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What is KeepKey?

KeepKey is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that offers secure storage without compromising your funds. This is offered on what’s known as cold storage, and it ensures that your private information is only in your hands, even if you plug in and transfer or make deposits.

Hardware wallets in general are considered to be the optimal way to secure your cryptocurrency, since it has the lowest potential for compromise.  What’s unique about this hardware wallet is the display and durability. They offer a lot of different major coins as well as alt coins for storage. In this review we’ll provide all the necessary data so you can uncover if KeepKey is right for your needs.

User Experience

People often gave it high reviews, stating that it was quick, responsive, and once operational, easy to work with. There was a lot of praise for its interface which was easy to work with, and made it pleasurable to work with. In handling it there was positive feedback from users who said it felt durable and long lasting.

The design sleekness and its ability to work for both beginners and experienced traders were also mentioned often. The additional features for more seasoned users were a great plus for people who wanted a more customized experienced. Those that only wanted a secure wallet also praised its ability to work efficiently.

For cons some did say that they didn’t like the fact that updates didn’t come as quickly as they would hope for, and some didn’t like that the recovery seeds could only be a maximum of 12 words. Some also said they would have preferred more updates to hold other coins beyond the 7 coins offered.
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Fundamentals of KeepKey Wallet

This works on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and there’s a Google Chrome plug-in offered for free. Once you plug this to your computer of choice through USB, you’ll be given simple instructions to follow to begin using your wallet.

The interface is clear on the wallet and it allows you to perform tasks right on it.
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To confirm authentication you simply put in the pin code to get started. It’s important to keep this pin secure since without it you can lose your funds.

To send crypto in the interface all you do is enter your pin, select what you’d like to send, provide the recipient address, confirm the amount, and finally hit send to initiate the transfer.

To receive crypto you’d hit the receive button and you’ll get an address you can send to someone to transfer you funds.
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This generated address is advised to only use once, since it may compromise your data if you continue to use it. After the address is matched you can then start receiving the cryptocurrency of your choice, even if your device is no longer connected.

With the joint venture with Shapeshift, you can automatically convert coins right on your KeepKey.

You can buy KeepKey from the official website using Bitcoin, credit card, or PayPal, and you can also get it on Amazon. If you purchase their classic look its $129, and occasionally they will have a gold option which costs more.

Each purchase comes with a USB cable, a recovery backup card, and the wallet.


A limited warranty is offered for any defects for a total year from the date of purchase. You can also take advantage of their 30 day refund policy as long as you send KeepKey in the same conditions as it was sent, in the original packaging with a proof of purchase.

The company provides their full contact details and a solid FAQ section to learn more.

The CEO is Bob Goodman who is said to have 37 years in the technology sector, working for Fortune 500 companies. The CTO has a background in cryptocurrency and has helped develop this as of 2024.

They also ensure all wallets are secure since they are tested before being sent out, and there is a security seal which ensures that you get your KeepKey without it being compromised or previously used.

Additional support is offered by the fact that the only way to access the wallet is by the pin, so in case of theft or loss no one would be able to access the wallet.

At any time you can reset your pin number, update the firmware, and wipe the drive to start anew.

Consumer Support

For support you can reach them at [email protected]. They are well-regarded in terms of support and people often said that they answered all inquiries in a timely manner.  They were also rated positively for their truth in advertising and the fact they provided reasonable returns.

Their website is also simple to navigate and it features all the necessary information needed to make a decision. They ensure that their firmware is open source so anyone can check and see if anything is compromised.  You can also modify the firmware to suit your needs.

The company is also fully transparent and honest about what they offer and how their policies work. They give all the necessary information in clear to understand terms so anyone interested can figure out what to expect from KeepKey. They also provide information for developers who want to understand more on what they offer, and people can look at all the firmware direct from the official website.

KeepKey vs Trezor

The Trezor is the smallest of hardware wallets and it is made out of plastic. Trezor was made by Satoshi Labs and they were the first of their kind. They offer support for many coins including Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20 tokens, Dogecoin, UBIQ, Bitcoin Gold, Namecoin, and many others. This is also valued at around the same cost of KeepKey, depending on where you purchase it.

Trezor is a major hardware wallet that is often pitted against KeepKey since they offer the same kind of support, though Trezor does offer more support for different coins.
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KeepKey vs Nano

The nano is currently the least expensive hardware wallet. On Nano you also have the security provided by two different chips. The nano is also not as thick as KeepKey, and it’s made out of aluminum.
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They offer support for various coins including Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Zcash, Viacoin, Stellar, Stealthcoin, Komodo, Digibyte, and many others.

In the future there is also going to be different apps offered made by the team and specifically for nano.

KeepKey FAQ

  1. What’s the current KeepKey price?
    You can get it for $124.99 new on Amazon or from the official website, or you can get a cheaper price if you buy it used.
  2. Can I get KeepKey on Amazon?
    Yes they offer new and used versions.
  3. What is the KeepKey Reddit page?
    The official page is:
  4. Is KeepKey out of stock?
    It appears to be routinely in stock and is offered on their website or on Amazon.
  5. Where can I get a KeepKey discount code?
    They may occasionally have offers but there is none at this time.
  6. What places can I buy KeepKey at?
    The official website and Amazon are the main locations and you can buy it from them using PayPal, Bitcoin, and major credit cards.
  7. Does KeepKey support Ripple?
    Not at this time.
  8. What are the KeepKey supported coins?
    Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Namecoin, and Testnet.
  9. Does KeepKey store Bitcoin?
    Yes it does.
  10. Will KeepKey hold Bitcoin Gold?
    Not at this time, only regular Bitcoin.
  11. What is a common KeepKey review?
    People generally found it useful and they enjoyed its security and ability to store numerous coins.
  12. Does KeepKey store Bitcoin Cash?
    No, they do offer Bitcoin Cash storage at this time.


KeepKey is a reliable wallet with a sleek and sturdy feel. People often said it was reliable and that it gave them peace of mind knowing their funds were secure. The wallet is backed by open source firmware, and they have a solid return policy. People generally liked the look and feel of it, complementing the fact it has as sleep and easy to use interface right out of the box. Both seasoned users and beginners said it met their criteria and that it offered additional features to work with.

The fact you can do exchanges right on the interface also makes it an attractive choice for people who don’t want to spend additional time making transactions occur. This is also offered for users of Linux, Mac, Windows, or you can use a Chrome app plug-in. The price is slightly above average for a hardware wallet, but it does offer an interface that is pleasant to look at and easy to work with. The warranty, ease of use, adaptability, additional features, and sturdiness make it a potentially useful hardware wallet.

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