24 Best Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis Disease Naturally

ways to prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a kind of disease that can be devastated, but it can be curable. Read 24 best ways to prevent osteoporosis disease naturally below to understand more about this kind of disease as well as the ways to avoid it.

24 Best Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis Disease Naturally And Have A Healthy Bone System

I. Top Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis Disease Naturally – Avoid Osteoporosis With Your Diet

Osteoporosis relates to the bones. This is one of bone’s diseases, and it is chronic. You can prevent this kind of condition by many ways including your diet. If you understand osteoporosis clearly as well as the ways to prevent osteoporosis, you will have the lower risk of suffering this disease. I will reveal you the most effective ways to prevent osteoporosis naturally through your daily meals.

1. Milk Intake ways to prevent osteoporosis review milk intake

A valuable suggestion is to drink milk that is low-fat and soar. Besides, you can use the related-milk products such as nonfat yogurt, low-fat cheeses. By drinking milk every day, you can prevent osteoporosis naturally very efficiently because milk includes calcium that helps your body build up strong bones. Also, exhilarated milk products contain vitamin D that is necessary for calcium captivation such as rice milk, soy milk, cereals, snacks and breads.

2. Fish Sources

Some kinds of fishes that are rich in calcium are salmon, sardines while Mackerel and the other fishes such as tuna and sardines are full of vitamin D, which helps your body suck up calcium. So you should include fishes in your daily meals to consume vitamin D and calcium for your bone’s development.

3. Green Vegetables

Vegetables play an important role in supplying vitamin and nutrients for your bone’s growth. They also help you prevent a lot of diseases including osteoporosis. The advice is to eat green vegetables, which have full of calcium, potassium, and vitamin K to support your bone’s growth. Some examples of green vegetables are turnip greens, Swiss chard, bok Choy broccoli, dandelion greens, cabbage, kale, okra, spinach, brussel sprouts, etc. Besides, you can use bananas, which also have the same function as green vegetables with your bones.

ways to prevent osteoporosis review onions

4. Soy Consumption

Estrogens also help you develop bone density, and you can find plant estrogens inside soy. You can use soybean nuts, pancakes, cupcakes, soy cheeses, and soy cereal to supply calcium.

5. Onions

If you usually use onions, you will reduce the breakdown progress that can make you suffer osteoporosis.

6. Oliver Oil

Olive oil is rich of omega-3s that is also healthy to your bone’s improvement.

7. Beans

Beans are full of calcium, but they also contain different nutrients like magnesium, fiber. These nutrients can generate phytates that can restrict your body get the calcium. By the way, you can lower phytates amount by shrinking beans in the water before you cook.
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8. Protein Foods

Though the protein is very important with your body growth, you should not intake it too much because it can affect calcium intake in your body. It should be 63 grams for men and 50 grams protein daily.

9. Salt ways to prevent osteoporosis book salt

If you usually use salty foods, your bones will have high risks of osteoporosis. In order to prevent this disease, you definitely have to limit processed foods, as well as the salt amount intake every day.

10. Vitamin A

Several epidemiological researches find out that you will have a higher risk of osteoporosis if the amount of vitamin A is over 5,000 IU per day. Hence, you should not take supplements that contain too much vitamin A.

11. Enrich Nutrients

An assured thing to help you block osteoporosis is the whole of nutrients intake every day. Poor dishes can supply vitamin D and calcium insufficiently for your bones.

II.   Top Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally – Avoid Osteoporosis With Lifestyle

In reality, your lifestyle plays an important role in osteoporosis prevention. If you have a healthy lifestyle, your health will be better; on the contrary, your body will get so many diseases including osteoporosis. Here are some solutions to help you ward off this kind of disease efficiently.

1. Give Up Smoking ways to prevent osteoporosis book give up smoking

If you are addicted to smoking, you should give up it immediately because the smoker will have 10% lower bone density in the age of 80s. This lack of bone-mineral density, you will have the higher risk of spinal breakage up to 50%.

Read on Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide to give up smoking with ease.

2. Limit Caffeine And Alcohols

In order to prevent osteoporosis, you have to limit caffeine and alcohols, which excrete calcium rapidly. Your bones will be damaged by those drinks.

