Home Treatment For Hpv Infection In Men – Natural Tips

Many people believe that HPV virus (human papillomavirus) always centers on women, and this kind of virus will increase the high risk of having cervical cancer. However, HPV virus in men will be able to cause some serious health problems, too. That is reason why all men need to know what arethe best ways to reduce the risks of the HPV infection.

HPV infection can improve a man’s risk of having some genital cancers, although these kinds of cancers are not popular. The HPV – human papillomavirus can also increase the genital warts in men, like in women.

In this writing, our website provideswith a number of natural tips of home treatment for HPV infection in men and share them with the community.

I. Natural Home Treatment For HPV Infection In Men – Simple Things In Kitchen

1. Garlic

garlic review

One natural hometreatment for hpv is a fresh garlic clove. Fresh Garlic has speical antiviral properties and can prevent virally all infected cells from growing. Men can crush some fresh garlic cloves with a little of olive oil and then apply this mixture to the wart and surrounding areas of effected skin. Make a bandage over the mixture to keep it in the right place. The blisters can appear, but all men need to apply this mixture again and again until the wart completely disappears. If  this natural home treatment for hpv in menwith garlic is one of the most effective remedies, and it is safer than electrosurgery or laser therapy.

2Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil was reported in the “Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice” issue on November 2024 as anamazing alternative treatment for the genital warts associated to the HPV infection. Men can use the organic tea tree oil to apply directly to all infected skin areas of their penis. Men need to repeat this natural treatment for hpv until all warts are eliminated completely.

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3. Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar review

Apple cider vinegar is a popular natural home treatment for HPV infection. This  kind of liquid contains the acetic acid. Continued exposure of all the skin tissues to this liquid can wear down all the ceel with the abnormal growth in the penis. Thus, the home treatment regimen utilizing the apple cider vinegar will require continued the application of it until HPV iffectionis completely dissapeared. Prior to the utilizing of the apple cider vinegar, it is very important to apply Vaseline or the petroleum jelly on the healthy surrounding skin to prevent the interaction bettwen the apple cider vinegar and healthy skin.

4. Onion

onion review

Onion can promote better blood flow in the total body. The solution is attained with the slight irritation of all affected skin areas of the genitalia as a result of its prolonged contact with sliced onions. The sliced onions are held in place by covering the cured part of penis with gauze or bandage.

5. Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal bath is one of beneficial natural home treatments for HPV that is very helpful in removing all the discomfort and itchiness caused by HPV infection. Fine powder of the oatmeal is popular in any market which is easy and cheap treatment for all men to apply. If men can not find the available oatmeal powder, they can simply grind their regular oatmeal in their kitchen. Soak all their body or their affected skin areas in warm water including oatmeal to reduce this viral issue.

6. Milkweed Sap

Some kinds of milky sap which made from the milkweed plant can be recommended as a safe and effective treatment for HPV infection. Thees kinds of sap can be extracted by cutting the stem of these milkweed plant to allow the milky sap to freely flow out. The milkweed plant extract can be applied directly to men’s penis or their affected skin areas. This milkweed sap treatment can inhibit the increase of the pathogen that will causes HPV infection and promotes the effective healing process in all affected areas of the penis.

7. Thuja

A scientific research which was reported recently in official website of San Francisco Botanical Medicine noted the amazing potential therapeutic effect of the Thuja on HPV infection. This natural treatment regimen especially requires the soaking of bandage in a liquid to contain the herb and the application of Thuja oil directly to the affected areas of the penis. When the use of this Thuja oil is in the proper manner, all the warts and HPV infection can be dissapeared after some weeks.

8. Willow Tree Bark

willow tree bark review

The bark of willow tree is also one of the most effective natural treatments for HPV infection. The inner parts of the willow tree bark are moistened to attain the desired pliability level. The moistened willow tree bark or crushed willow tree bark is utilized to the infected skin areas of the penis and held in place utilizing gauze or bandage. Aloe Vera can also be utilized to the HPV infection as a special conjunctive treatment of the application  willow tree bark.

