16 Positive And Side Effects Of Aloe Vera Juice On The Human Body

Aloe Vera is actually an incredible plant that is used for different effects on the human body. Different parts of this plant have both internal and external applications. Man has used aloe therapeutically for thousands years.

The list of effects and benefits of aloe vera below will help you understand how to make use of this plant perfectly.

I. Benefits Of Aloe Vera – You Must Know

1. High In Vitamins And Minerals benefits of aloe vera juice

This plant includes many vitamins such as vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 (niacin), B6, folic acid, choline. Aloe Vera is also an unique plant that consists of vitamin B12.

Moreover, in Aloe Vera, we can find 20 minerals, including calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium, sodium, copper, manganese, iron, potassium.

2. High In Fatty Acids And Amino Acids

There are 18 -20 amino acids found in Aloe Vera which are necessary for the human health. It is indicated that 8 of these amino acids are necessary for the body. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

In other words, this plant also is a rich source of fatty acids like sterols, HCL cholesterol, B-sitosterol and campesterol. All of these fatty acids are beneficial in lessening the symptoms of acid indigestion and allergies. Apart from the above fatty acids, Aloe Vera also contains quite an impressive ranges of others, such as oleic, palmitic, linoleic, myristic, linolenic, and  stearic.

3. It Is An Adaptogen

Aloe Vera is an incredible adaptogen which is something that enhances the body’s natural ability to adapt to external changes and fight off illness. This power of plant is able to balance the body’s system, stimulate the defense as well as adaptive mechanisms of the human body. By this way, you can have an enhanced ability to cope with stress both in terms of physical, emotional, and environmental stress like pollution.

4. Boost Digestion

benefits of aloe vera gel

In fact, poor digestion might be related to various diseases. A proper functioning of your digestive mechanism is one of the keys and foundations of your healthy body. This plant can soothe and cleanse the digestive tract and helps promote digestion, reducing heartburn. Because Aloe Vera is an adaptogen; thus, when you take it internally, it will help with either constipation or diarrhea, assisting you in regulating the elimination cycles in the way you need. Especially, this plant is considered as the great remedy for those people with acid flux or irritable bowel syndrome. It also helps people limit the unfriendly bacteria and keep the healthy intestinal flora in good balance. Aloe is also a vermifuge that means it can help the users’ body get rid of intestinal worms.

5. Enhance Detoxification

Because this plant is a gelatinous plant food, which is similar to seaweeds and chia; thus, its gels will move through the intestinal tract absorbing toxins and get eradicated toxins through the colon. This is able to help the appropriate eradication of waste from the user’s body and also support the detoxification of their body.

6. Immune Benefits

Studies indicate that aloe vera includes anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that can support the immune system to cleanse the toxins and invading pathogens in users’ body. Moreover, aloe vera assists people in balancing their immune system to decrease the impacts of rheumatoid arthritis, seasonal allergies and other inflammatory immune system disorders. Aloe is also an antipyretic that means it is used to lessen or prevent fever.

7. Heart Benefits

 If you take aloe vera internally, you will be able to improve blood circulation in the body dramatically. Also, it can greatly multiply the oxygen transportation and diffusion capabilities of the red blood cells. Furthermore, aloe vera reduces total fat levels in those people with high cholesterol; consequently, it helps them reduce fatty deposits and blood clots in the arteries of the heart and the body concurrently. By regulating the blood pressure, developing circulation as well as oxidant of the blood, reducing cholesterol, and making blood less sticky, this plant might be able to reduce the risk of heart attack as well as other heart diseases.

benefits of aloe vera on skin

8. Reduce Inflammation

Because aloe vera includes 12 substances, such as B-sisterole that can slow down or inhibit inflammation, so this is able to reduce immune dysfunction, painful joints resulted by stiffness and improve joint flexibility as well.

9. Weight Loss

One of incredible benefits of aloe vera is weight loss. When you drink aloe vera, your body will naturally cleanse its digestive system. As our diets have different parts that could lead to exhaustion or fatigue, having aloe vera regularly will defeat this. Also, thanks to the improved digestive system, you will feel better and have more energy. Consuming aloe vera juice will help you keep a healthy body weight that also results in promoted energy levels.

