24 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements For Men & Women

Updates: 04/24/2024

Fish oil could be obtained from eating fish or by taking supplements. Fish which are especially rich in the beneficial oils known as omega-3 fatty acids contain mackerel, tuna, salmon, sturgeon, bluefish, mullet, anchovy, and sardines. The quality of fish oil strongly depends on the kind of fish from which you obtain the oil. Here are top 24 health and beauty benefits of fish oil for men and women. Read on now!

24 Health & Beauty Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements For Men And Women That You Should Know

I. Health Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements For Men & Women

1. Heart Health

benefits of fish oil supplementsWhen it comes to benefits of fish oil, we cannot overlook the role of heart health improvement. Omega-3 found in fish oil can be effective in decreasing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart arrhythmias. Moreover, it can lower the level of LDL – bad cholesterol and enhance the level of HDL – good cholesterol. Fish oil can prevent the accumulation of triglycerides as well as decrease the level of excess triglycerides. There are many studies pointing out that fish oil could be used to prevent the arthrosclerosis in such coronary sufferers. Therefore, fish oil is good at preventing strokes. Also, regular consumption of fish oil could help you avoid sudden cardiac death.

2. Improve Immune Function

It has been indicated that fish oil can play a critical role in fitness and performance by supporting the function of white blood cells, which is considered as the key cell in the immune system. In simple words, omega-3 fatty acids could bolster that immune system by impacting the activity and amount of cytokines and eicosanoids in the body. It is shown that fish oil and fish meal can enable people to resist the occurrence of common diseases, such as cold, the flu, and coughs. Basically, fish oil can be beneficial to sufferers of lupus, which is an autoimmune disease featured by the immune system fighting off its own organs as well as tissues. Moreover, studies showed that fish oil is associated with fever, fatigue, and skin rashes reduction.

3. Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Fish oil is great at reducing inflammation in the human blood as well as tissues. If those people who are suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases consume fish oil supplements regularly, then they will see huge improvements in their problem. Fish oil can be effective in curing gastrointestinal disorders, short bowel syndrome, Celiac disease, and inflammatory bowel disease, containing ulcerative colitis, and Crohn;s Disease, which are typical intestine disorders. Patients who are suffering from the Crohn’s disease usually find it hard to absorb fats, vitamins, and essential supplements. So, fish oil supplements are the best choice for such people.

4. Arthritis

benefits of fish oil pillsAnother one in the list of benefits of fish oil you should know today is that fish oil should be used in the treatment of rheumatoid, arthritis, Raynaud’s symotims. Fish oil consumption can bring positive effects on the remedy of arthritis. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, consider fish oil to decrease the influence of enzymes which destroy cartilage.

Nevertheless, because the dosage of fish oil should also be recommended by doctors, so you need to be wary of the side effects coming from consuming fish oil.

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5. Depression And Anxiety

Thanks to the presence of good substance – omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil is able to promote the relief of depression, anxiety, sadness, mental fatigue, restlessness, and stress. Also, fish oil can boost sexual desire, suicidal tendencies, as well as other nervous disorders. Especially, in such countries, where fish is often eaten, people have lower rate of depression.

6. Eye Disorders

This is considered as one of the most well-known benefits of fish oil. Fish oil is helpful in preventing age-related macular degeneration.

7. Alzheimer’s Disease

benefits of fish oil for menA research showed that fatty acids found in fish oil are good at treating Alzheimer’s disease. Because fish oil is best sources of necessary fatty acids, containing DHA and EPA, it can help in treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

8. Muscle Growth

As EPA and DHA in fish oil can enhance synthesis and reduce degradation; thus, fish oil can help push the muscle-building balance in your favor.

In addition, EPA and DHA can support insulin function and boost glucose and fatty acid uptake into muscle cells. This might help partition nutrients toward muscle as well as away from fat, enhancing overall body composition and supplying more fuel to the muscle during workouts.

EPA and DHA also increase cardiac output and stroke volume that might help support the healthy blood flow and exercise performance.

9. Reduce High Blood Pressure

benefits of fish oil for hairOmega-3s can lower blood pressure, though the effect is not too large. However, you can take advantage of fish oil by replacing red meat with fish during some of your meals. Yet, it is best to avoid salty fish like smoked salmon. For those people who are suffering from high blood pressure, doctors suggest that they should do exercise regularly, and limit consuming salt.

10. Prevent Cancer

Those people who eat salmon an similar fish, like mackerel or herring, have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer than those who do not eat fish. Specifically, those people who are eating about 5 servings per week might have a 64% decreased risk of the disease.

11. Healthier Arteries

Those women who eat two or more servings of fish containing fish oil every week may have healthier arteries than women who eat less than two servings. The benefits of fish oil are even greater in those who eat tuna or other kind of dark fish at least once per week.

12. Beneficial For Children

benefits of fish oil for skin

Parents should consider encouraging their kids to eat brain-boosting fish. However, fish should be recommended to eat as long as it is fried and breaded. Pediatricians also cautions against kinds of fish that are high in mercury, like swordfish, kind mackerel, shark, and tilefish.

14. Diabetes

Those patients with type II diabetes are prone to cardiovascular diseases, like coronary, heart disease, stroke and artherosclerosis. According to the above information, fish oil is useful in treating different heart problems. Also, it is great for reducing triglyceride levels in sufferers with diabetes as well.