9. Licorice Root

There are some researches about the potential curative properties of the Licorice roots. The licorice root is a popular ingredient of effective natural treatment for HPV infectionin men. Men can crush the licorice root and then tie or apply it directly to the infected skin areas of the genitalia for days.

10. Goldenseal

Goldenseal is one of great natural home treatments for hpv infection in thekitchen. It will support men in getting rid of genital warts and HPV infection because the potential curative component in the Goldenseal can strengthen men’s immune system. Men can apply it on infected areas of the genitalia.

11. Echinacea

This is another natural healthy herb like goldenseal that will be able to increase the human immune system. Men can also apply this effective herb directly on  the HPV infected skin.

12. Atragalus

This amazing natural herb is one of the best remedies to boost the human immune system by enhancing the activities of all helper T cells. By strenthening human immune system via this useful herb men’s body have ability to react better to HPV infection. Like Goldenseal, and Echinacea, Atragalus can be applied directly to get rid of all warts caused by HPV infection.

II. Home Treatment For HPV Infection In Men Vitamins And Minerals

1. Folic Acid

folic acid review

Folic acid is a great natural home treatment for hpv infection and supportsin reducingmen’s chances of growing cervical dysplasia due to the HPV infection. Men who do not have enough amount of the folic acid in their immune system will have high risk of getting some types of cancer due to the HPV infection. Men can get more folic acid by eatting some kinds of foods such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Beta-Carotene

Like folate acid, beta-carotene also supportsreducing the growth of cancer due to the HPV infection. The beta-carotene is the pigment in some kinds of plants and is a special form of vitamin A. Men who have high levels of beta-carotene will have less chance for increasing of HPV, and their total body will be able to fight off all the symptoms of HPV infection.

3. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is a great potential natural treatment for HPV infection. This effective home treatment for HPV involves continued use of the natural vitamin E oil until HPV infection completely gone. To gain thebest results, men must cover all affected skin areas of the penis with crushed fresh garlic after rubbing them with Vitamin E oil. The recommended dose for the Vitamin E is 25,000 IU or men also may use fish oil as the best sources of natural Vitamin E oil.

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4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C can support men in decreasing all symptoms of HPV infection by increasing the strength of the immune system. Taking the vitamin C daily is necessary to reduce all symptoms and kill all HPV virus.

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III. Daily Care –Home Treatment For Hpv Infection

Natural home treatment for HPV can support to relieve the discomfort and itchiness, while daily common care for HPV infection are also necessary important in improving the healing process of HPV infection.

1. Keep High Hygiene

Improving bacteria will be very harmful and to control the spreading of this HPV virus, all men need to wash their undergarments in fresh hot water. And they also need to avoid wearing same undergarment more than 6 hours.

2. Keep The Genital Area Dry

keep the genital area dry review

Men need to remember that always keep the affected skin area dry. If the genital warts are moist, they will breed hamful bacteria and exacerbate dangerous problems of  HPV infection. Men need to use a clean towel to dry all affected skin areas or blow dries with the low heat at these area. Dryingall genital warts will heal them quickly.

3. Avoid Scratching

Remember that do not scratch or itch all genital warts, by scratching or itching, all the warts can be abraded or opened which will increase the high risk of getting more genital warts and spreading hamful bacteria to spawn. So if men feel discomfort, or itchiness, employ natural home treatment for hpv like taking bath with oatmeal for comfort.

4. Treatment For HPV InfectionWith Healthy Diet

healthy diet review

The right and healthy diet can support the immune system in protecting total body from HPV infection and decreasing the chances of men cancers associated with the HPV infection. Eat more fresh fruits and healthy vegetables high in antioxidants that can protect all cells from developing damage.

Eat a healthy diet containing a lot of healthy and fresh veggies, fruits, whole grains, and adding plenty of minerals and vitamins. The better men feel, the stronger their immune system are.

In this article, we share with the community natural home treatmentfor HPV infection in men with simple things in common kitchen. If any man wants to get more information about men’s sexual health, please visit our sexual health page to understand how to proctect themselves.

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