“Must- know” 5 easy techniques and 10 foods for stress management at work

I.  Top 5 Stress Management Techniques At Work

Nowadays, people have to face with many situations that cause stress and anxiety continuously. It seems that you can do nothing to manage your stress. Your bills do not stop coming; the days might be not enough for you to do all your tasks; or your career and family responsibilities will always be demanding.

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However, stress at workplace seems to be popular to most people. Managing stress at work is about taking charge of the thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the manner you deal with your problems. The more effectively you cope with work stress, the better your career will be.  There are some simple but efficient stress management techniques at work that I used to apply for dealing with my own stress. Keep reading to discover some powerful stress management techniques and meditation techniques to get rid of stress at work once and for all.

Stress Management Strategies #1: Indentify The Warning Signs Of Excessive Workplace Stress

When facing with excess work, you might lose your self-confidence and become irritable. It also makes you less productive, makes your work less rewarding. However, it is very important to you to recognize the warning signs of job stress because they could lead to more serious problems. The most typical symptoms of stress at workplace can be listed such as: sleeping, fatigue, distractions, muscle tension and headaches, stomach problems, etc.

Stress Management Strategies #2: Taking Care Yourself

Taking care of yourself properly is one of unique yet effective stress management techniques at work, and plays an important role in managing the effectiveness of your work.  Sometimes, just a small thing also has ability to lift your mood, enhance your energy dramatically.

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  • If you are in stress mood, then get moving by doing regular exercises, or Aerobic exercises to increase your heart rate and make you sweat. It can sharpen your concentration and relax your mind and your body quickly.
  • Eat foods that you love. It is proven that low blood sugar will result in the anxiety, irritation. When you eat many small yet frequent meals, you will maintain a balanced blood sugar level, stay focused, and reverse the stressful that cause your mood swings.
  • Sleep enough. Stress can be the cause of your insomnia; and the condition of lacking sleep could make you more vulnerable when facing with stress. Improve the quality of your sleep will charge your energy fully. Just keep a regular sleep schedule and try to retain the duration of each sleep that is about 8 hours.

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Stress Management Strategies #3: Decrease Your Work Stress By Organizing And Prioritizing

You can make some simple steps to regain control of your advantage and energy at work for good. This strategy of stress management techniques at work is divided into 2 parts which are time management and task management.

  • Time management tips on decreasing stress at work

–      You should analyze your schedule, daily task, and create a balanced schedule

–      You should not over-commit yourself. For unnecessary tasks, you can drop them to the bottom of your daily task list

–      You should plan some regular and short breaks to clear your mind and recharge your power fast

  • Task management tips on decreasing stress at work

–      With your task list, you should arrange your duties in order of importance that the high-priority items will be on the top and the least priority item at the bottom

–      Divide your projects into small steps. Step by step do them individually, not take on everything at once

–      You can get the help of your colleagues. If you try to control every little step, you will not let go the overstress in the working process stress management techniques at work place

Stress Management Strategies #4: Decrease Your Work Stress By Improving Emotional Intelligence

 Emotional intelligence is all about how to use and manage your emotions and feelings in constructive and positive ways. These are some ways to master your emotional intelligence as well as control stress at workplace:

  • Identify when you are stressed to find what can soothe you

  • Stay connected with the inside emotional experience. Pay attention to your mental health, feelings and other factors that affect your decision at work.
  • Efficiently use your body language and non-verbal cues. Your nonverbal messages could bring a sense of interest or trust. Or, in the other hands, they can symbolize for confusion, distrust, and stress. Therefore, in order to manage stress at work, you need to recognize and analyze nonverbal cues your colleagues send you at work.

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Stress Management Strategies #5: Decrease Your Work Stress By Breaking Your Bad Habits

If you can turn the self-defeating and negative attitude with stress into the positive one, then you will manage stress easier. Here are some small stress management techniques at work for changing your bad habits.

If you always run late, you should set your clocks or watches fast to have extra time.Think positively about your career, avoid keeping negative-thinking to co-workers
Many incidents at work are beyond your control, especially the behavior of people surrounding. It is better for you if focusing on the things that you can control as the way you react to hard situation and problems.

