The Pros And Cons Of Eating Vegetable Salads Regularly

Here’s a new phrase: A vegetable salad a day keeps cancer at bay. We require vegetables for a healthy diet. Having salads everyday will keep you disease free. This will work only if the vegetables are fresh and clean. But how can we make this fool-proof and not unfavourable for you? Are there any side effects when salads are eaten on a regular basis?  It is a no-brainer that vegetables these days are sprayed with pesticides to protect them from insects and rodents. Some of these make their way into the water source such as a river or pond. This can pose dangers to humans, fish and animals alike.

Top Pros And Cons Of Eating Vegetable Salads

With this as a head start, let’s look at a few pros and cons of eating vegetable salads regularly:

1. PROS:

pros and cons of eating vegetable salad

They are delicious: If you can add a touch of creativity by mixing up your vegetable salad in different combinations, you can make a scrumptious and stimulating meal. Knowing for a fact that it is great for your body makes it even more delicious to eat.

Boost Immunity: The lining of the digestive system of our bodies have immune cells called innate lymphoid cells which are vital for protecting the body from pathogenic bacteria which cause infections. They also provide adequate immunity against food allergies, inflammations, obesity and even bowel cance.

Help you lose weight: Salads are the best bet for your weight loss drive. A vegetable salad consisting of lettuce, spinach, sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes and beans mixed with fruits, olive oil and nuts enable the body to absorb essential nutrients. The low calories and nutrient dense ingredients will help you maintain your weight. Salads also add fiber to the diet which brings down your cholesterol levels and prevents constipation, ultimately helping you lose weight. It is important to use a good amount of proteins in your salads, as it is a filling nutrient that suppresses hunger for long. Choosing lean instead of fatty proteins help you limit your calorie intake.

pros and cons of eating vegetable salads

Keep you healthy: Salads are so rich in vitamins and minerals that you feel refreshed in a healthy body. The vitamins include vitamin A which increases immunity, vitamin C which fights against infections and vitamin K which builds strong bones, heals wounds and assists blood clotting. Other nutrients include calcium which builds strong teeth and bones, iron which is good for the blood among others.

Help you live longer: As the new saying goes, cancer can be kept at bay as salads are rich in fiber and improve digestive health. This also protects the body from diseases of the heart. Green leafy vegetables, root vegetables, cabbage, mushroom, onion, garlic and other stalk vegetables bring along cancer-fighting agents which reduce your mortality rate and lead to long life.

2. CONS:

pros and cons of eating vegetable salad

Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong in eating vegetable salads every day.  But it must be taken in optimum amounts only. Depending on each individual’s body type, you probably have the following problems:

Gassiness: Certain vegetables can cause gassiness if taken in excess like cucumbers, cabbage, onions, broccoli, cauliflower and radishes leading to indigestion.

Constipation: If you don’t drink enough fluids along with your salad consumption, you can feel dehydrated and constipated. Alcohol and caffeine consumption along with the intake can exacerbate the condition.

Orthorexia: If you are obsessed about eating healthy all the time, it can lead to an eating disorder called Orthorexia. Staying away constantly from self-defined unhealthy foods, lack of self-esteem, malnutrition, isolation from the public are symptoms of the disorder.

Increase of weight: Of course, this depends on the kind of dressing you use for your salad. Salad dressing contains a lot of calories and so should be taken only in small amounts. Avoid a lot of shredded cheese, noodles, avocados and dry fruit in your salad to keep your weight in check.

Loss of flavour and health: It is important to eat your vegetables fresh as many of them aren’t good for storing for long periods. Many people rely on vegetables that are transported from faraway places for consumption. Transported food, especially from long distances will contain impurities and harmful chemicals used for preservation. This can lead to very harmful diseases. Wash all vegetables before eating. The flavour of vegetables is also lost with time. Hence, it is important to go local and use fresh, self-grown produce for your daily salad.

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Salads thus need to be a significant part of anyone’s diet as the pros win over the cons. However, it must be taken in just the right amount and eaten fresh. Being easy to make and pack and the variety of ways it can be prepared make it an enjoyable meal.

Author Bio – Vineetha Reddy

pros and cons of eating vegetable saladsI am very passionate about nutrition, fitness, health & wellness. I strongly believe that the ingredients you find in your pantry are the best medicines that you can get. I mostly like writing based on my experiences. I like to give the best of the ideas that I come up with. Follow me on: Twitter

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