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14. Ulcers

Again, due to the presence of DHA and EPA in fish oil, so, consuming fish, in general, and fish oil, in particular, can be helpful in case of ulcers caused by Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

15. Pregnancy

Fish oil is so useful for pregnant women as the presence of DHA in fish oil can boost the development of baby’s eyes and brain. In other words, it can help avoid low birth weight, premature births, and miscarriages. Actually, a diet with low amounts of fish can lead to a higher risk of premature or preterm babies.

benefits of fish oil bodybuilding

Some experts believe that ladies who do not take enough of EPA and DHA in their daily diet may suffer from depression after birth, due to the transfer of some amount of brain mass from the mom to the baby in such last stages of pregnancy. Furthermore, as mentioned above, as pregnant women take fish oil supplements, their babies will have improved hand eye coordination.

Therefore, it is so beneficial to consume fish oil either by taking supplements of fish oil or eating directly fish during pregnancy for the development of the baby as well as the well-being of the mother. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that fish oil gotten from the fish’s liver, like cod liver oil, should not be taken during pregnancy because cod liver oil is high in vitamin A and retinol.  

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16. Blood Circulation

Fish oil is also famous for its possibilities to improve blood circulation naturally along with decreasing triglyceride and serum cholesterol levels.

Moreover, fish oil also is recommended to use for preventing kidney failure and asthma. If you cannot take enough fish oil from eating, then moderate doses of fish oil supplements can have positive effects on your blood pressure levels.

Though the above benefits of fish oil are claimed by many experts; nevertheless, fish oil does also come with some side effects if consumed in improper doses. Thus, you need to pay attention to the amount of fish oil you take every day to take its advantage effectively.

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17. Prevent Osteoporosis

Fish oil is beneficial for bone health because the oil is high in vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. It is recommended consuming oil fish supplements to increase bone density and aid in preventing osteoprosis.

18. Improve Metabolic Rate & Boost Fat Burning

The ability for fish oil to increase metabolic rate is more theoretical than the practice at this point. Nevertheless, as cell’s health in the body is improved is based on the improved nutrient metabolism.

A study from Australia revealed the combination of exercise and fish oil supplements for a fast loss. In the study, obese and overweight adults with the high risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome took an appropriate dose of fish oil daily while practicing aerobic exercise 3 times per week for totally 12 weeks. As a result, body fat and particularly belly fat, were significantly lost. However, the result might reduce of they just used exercise or fish oil alone.

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19. Protect Your Heart From Air Pollution

According to a new research on fish oil supplements carried out by American researchers in 2024, it is indicated that this essential oil can protect your heart from air pollution. During the study, middle-aged adults took 3 grams of fish oil per day during 4 weeks and they are exposed to polluted air for 2 hours. The results showed that people who consumed fish oil did not get negative responses to air pollution as those who just took placebo daily.

II. Beauty Benefits Of Fish Oil Supplements For Men & Women

1. Skin Care benefits of fish oil skin care

The fact is, fish oil is good for promoting the condition of dry skin by making it vibrant and shiny. It is helpful in treating various skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis, skin redness, itching, skin lesions, and rashes. When it comes to psoriasis, the EPA presence in fish oil might restrict the development of pro-inflammatory agents by manufacturing arachidonic acid. Hence, fish oil could also be used in topically to get relief from psoriasis.

Intake of fish oil capsules will help in decreasing moisture loss from the skin. In other words, some people claim that fish oil can prevent sunburn. Is it amazing?

2. Acne

Did you know that fish oil is also an effective treatment for acne? Actually, EPA in fish oil can inhibit the formation of androgen, which could affect the formation of sebum in hair follicle, resulting in acne.

3. Eczema Treatment

There are 2 uses of fish oil that you can apply for eczema treatment, including oral and topical forms. Depending on your eczema condition, your physician may direct you to use one of these 2 uses. In fact, no matter what type of fish oil use you apply, the oil still can help the skin retain the moisture and hydrate inflammation effectively.

4. Prevent Skin Aging

Eicosapentaenoic acid is high in oil fish that work to prevent you from skin aging.  Like its benefits in eczema cure, fish oil help keep the skin looking more youthful, keep the skin hydrated and ward off your skin wrinkles. To slow down your skin aging, add fish oil to your diet and get healthier skin.

5. Grow Hair And Maintain Hair Quality

Omega-3 fatty acids included in fish oil help facilitate your hair growth naturally. These healthy acids also aid in nourishing your hair follicles and boosting a stronger and faster growth of hair. Hence, fish oil can be used as a therapy to prevent hair loss. However, use it in the right way: Don’t apply this oil directly to hair. Instead, take it daily so that it can be incorporated through your diet.

In addition to enhancing hair growth, fish oil can help boost your hair quality. A protein found in the oil can help hair stay lustrous, strong, and durable. The lack of this protein can result in very weak and brittle hair. Fish oil also helps hair to look smoother, healthier and shinier.

Though the 24 health and beauty benefits of fish oil supplements for men and women are claimed by many experts; nevertheless, fish oil does also come with some side effects if consumed in improper doses. Thus, you need to pay attention to the amount of fish oil you take every day to take its advantage effectively.

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