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essential oils for headaches

Headache is a common disease that millions of people on over the world suffer from every day.  There are a variety of headache causes including stress, allergies, fatigue, hormones, constipation, poor posture, nutritional deficiencies, low blood sugar, drug, or alcohol consumption. It is very important to consider what make them the headaches so that they can find out the effective treatment.

The most common way people regularly use is taking medicine for headaches because it brings them the fast effect on the problem. But they don’t know that this treatment is just good in the short period and able to make the headaches more serious later as it doesn’t deal with the root of the disease. Therefore, natural treatment is appreciated in helping people out of headaches while not bringing other side effects. And the natural and essential oils for headaches are good ones.

These oils can deal with the headache problem since they treat the headache trigger effectively, from the root of the disease instead of temporarily minimizing the pain. Additionally, there are no side effects when using the natural and essential oils for headaches, and you can take a complete control of your dose that is proper with the type of headaches you get.

In this article, will show 10 solutions and tips of natural and essential oils for headaches that use natural ingredients to treat the headaches problem at home. The list of solutions and tips is the best methods and tips to keep your brain healthy as well as prevent headaches. However, the article is not intended to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Continue reading the article to learn these useful solutions and tips to stay healthier.

Top 10 Essential Oils For Headaches – Natural Oils

1. Peppermint  

oils for headaches - peppermint

Peppermint oil is one of the natural and essential oils for headaches. It not only has a long-lasting cooling effect on your skin but also inhibits the muscle contractions and stimulates blood flow to the forehead.

A study conducted in 1996 showed the effect of peppermint on patients with headaches just 30 minutes after applying the oil to their forehead. Patients reported the pain relief in their head, so peppermint oil was also proved to be a cost-effective and well-tolerated alternative to usual headaches medication.

In order to remove the headaches, you just have to apply the peppermint oil gently to your forehead and wait for 15 minutes. You will feel how it effects on your head with a sense of refreshing and cooling. Keep the oil on your forehead until you find the headaches relieved and then wash your face off with cool water at the final.

Alternatively, you can make o mixture of peppermint oil, ethanol and eucalyptus oil that is also helpful in treating the headaches. Mix them with an adequate amount then apply to your forehead like above. The oil mixture was also investigated to be effective to the headaches problem a long time ago.

Moreover, if your headaches are caused by the poor blood circulation, you should dilute coconut oil with 2 to 3 drops of peppermint oil because this portion can reduce the pain as well as relieve tension. You can rub the mixture on the forehead, shoulders, or back of the neck.

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2. Lavender

oils for headaches - lavender

Lavender is another of natural and essential oils for headaches. It contains a high level of curative and therapeutic properties that help relieve the tension, stress and induce the relaxation. It acts as a sedative, anti-anxiety, antidepressant, anticonvulsant, anxiolytic, and calming agent. Lavender has been proved to serve as a great treatment of neurological disorders and conditions.

From the researches results, we can find that a topical and aromatic use of lavender can relieve the headaches symptoms like feelings of disturbed sleep and restlessness. Plus, it regulates serotonin levels and this activity can help in minimizing pain in the nervous system. Because of this reason, lavender is believed to use in headaches treatment.

To reduce the tension, stimulate the mood, relieve stress and aid sleep, you should diffuse 5 drops of lavender in your office or at home. The oil is applied to the back neck, wrists, and temple. Alternatively, you can add 5 to 10 drops of the oil in a warm-water bath and then take deep breaths to relax your mind and your body as well.  The sedative properties will begin taking effect and decrease the headache tension.

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3. Eucalyptus

oils for headaches - eucalyptus

Eucalyptus is the continuous one of oils for headaches. It acts as an expectorant that helps the body cleanse toxins and other harmful microorganisms. Plus, it opens the nasal airways while eliminating sinus pressure causing nasty headaches. In the whole, eucalyptus promotes emotional balance and boosts mood.

A recent study has indicated that eucalyptus oil can reduce the pain and blood pressure of people.  It promotes emotional stability, reduces edema formation, and has anti-inflammatory effects on the patients. Another study conducted on people having respiratory conditions that cause a cough, sore throat or tension headaches showed that this oil helps in improving breathing and reducing runny nose. The decrease of these pain and relaxing effects make eucalyptus oil beneficial to people with tension headaches.

To use eucalyptus as a headache treatment, you can dilute 2 to 4 drops of this oil with a carrier oil then apply the portion to the chest, the back neck, forehead, and temples. By this way, the buildup of nasal can be eliminated and your airways can be cleared. So, you can prevent the risk of tension that may lead to a headache.

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4. Rosemary

oils for headaches - rosemary

Rosemary oil is an excellent one of oils for headaches. It has been utilized in folk medicine to cure poor circulation and headaches for a long time because it contains stimulating, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that give the calming effect and stimulates alertness and orientation of people.

In addition, rosemary oil decreases stress and emotional triggers causing headache attacks. This oil also aids in digesting process by soothing the upset stomach that is considered as a symptom of severe headaches. A study conducted in 2024 proved that rosemary oil can reduce some symptoms like muscle aches, headaches, dysphoric mood, nausea, fever and insomnia after 4 weeks.

