split peas are respectable sources of this mineral, too. All types of beans are good for heart and they appear on the list of 20 best foods rich in fiber. Moreover, white beans are also great sources of iron.

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8. Yogurt

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8 ounces of non-fat yogurt have nearly 579mg of potassium, while cultured buttermilk and whole milk—tangy cousins of yogurt have less.

A delicious way to consume yogurt is to mix it with granola, instead of using mayo on your salads or sandwiches. Swap it for your whipped cream on your desserts, too.

In addition, most yogurt products have probiotics, natural bacteria, which aid the digestive system and keep the gut healthy.

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9. Molasses

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You are looking for an alternative to honey or sugar? Opt for molasses. Just 1 tablespoon of thick and dark molasses has about 500mg of potassium, a respectable amount of calcium and iron as well.

10. Tomatoes

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Just ¼ cup of tomato puree or paste has about 54 calories, 2.8mg of vitamin E, 664mg of potassium and 34mg of lycopene — a true super food.

Fresh tomatoes are good, but tomato sauce, paste or purees are better. Just 1/2 cup of tomato puree has about 549 mg of potassium and ½ cup of tomato juice comes in at 400 mg. Hence, if you like tomatoes, get some potassium from this vegetable. Add it to your salads, juice and make your spaghetti source.

11. Clams

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Clams are not only rich in vitamin B12, iron, calories but also excellent sources of potassium. Just 3 ounces of clams come in at 126 calories and 534mg of potassium.

Moreover, clams are quite low in contaminants, so they are safe for regular eating. For this, consider eating more clams in order to enhance your health as well as prevent your bad health conditions and diseases.

12. Fish

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When it comes to excellent sources of potassium, eat more fish, especially meaty fish like tuna and halibut. Just 3 ounces of the fish contain about 500mg of potassium. Besides, rainbow trout also contains plenty of potassium.

But potassium is not the only reason for you to add it more to your diet. Scientific evidence suggests that regular fish eating can help increase the human’s lifespan, thanks to a large part to healthy fats found in fresh fish. Moreover, high fish diets can reduce the risk of heart disease by about 35%, according to a research from the Harvard University.

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13. Winter Squash

sources of potassium

Next to excellent sources of potassium, consider eating winter squash. Each serving of winter squash contains less than about 50 calories, yet high content of fiber and vitamin A and 448mg of potassium each cup.

Bottom line:

I’ve shown you top 13 excellent sources of potassium in diet. Hope that you will consider eating these foods for your potassium need and your better health. Comment on the article by leaving your words in the comment box. Thanks for reading!

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