Top 9 Tips Of Natural Treatment For Dyspareunia You Should Know

natural treatment for dyspareunia

Before learning the treatment for dyspareunia, you should understand what dyspareunia is. Dyspareunia is the painful feeling of women during having sex. The pain may be in the female genital region or in the pelvis. This pain is often depicted as burning, sharp, or comparable to the menstrual spasms. In some women, the pain of these spasms is quite severe, which the penile penetration is impossible. In addition, vaginal dryness may cause painful sexual intercourse. This dryness can be initiated by menopause, changes in the estrogen levels, or lack of foreplay before sexual intercourse. It may have various causes. Any part of your genital area can cause pain during sexual intercourse. A few conditions may affect the skin around your vagina. The pain from those conditions is often felt when a penis or tampon is embedded into your vagina, but pain may happen indeed further when wearing jeans or sitting down. Besides, aggravation or infection can be the reason. Harm to the vaginal area and the surrounding part may cause pain. Do you experience painful sensations during sexual intercourse? If yes, maybe you are having a sexual disorder called dyspareunia. Don’t skip this article on to discover the natural treatment for dyspareunia.

Symptoms Of Dyspareunia

Women with dyspareunia may feel a sharp pain in the vaginal opening or deeper pain during infiltration and pushing of the penis. A few women additionally may notice extreme tightening of their vaginal muscles during the entrance, a condition known as vaginismus. Here are some of the symptoms of dyspareunia:

  • Pain at sexual infiltration
  • Pain during infiltration, even when investing a tampon
  • Pain only with certain partners or in specific situations
  • Deep pain during pushing, which is portrayed as having something being bumped

Top 9 Tips Of Natural Treatment For Dyspareunia You Should Know

1. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Talk With Your Sexual Partner

Sometimes, age may cause the slowing of the sexual responses. So, you should talk with your sexual partner about your physiologic changes. In fact, learning to understand the changing bodies of each other and changing needs helps to prolong the stimulation effectively. Not only does aging have an effect on women, but aging also affects the blood flow to the male penis and diminishes the duration and strength of erections. For many couples, intimacy generally is more important than having traditional sexual intercourse. So, take your time and change your lovemaking. You should try to enjoy your sexual experience thoroughly because there is nothing more crucial to do during sexual intercourse.

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2. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Switch Positions

If you suffer from sharp pain during pushing, the penis can be striking the cervix or stressing your pelvic floor muscles, which will cause aching and cramping pain. The simple solution is to change the positions. You may try a position that you are on top of the partner during having sex. Women often have more control in the “on top” position, so you can easily be able to control penetration to a depth so that you may feel better.

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3. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Consider Using A Lubricant

For a few women, uncomfortable or painful intercourse cannot cause some sexual conditions. For other women, this problem can be a hidden cause of avoiding sexual contact, which may result in marital problems. Besides, when you feel pain during sexual intercourse due to the vaginal dryness, which may cause burning or itching, you should simply take time for more foreplay. Or, you should consider using a lubricant.

Water-soluble creams or lubricants rich in estrogen may help to cure the pain caused due to dyspareunia while water-based lubricants aid in reducing the friction related to penetration. This will reduce the amount of pain often felt during having sex.

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4. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Yoga

treatment for dyspareunia - yoga

This is considered the most useful treatment for dyspareunia that you should try. A five-minute yoga referring a stretching session immediately before sexual intercourse can help slightly. However, a regular yoga routine acts as a physical relaxation therapy. As you may know, yoga incorporates a lot of postures that help to strengthen and limber up the muscles and remove the muscular tightness that can cause your dyspareunia. In addition, yoga has deep breathing & relaxation exercises that can aid in reducing your stress levels. To sum up, regular yoga exercise is an effective way to get higher overall levels of fitness & well-being, which may result in higher self-confidence and an improved self-image [1].

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5. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Use Natural Oils

The regular use of natural oils, including olive oil, petroleum jelly, and baby oil, is usually prescribed for relieving the symptoms of dyspareunia.  Because oil tends to keep the skin elastic as well as trap the moisture, more and more ladies prefer to use it instead of a sexual lubricant.

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6. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Modify Sexual Technique

Another treatment for dyspareunia is to modify your sexual technique. Simply, you may try increasing the time amount of foreplay or delay penetration in order to maximize sexual arousal. This helps to lubricate the vagina and reduce the pain related to penetration. In addition, you should try alternative sexual positions to aid in limiting the pain caused due to a sexual intercourse.

7. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Chinese Herbal Medicines & Acupuncture

Chinese herbal medicines & acupuncture have been proven to be effective in treating the symptoms of dyspareunia. Many doctors usually recommend desensitization therapy that involves vaginal relaxation techniques for relieving the pain during sexual intercourse.

8. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Medication

treatment for dyspareunia - medication

Medication may effectively treat pain caused due to a medical or infection condition. If you experience vaginal dryness due to taking existing medications, a doctor can recommend using alternatives. Topical estrogen can help women who suffer from vaginal dryness caused by low levels of estrogen.

In 2024, the Food and Drug Administration in the United States approved ospemifene – a drug for women suffering from moderate to severe dyspareunia caused by menopause, at a dose of 60 mg/day [2].  Side effects are hot flashes from mild to moderate condition [3].

9. Treatment For Dyspareunia – Kegel Contractions

A few women suffering vaginismus can find Kegel exercises effective to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. For locating these muscles, you can try to stop your urination midstream. If successful, you have found the correct muscles.

Now, you can squeeze and hold the muscles for about 10 seconds and then relax them for about 10 seconds further. Repeat this process 10 times, 3 times a day. It may be helpful for you to perform deep breathing techniques when performing Kegel exercises.

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Above are the solutions of natural treatment for dyspareunia you should know. We hope that this writing helps you to learn the symptoms and treat this condition fast. To read other useful articles about sex & relationships, please visit our Love & Sex page.

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