In order reduce the headaches problem, you can add 1 drop of rosemary oil to water, tea, or soup when having headaches or migraine attacks. Alternatively, you can mix2 drops of this oil, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of peppermint oil then rub the portion on the forehead, temples, and back neck.

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5. Rose Water  

oils for headaches - rose water

Rose water is known as a treatment of headaches. It helps soothe and comfort the nervous system, which reduces stress and limits the nervous tension. Moreover, this excellent water can soothe an emotional upset, relieve depression, insomnia, and restore confidence.

You just have to add 4 to 5 drops rose water to water and take deep breathings through the nose. By this way, you can get a refreshing mind and a comfortable body. You can do use this kind of oils for headaches whenever you feel stressed or have a headache.

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6. Melissa Oil

oils for headaches - melissa oil

Melissa oil is another of oils for headaches. It helps lift the spirits and brings optimism that you need when stuck in a nasty headache. Melissa oil has a delicious smell and excellent properties that refresh your mind, calm the brain nerves, and ease the pain of headaches or migraines. Plus, it relieves colds and flu by reducing congestion and calming the cough.

You can add a few drops of Melissa oil to the water and drink it when you have a cold or headaches. You can also add it to the water and take deep breathings as well to refresh your head.

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7. Chamomile Oil

oils for headaches - chamomile oil

Chamomile oil stimulates the relaxation through the body. It calms the muscles, nerves, and mind. It is also diuretic to encourage urination along with the detoxification of the body. This oil relaxes your body from depression, anger, irritability, and nervous tension that are known as the reasons of headaches. For this reason, chamomile oil is a great one of oils for headaches.

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8. Marjoram Oil

oils for headaches - marjoram oil

Marjoram oil is known as a beneficial factor for brain health because it strengthens and fortifies brain tissue. It also helps in relieving anxiety as well as stress by its warming action to the mind and the body. In addition, it soothes the tight muscles, muscle strain, and muscle cramps.

In order to treat headaches, you should simply inhale the mixture of marjoram oil, lavender, rose oil, and Melissa oil. The oils mixture can be inhaled from a tissue, a portable inhaler, or within a diffuser.

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9. Decongestant Oils

oils for headaches - decongestant oils

When you are congested or stuffed up, you should try on some decongestant oils that help you clear it out. By this way, you can ease the headaches that are accompanied by the cold symptoms. Decongestant oils are really oils for headaches.

The oil mixture includes 2-3 drops of peppermint oil or eucalyptus oil with steaming hot water, all in a bowl. Cover your face with a towel then keep it on the top of the oil bowl, take deep inhale for 10 minutes. Remember close your eyes while inhaling.

10. Keep A Proper Life Habit

oils for headaches - keep a proper life habit

Besides the oils for headaches above, you should keep a proper life habit that can help you stay healthy and prevent the risk of severe headaches. There are some tips for you:

  • Have enough sleeping time: The sleep quantity and quality are very important for brain health, thus, make sure that you keep an adequate sleep schedule to prevent headaches. You should spend 8 hours for sleep at night, or relax yourself during this time if you feel hard to sleep. Don’t use bright screens or keep your lights dimmed because this is harmful to your eyes as well as your internal head. You should also choose a comfortable place to sleep, which ensures the quality of your sleep.
  • Eat and drink earlier before night:Your digestion system is less effective at night so the food taken in can’t be totally ingested. This sometimes makes you uncomfortable that you can’t sleep and lead to headaches. Additionally, limiting the fluid intake before bed can help reduce the trips to the bathroom that interrupt your sleep.
  • Avoid consuming some harmful foods for your head like cereal grains, milk, tree nuts, soybeans, peanuts, fish, and crustacean. They are common food and rich in nutrients, but they can contribute to your headache problem when consuming too much.
  • Avoid high-stress: Stress is considered as the main reason for headaches. No matter how it is physical, mental, or dietary stress, you should find out the way to relieve it as soon as possible. You can go around, sing any songs, take a bath… when you feel stuck or stressed.
  • Massage your body with excellent oil: Getting neck or shoulder massage is very beneficial in relaxing tension headaches. You can use the mixture of lavender,peppermint oil and marjoram oil with any carrier oil like coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil… to massage your neck and shoulder.
  • Enjoy a comfortable bath: Taking a bath when having a headache is very effective. You should add some kinds of oils in your bath water like lavender, peppermint, chamomile, marjoram, or rose oil. They will help you relieve the headaches.

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To get more information related to beauty care, go to our main Health page. After reading the 10 solutions and tips of natural and essential oils for headaches, hope that you will know more some simple ways to keep your brain healthy and prevent the with natural ingredients by yourselves. All these solutions and tips are safe, natural, cost effective as well as easily available for your health. But don’t forget to try the solutions and tips only after carrying out a small test, check your body reaction, and then continue using them. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also, you can share your experiences with us if you know other solutions for headache problem.

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