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If your goal is to be lively and robust even in your 80s and 90s, you will need to learn some anti aging tips for men and women that focus on the mind, body and spirit as well. It is true that one of the biggest keys to a healthy and long life is to follow a healthy lifestyle. You could play a role in the quality and length of your own life. You just need to learn how – and then take action. In the article below, made by VKool.com, you will learn some natural tips to maintain your youth effectively. Check out now!

Natural Anti Aging Tips – Tricks For Women And Men 

1. Eat Well

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The first and foremost one in the list of anti aging tips is eating well. It is advised that people should consume 5 servings of fruits and veggies and 3 servings of whole grains every day for getting enough vitamins and minerals and the other healthful micronutrients in plants. Also, you need to drink 5-8 8-oz glasses of water.

Go for fish oil. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of fish oil, consuming this could help you improve heart and immune functions, thereby enhancing hair grow and skin look. Fish oil truly does wonders. In addition, you can make use of sesame oil to promote both health and outlook naturally. For example, you can massage organic sesame oil from the health-foods store all over your body. Working really gets your blood circulating. Moreover, the oil can hydrate your skin, giving it such a healthy glow.

Also, you should remember not getting more than from 30 to 35 percent of your daily calories from fat, with approximately 1/5 of that from unsaturated fat, 15 percent from protein, and the left calories from carbs – which could contain fruits and veggies. Also, you should take advantage of complex carbs such as whole wheat, oatmeal, and wild rice.

2. Pay Attention To The Spirit 

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Studies show that spirituality or religion has a positive effect on the human physical health and helps in reducing suffering. Whether it is via meditation, or learning to forgive, it is indicated that you could learn to become more social and happier via spirituality.

Practicing yoga and meditation, in fact, can help you deal with different levels of depression, stress and obsessive compulsive disorder.

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3. Exercise 

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When it comes to anti aging tips, exercise might be the top one anti aging medicine, and its benefits are immense. For those starters, it is a good anti-stressor. It can promote circulation, which in turn will improve skin complexion, maintain healthy body weight, build muscle, and enhance bone density. Exercise also can strengthen the heart; decrease the risk of some types of cancer.

Specifically, regular aerobic exercise is a must-do for anyone committed to slowing the aging process. There are hundreds of studies showing that exercise can combat the loss of muscle strength, stamina, balance and bone density that accelerates with age.

It is recommended that you should do a single set of 8-15 reps, using 8-10 exercise, 2-3 times per day for forming a complete strength-building program. Once you can get the flow of the routine, do it at least 10 minutes to get better results.

4. Maximize The Intake Of Antioxidant 

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It is shown that free radicals contribute to the onset of age-related diseases, and anti-oxidants neutralize free radicals.

People should go for a good combination of antioxidants through both diet and supplementation. In order to get that antioxidant boost, you should consume dark-colored veggies such as carrots, tomatoes, spinach, squash for getting carotenoids, and blue and purple berries for getting flavonoids. As foods include many classes of antioxidants which work synergistically, they are a great source of antioxidants.

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5. Avoid The Sun 

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Wearing sunscreen is one of the most basic anti aging tips for men and women. Sun exposure is considered as the number one cause of premature wrinkles. Thus, if you have to be out in the sun, you should wear sunscreen with SPF of 30. In other words, tanning beds have also been proven to lead to cancer as well as wrinkle of the human skin. So, avoid the sun to prevent premature aging.

6. Quit Smoking And Drinking Alcohol 

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Smoking is considered as the second leading cause of premature aging of the human skin. In fact, it might upset the mechanism of the body for breaking down old skin and renewing it.

On the other hand, you should also minimize your consumption of alcohol because alcohol dehydrates your skin, depleting its moisture. It could lead to distended or broken capillaries on the nose as well as the face.

7. Red Wine 

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As the tip above, you should limit your alcohol intake, yet that does not mean you have to give up it at all cost. You can drink a little bit of red wine to take advantage of its antioxidant properties. Drinking red wine will also decrease stress levels, thereby helping you beat off aging more effectively. Just make sure that you do not overdo it. Take 1 to 2 glasses of red wine each day. Anything more will be unhealthy.

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8. Sleep 

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You might have heard people “I will sleep when I die.” The truth is, their inadequate sleep might really precipitate death. Studies showed that if people sleep less than 6 hours per night, they might be at far greater risk of having a heart attack or experiencing a stroke.

And, on an emotional level, a lack of sleep will make people more prone to anger and anxiety and less peaceful. The sickness related to viral infections is also more prevalent among those people who lack of appropriate sleep. Sleeping 8 hours each night is crucial for your physical as well as mental health and your longevity.

9. Use The Wrinkle Reducer 

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If you have not been hyper-vigilant about shielding your skin from the sun as you were knee-high, then some signs of premature aging skin like wrinkles, fine lines, or brown spots will be likely to emerge by the time you reach your 40’s. It is estimated that 95% of wrinkles are because of sun exposure. Thus, it is better for you to use some beauty products made from natural ingredients as your wrinkle reducer.

10. Restore Hormones 

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Loss of libido, stamina and energy are common symptoms that often drive sufferers into the waiting rooms of anti-aging doctors. These are the symptoms of reducing hormone levels and the reason hormone-replacement therapy is the top weapon in the arsenal of prescribed anti-aging medicine. The production of progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone in females and testosterone in males will reduce quickly after the age of 35. Therefore, right now, if you want to prevent premature aging effectively, find out some natural ways to restore your hormones.

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11. Avoid White Sugar 

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The top ingredient that models avoid in their diet is processed sugar. The reason behind this is that white sugar can speed up the aging process by binding to and eventually weakening the collagen in your own skin, which could result in premature sagging and wrinkles.

Also, limiting your sugar intake is another good way to prevent aging naturally. Sugar acts as an antioxidant, having the opposite effect of an anti-oxidant. It does not enhance a healthy body weight or skin. Furthermore, sugar causes the human body to release more insulin, enhancing the risk of diabetes.

A good way to use sugar for reducing your aging skin is scrubbing with it. In the shower, you can slather your hands with a mild cleanser, add a handful of the white sugar, and slather it over your face as well as body. That way, your skin will become smooth and it can help in creating a great canvas for makeup.

12. Massage Your Stress

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Massage has many benefits on both the physical and mental health. Moving blocked energy will make people feel younger from inside out. Many people especially love reflexology plus with deep-tissue massage.

In case that you do not have enough money and time to get a regular massage, then you could gain many same benefits by taking 20 minutes every day to mediate, stretch, breathe deeply in and out, and calm yourself.

13. Laugh 

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Humor can stimulate the operation of human brain that use the “feel good” hormone dopamine. As a result, laughter is undoubtedly in the category of the positive activities that you want to do more and over again, like eating chocolate or making love. In addition, laughter is pleasurable and maybe even “addictive”, the brain.

Yet, could humor make people smarter? Though it still needs more studies to prove this assumption, the initial effects are encouraging. Thus, look things happening around you with a positive view so you will see humor in daily life more easily.

The above are some useful yet simple anti aging tips for women and men. Give these lifestyle tips a try and you will soon see great results in no time. Good luck!

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