II. Top 10 foods for stress management

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During times of stress, the majority of us often turns to traditional “comfort” foods like macaroni and cheese, pizza, and ice cream. They are high-fat foods that can make us feel lethargic as well as less able to deal with anxiety and stress.

So, what is the best solution to learn how to manage stress and how to deal with depression by eating? Low-fat, high-fiber, carbohydrate-rich meals with various kinds of fruits and vegetables are the answers for your question. Here are top 10 foods for you to defeat stress once and for all:

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1.  Oranges

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Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C. This vitamin can limit levels of stress hormones and strengthen users’ immune system. Chronic stress can weaken your ability to beat different kinds of diseases. By upping your intake of antioxidant-rich vegetables and fruits, you can improve your immune system and fight stress for good.

2.  Beef

Beef consist of high levels of zinc, iron, and B vitamins, that can stabilize your mood easily. “People think they should stay away from beef, but it’s very rich in nutrient, even compared to chicken,” says Geise. It is recommended that you should take Scant 1 cup of raw lean ground chunk, 137 calories Scant 1 cup of regular ground beef, 310 calories to boost your health for defeating stress effectively 

3.  Fatty Fish

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Omega-3 fatty acids, that are found in fish like salmon and tuna, are able to prevent an increasing in stress hormones and might against heart disease, mood disorders like depression, and PMS. You should eat 3 ounces of fatty fish at least twice a week for a steady supply of feel-good omega-3s.

4. Black Tea

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Drinking black tea can help you recover from stressful situations fast.  However, when it comes to anxiety and stress, the caffeine in coffee may boost stress hormones and increase your blood pressure. In contrast, the tea drinkers have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol whining facing with stressful situations.

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5. Pistachios    

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Pistachios and other nuts and seeds are considered as good resources of healthy fats. Eating pistachios, almonds, or walnuts every day will help lower the cholesterol level, ease the inflammation in your heart’s arteries, and protect you against the impact of anxiety and stress. But, don’t overdo it.

6.  Avocados

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One of the greatest ways to alleviate high blood pressure is that you should get enough potassium. Avocados are rich in B vitamins, such as B6 and folate, which naturally lower your stress levels fast. Avocados are also a decent source of protein and an excellent source of fiber. Avocados are high in fat and calories, though, watch your portion size. This superfood is one to add to your diet now.

7.  Milk

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Milk is high in antioxidants and vitamins B2 and B12, as well as protein and calcium. Plus, its calcium, magnesium and potassium content may help to keep blood pressure
down. Take a bowl of whole-grain cereal and low-fat milk each morning to start your new day with a stress-defeating breakfast. Dietitians typically recommend skim or low-fat milk

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8.  Dark Chocolate

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Dark chocolate can not only satisfy your taste buds, but it can also help to relieve stress at the molecular level. Additionally, cocoa can also improve cognitive function and mood. Researchers also found that daily dark chocolate consumption can be beneficial for individuals who suffering from high levels of anxiety.

9.  Chamomile

The Chamomile is popular for its easy availability and wide range of healing properties. It is often used to relieve stress-induced symptoms such as insomnia and gastrointestinal disorders.

10. Blueberries

Their antioxidants counteract the effects of stress hormones like cortisol on your body. So, you can take advantage of this kind of food to manage your stress naturally, also, to improve your skin easily.

Besides changing your diet, one of the best stress management techniques at work in hundreds of stress-busting strategies recommended is to start exercising. You can learn yoga teaches’s training program and brilliant yoga program to get more useful tips for Yoga exercising. Furthermore, Aerobic exercise can boost oxygen circulation and spurs your body to make feel-good chemicals called endorphins.  Check out this face and neck aerobics to learn about Aerobics techniques.

With these great stress management techniques at work, Ihope you have learned something new! Well, stress managing requires much effort and patience, and keeping it simple and innocent is the key to make it successful.
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If you are looking for a step by step system for stress-free living, you should read The Tapping Solution.

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