Pc Muscle Exercises To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

PC muscle exercises can benefit men to prevent premature ejaculation. For those who want to improve their premature ejaculation as well as boost sex drive for lasting longer in bed, check out this article on PC muscle exercises to prevent premature ejaculation on our VKool site.

Top PC Muscle Exercises To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

I. What Is PC Muscle?

pc muscle exercises

PC muscle or pubococcygeus muscle is a hammock-like muscle that is found in both men and women. They are directly related to sexual functioning. The PC muscle stretches from pubic bone to the tail bone form the floor of pelvic cavity and support the pelvic organs. Basically, the PC muscle controls the urine flow and contracts over orgasms. Though the PC muscle is mainly exercised by females, especially to strengthen their pelvis floor muscle, these muscle exercises also benefits for males. For instance, PC muscle exercises can help increase erectile duration and strength, give you multiple orgasms during sex and stop premature ejaculation.

But how do you exercise your PC muscle? Basically, the PC muscle exercises consist of relaxing and contracting and the muscles that form the part of pelvic floor. The exercises help to strengthen the PC muscles. The more sequences of advanced practice will give men good sexual control, and ultimately allow them to last as long as they want.

You, however need to remember:

  • Don’t rush warm-up exercises
  • Don’t overdo too much soon as you can strain your muscles
  • Workout slowly and the progress should be much quicker
  • The PC muscles may not be probable undeveloped as you have never been aware of them consciously
  • Spend longer time on basic PC muscle exercises rather than doing them in only a few days and immediately diving into advanced sets
  • Be aware that the PC muscle exercises can help you improve your powerful sexual functioning, your strength and stamina
  • Quick fixes may bring unsatisfactory results, so plan to follow standard PC muscle exercises and a workout routine

II. Find PC Muscle

pc muscle exercises

The PC muscle controls the urine flow, so when you urinate, be aware of the PC muscle by relaxing and contracting your PC muscle repeatedly.

If you know how to contract your PC muscle voluntarily, you can exercise this muscle like other muscles in the body. Also, like with other muscle, you can do PC muscle exercises with certain amounts of repetition and sets. You need to do these exercises properly so that your PC muscles can replenish themselves and grow stronger for your longer lasting erection.

Here are directions for finding your PC muscle:

Contracting the PC muscle will stop your flow of urine, as well as slightly contract your anus, says the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Health Services Department. Practice stopping your urine flow to learn how to tighten your PC muscle. You can also identify this contraction if you place a gloved finger approximately 1 inch inside your rectum–you do not need to do so during actual Kegels. While contracting your PC muscle, avoid contracting your buttocks, abdomen or thighs. Also, avoid holding your breath.

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III. Basic PC Muscle Exercises

1. Basic PC Muscle Workout

pc muscle workout

Let’s start improving your premature ejaculation with a PC muscle workout. Do the workout 6 days per week. It would best to do when standing or sitting upright on a chair.

Step 1:

Identify your PC muscle by touch. When urinating, you restrict the urine volume for a second and feel above your rectal area. The muscle that is used to control your urine flow is the PC muscle.

Step 2:

Clench your PC muscle for 10 minutes, then release. Do it 3 to 5 times per day. But don’t tighten partially since when exercising other muscles in your body, you have to exert it to create a pronounced development. It is usual to feel out of breath after you complete a powerful session of this PC muscle training.

Step 3:

Add more contractions on your daily basis to strengthen your PC muscle. Use a personal discretion to do it as your PC muscle can be strengthened at different levels by default. Moreover, experiment with holding your contraction for a while, instead of releasing it instantly. Repeat it 10 times per day.

Step 4:

Intensify this workout more each day if you are not happy with the progress you are observing. Your PC muscle will be developed faster, but only when the strict training routine is adhered. Allow an ample rest time if needed, but remember to remain dedicated at all times. Then, it’s possible to strengthen the PC muscle within a few weeks significantly.

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2. Slow Kegels

slow kegels download

To do these PC muscle exercises, notice slight movements in the penis. Slow Kegels require you to hold your PC muscle tight for a few seconds, then relax it for 4 seconds. When you release a contraction, make sure to relax, but not push down. When you start practicing these PC muscle exercises, keep your PC muscle contracted within 2 second, and hold the contraction for longer. Do these slow Kegels for 5 minutes and 2 times per day.

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3. Quick Kegels

quick kegels download

When you have mastered the slow Kegels above, challenge yourself to do several sets of quick Kegels. They consist of relaxing and tightening the PC muscle quickly. If possible, perform a set of 20 repetitions, according to some doctors and urologists.

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4. Progressive Kegels

progressive kegels download

Next to advanced PC muscle exercises, challenge yourself to practice progressive Kegel workout. This helps tighten the PC muscle progressively. By the moment you count of 4, reach at the maximum contraction for the PC muscle. Hold it for 2 seconds before releasing this contraction slowly for 4 seconds. Let your PC relax completely. Do each set for 10 times a day.

IV. PC Muscle Workout Plan To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

Here is a sample PC muscle workout plan to prevent premature ejaculation for men. You will follow this workout plan for a full 6 weeks. Let’s take a closer look to detailed instructions of this:

6. Weeks 1 – 2

pc muscle exercises

Contract & relax the PC muscles for about 15 to 20 times per day and do twice per day.

You can perform this workout in any position such as sitting, lying down, standing, while driving the car or standing in the queue.

If you are lying or sitting, make sure the legs are uncrossed. Then, squeeze & relax. It is also important to relax your muscles fully between each contraction. Remember not to hold the squeeze that will come later.

When the PC muscles begin working, you will feel the testicles moving towards the body and the penis twitching and lifting slightly. Depending on the muscle, this can take several days. You can feel a tingle in the pelvis as well, so enjoy this feeling.

If you cannot perform 15 contractions before the PC muscles become tired, stop it. Do it in your ability and increase extra contractions by 2 – 3 each day. If the two weeks become three weeks, this will be fine for you.

7. Weeks 3 – 4

pc muscle exercises

In the next weeks of 3 and 4, double your contractions from 15 or 20 to 30 or 40. Do it twice per day. Just squeeze, hold and relax.

  • Contract it as tightly as possible, then hold for about 4 seconds
  • Next, relax for 4 seconds
  • Repeat it about 5 times, twice per day

Remember to relax fully between the contractions. This is vital as it can allow your PC muscle to recover and strengthen ultimately. If you are able to manage 3 “squeeze & holds”, that’s great. If you can do it 5 easy, next increase the number about 8 to 10 times.

However, if you try doing more than the body can do with your small effort, you will have muscle pain and the situation will be worse. If you have any problem with premature ejaculation, you may know how destructive your thought will be.

So, don’t judge, don’t overdo! Just do the workout and follow the routine correctly and you will notice the better results soon.

8. Weeks 5 – 6

pc muscle exercises

When doing the PC muscle exercises, you probably feel as if your PC and anal muscles are only one. But actually, you can separate them and feel the PC muscles between the legs in the perineum. This area is between the genitals and anus around the genitals.

  • Double contractions for about 60 to 80 times, repeat it twice per day
  • Next, double 5 squeezes from 6 to 20 times, do it twice per day
  • Start with about 20 shortanal contractions by squeeze the anal sphincter
  • Then, fully relax between each your squeeze

After 6 weeks of practicing the PC muscle exercises, you will be able to prevent your premature ejaculation and have your better orgasm control.

Hope that this article on the pc muscle exercises to prevent premature ejaculation would be helpful for you. Comment on the writing and share it! See you in the next posts!

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