10. Great For The Skin benefits of aloe vera drink

One of the great benefits of aloe vera that we cannot overlook is skin beautifying. Because the healing properties of Aloe vera, it is used primarily in the cosmetic industry. It is a well-known vulnerary and is wonderful for applying topically to abrasions, psoriasis, burns, and even o bug bites. This plant acts as an analgesic which can alleviate pain of wounds. Just cut a stem of aloe, and then place it in your fridge before rubbing it on your sun burnt skin areas. You will feel an intermediate soothing effect like an absolute lifesaver. Making use of aloe vera for relieving or preventing itching also is a good idea. In other words, aloe vera is an astringent that causes the contraction of the body tissues, typically used to lessen bleeding from minor abrasions.

Because aloe vera is high in water content, so it is very great to hydrate, moisturize as well as rejuvenate the skin. It is said that you should not put anything on your skin that you would not eat. Even, aloe can increase the elasticity of the skin, making it flexible through elastin and collagen repair. As an emollient, aloe vera can soften and soothe the skin. It helps to provide oxygen to your skin cells, enhance the synthesis and strength of skin tissue and promote blood flow to your skin through capillary dilation.

11. Dental Health

Actually, aloe vera could also help your mouth and gums. It can not only supply natural anti-microbial and anti-bacterial actions but it also includes some minerals and vitamins which can enhance cell growth and healing process. Due to this, pure aloe vera is used in tooth gels, especially useful for treating mouth ulcers or bleeding gums.

12. Alkalize The Human Body

The last but not least important one in many benefits of aloe vera is alkalization of the body. Diseases hardly manifest in an alkaline environment. Most people are subsisting on mostly acidic foods. In order to have great health, you had better remember the rule of 80/20. In term of diet, if you follow a diet with 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid, you will experience all the benefits that body balance has to offer. Aloe vera is an alkaline forming food. It can alkalize the users’ body, helping to balance the overly acidic dietary habits.

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II. Side Effects Of Overusing Aloe Vera

1. Diarrhea Risk benefits of aloe vera gel for hair

Drinking aloe vera juice can lead to adverse effects such as diarrhea. This happens because aloe juice and aloe latex include a substance named anthraquinones, which is laxative. If you consume in a large amount, this will cause severe diarrhea, resulting in pain, cramping, and dehydration. Consult the nutritionist or doctor before taking this herb and do not consume aloe vera, which is not produced for the purpose of internal use.

2. Electrolyte Imbalance

Due to stimulant laxatives found in aloe vera juice, there might be a dehydration or electrolyte imbalance if you consume the juice regularly. This decline in potassium levels could lead to weakness and irregular heartbeats.

3. Precaution For Pregnant Women And Breastfeeding

Normally, during pregnancy, it is better for women to limit the consumption of aloe vera because of its purgative and irritant properties. In pregnant women, aloe vera juice can cause uterine contractions, and even result in a spontaneous miscarriage. In addition, this plant should not be consumed while breastfeeding because it might cause severe symptoms of diarrhea for the baby. Those children who are below twelve of age should also not use aloe vera in order to prevent abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

Check out tips for reducing weight after pregnancy if you want to get your fit body back as fast as possible.

4. Interactions With Drugs

Aloe vera juice could interact with medications in a negative way, both prescriptions and over-the-counter, especially stimulant laxatives, diuretic drugs, anti-diabetes drubs, and sevoflurane (which is prescribed for anesthesia).

It is important for everyone to pay attention that most side effects are because of its overdose or improper use. Some people who are allergic to foods, such as onion or garlic, might be allergic to aloe vera as well. If you are suffering from an allergy or side effects, stop consuming aloe vera instantly; seek medical help as soon as you could.

After covering all of the health risk as well as benefits of aloe vera, do you intend to make use of this plant right away? It has many amazing benefits towards the human health if you use properly. So, do not hesitate to improve your overall health comprehensively with aloe vera from now.

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