Calcium is crucial to sustain bone’s development. If you drink too much alcohol, you will limit your body receive calcium, so if possible, you should take two drinks for men and one drink for women per day.

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3. Limit Stress

If a woman has clinical depression, she will get the lower bone densities in spines and hips. Stress also produces cortisol, which is a hormone that can dig down the minerals from bones.

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4. Limit Cola 

Beside alcohol, you should limit cola drinks because this kind of drink can subsidize bone loss. Instead of using cola, you can drink milk or consume the other things that help you prevent osteoporosis. This does not mean that all drinks will make you get higher risk of osteoporosis.

III. Top Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis Disease Naturally – Avoid Osteoporosis With  Medical Support

If you take care about your health, you will have a routine to check the health regularly. There are many reasons that can lead to osteoporosis. You will have high risk of osteoporosis if you are old, you are too thin, you have relatives who suffered it, you have ever broken bones, your lifestyle is unhealthy, you use drugs for a long time to treat other diseases, and other health conditions can be the reason to get osteoporosis easily.  I will show you some meaningful ways to block osteoporosis perfectly as the following.

1. Check Your Bones Permanently

Nowadays, the medical field develops very quickly; you should take advantage of this useful condition to test your bone’s rate. Medical test is the only method to help you make clear your bone’s loss. The older you are, the higher you will suffer the osteoporosis.

2. Query Your Doctor ways to prevent osteoporosis book query your doctor

If you have any question or any concern about osteoporosis and the bones-related diseases, you can ask your doctor about the measurement. Sometimes, you can guess your health condition, with the assistance from your doctor; you will easily identify your current health status.

3. Find Out The Proper Solution

When you have a problem with your bones, namely osteoporosis, with your doctor advice, you can find out the proper solution for the disease.

4. Use Calcium Supplements

Maybe, you should follow the most common way that is the calcium supplement. The fist thing you will do is to add up your calcium amount into your body. For the mid-age, both genders will need 1,000 mg of calcium per day. For the age over 65, we need 1,500 to 2,000 mg calcium per day. Supplying calcium is the most general suggestion when you fear osteoporosis disease. For the best consequence, you can take two or three doses per day. Make sure that the supplements include vitamin D to get the most effect for your bones.

IV. Top Ways To Prevent Osteoporosis Naturally – Avoid Osteoporosis With  Daily Workouts

I am sure that you have heard about the value of physical activities in our lives. Most daily exercises help us get healthy day by day. The importance is the frequency of workouts.

best ways to prevent osteoporosis disease naturallyIn order to prevent dedicate bones; you should practice at least 30 minutes a day and three times per week for the best results. Some general physical activities you can enjoy are volleyball, tennis, weight lifting, running, walking, etc.

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1. Strength Enhancement

Strength training is one of the most effective sports that lead the best result to your bones because it creates muscles to your bones. This kind of activity also facilitates you to become more flexible as well as prevent the risk of falling. Some kinds of strength training include dancing, jogging, climbing, aerobics, yoga.

Also, there are many types of exercises you can implement daily to help you strengthen your bone’s density. Simply, you can use weight machines, the resistance band, barbells, etc.

2, Opposition Exercises 

Actually, resistance workouts depend on muscle using so you can boost up your bone’s strength accordingly. You can go to the gym for the exercise like bench pressing, weight lifting. You can ask the support from the assistants at gym for more detailed experience.

3. Balance Exercises

Balance exercises are kinds of exercises that can help you build your muscle and reduce the risks of fall. The most effective balance exercise is Tai Chi that can reduce the risk of falls significantly.

4. Practical Exercises

Practical exercises can help you decrease bone discontinuity as well as the risks of fall. You can try to climb stairs as the general practical exercises for your bone’s development.

5. Pose Exercises

These kinds of workouts can assist you reduce the risk of bone’s break in the spine and the other parts in your body. You can apply these exercises daily as same as the practical exercises and balance exercises.

Generally, to prevent osteoporosis, you must relate your health by following the rules in healthy diets, in your lifestyle, and in some physical activities. We cannot say which method is the most important, but all of them support together for your strong bones. If you build up strong bones, your risk of osteoporosis will be reduced extensively.
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This article has concluded several important ways to prevent osteoporosis disease naturally.
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If you have any concern about this article, please feel free to leave your comment below.

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