27 Fun Summer Ideas For Kids, Teens & Couples

fun summer ideas

During the summer it is so easy to say, “I have nothing to do!” If you are looking for something to do during this summer vacation, then these are fun summer ideas that can help you create a memorable vacation. No matter you are parents who are looking for low-cost activities to keep your kids busy this summer, you are at teenage, or you are couples looking for some fun yet romantic dating ideas, VKool collects all tips for people at all ages. Check this list out now!

I. 9 Fun Summer Ideas For Kids

1. Water Play

water play

If you are parents and looking for some fun things for your kids to do this summer, it is not necessary for you to participate in the pool or spend money on renting a beach house to let your kids indulge the pleasure of summer – playing in the water. You can set up a sprinkler or even a small wading pool right in your backyard and let your kids splash. Supply buckets or cups to let your children enjoy the satisfactory of pouring water into and out of a container. Also, you can throw in household subjects or toys to help your kids experiment with objects that sink as well as float.

2. Dance Party

dance party

In fact, music appreciation courses for the toddlers are very popular. Whilst they are educational and fun, they could also expensive. Now, you can save a big amount of money on those classes by cranking up CD player or the Ipod right in your home and wiggling away the afternoon with the kids. You could also give your kids several simple instruments so they could get the beat. Actually, toddlers like repetition; thus, do not afraid of playing similar songs each day.

3. Pudding Paint

pudding paint

Many kids love playing with food, and summer is the season to let them do so. Use tape paper to a picnic table or the sidewalk, then prepare immediate pudding as well as add food coloring within the kids’ favorite shades. Remember to take off their shirts or put on the old smocks before letting theirfingers paint with a tasty treat.

4. Bubble Wrap Stomp

bubble wrap stomp

You should not throw away those packing materials taken from the mail order shipment. Just spread the leftover bubble wrap on such a firm, hard surface such as a wooden floor and start dancing. Some kids stomping together could sound like firecrackers exploding; thus, it will make a great Fourth of July celebration.

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

5. Take Off

take off

The next one in this list of fun summer ideas for kids you can use is taking off. When mentioning to vacations, many preschoolers feel excited about the vehicle or transportation similarly as they do about the visiting place. In case your budget does not allow you to get your kids having an aircraft trip this summer, then you could still take them to the local airport and see the airplanes take off.

6. Take A Hike

take a hike

Normally, kids do not need the expensive equipment to experience the excitement of hiking. You can slip on the sturdy sneakers to hit the trail. Keep in mind to pack water bottles as well. Whether you are living in the suburbs or the city, there are many interesting walks in your hometown.

7. Backyard Camping

backyard camping

You can set up a tent in your backyard, roll out the sleeping bags and melt marshmallows in your microwave for S’mores. The best part of backyard camping is that if storm clouds or frightened children threaten your campout’s success, you could run inside to the house quickly.

8. Scavenger hunt

scavenger hunt

To create an amazing, memorable summer vacation for your kids, you can set up an amazing race by sending your kids for hunting for simple treasures within the house, yard, or even neighborhood. As it might take a little effort to come up with clues, so you can enlist old siblings or your neighbor to assist.

9. Small Business

small business

If your kids love doing some DIY things, you can make use of their passion while still teaching them the lessons of the value of a dollar by letting them put the “small” back in a small business. The old idea of lemonade stand or family yard sale remains great options. However, you had better let your kids’ abilities and interests guide them towards a fund-raiser that really makes sense: a car wash, dog wash, bake sale, or the service of lawn mowing.

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

II. 7 Fun Summer Ideas For Teens

1. Watch Movie With Friends

watch movie with friends

If you could get together of such an entourage of about 10 to 20 teens, then gathering your friends for watching a movie can be one of great fun summer ideas you can make use of. If the theatre occurs to be in a mall, after watching movie, you could go shopping or eat something.

2. Join In A Club

join in a club

Taking apart in a club is a good manner to make new friends who share the same interests and passion. If you could not find any club suitable for your age in your local, then consider making up a new club with your friends. Though it takes a little bit of effort, yet it is worth doing. You could invite new friends to join in or just keep it between you.

3. Join In An Online Role-Playing Forum

join in an online role-playing forum

Like wolves and want to role-play? If you love wolves, you could play a wolf on a role-playing forum which is just about wolves. Or, similarly as the above tip, you and your friends could set up a new role-playing forum for some specific purposes. The ideas could be lions, bears, meerkats, tigers, Harry Potter, university, and so on. 

4. Volunteer


If you feel lonely in this summer, volunteering may be the right choice for you. This could be really rewarding and fun. It is also a good idea to help other people as well as make new friends. There are often lots of volunteer opportunities during the summer season. The humane society usually needs additional help or churches need several volunteers for summer camps. You can spend just weeks, a month, or even the entire summer on volunteering. Then, I bet that you will have one of the most memorable summers ever.

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

5. Backyard Bbq

backyard bbq

The backyard BBQ is really a wonderful chance to get together with your friends and family. This is also an opportunity for you to relax and have fun on the weekend. In case you have a tight budget, then you could ask people to bring a drink or dish. By this way, you could enjoy your BBQ without having to ruin your budget or wear yourself out. Have music and some delicious foods are a great way to have a fantastic BBQ.

6. Plant A Garden

plant a garden

It is said that one of the best manners to enjoy a summer vacation is to plant your own garden. This is a great chance for you to challenge your ability of designing and planting. For example, you could plant a vegetable garden. Vegetables may taste much better when you grow them by your own. Gardening is also a good family activity for the summer. Most teens enjoy planting something and then watching them grow day by day.

7. Take A Weekend Trip

take a weekend trip

It is not essential for you to go on a long vacation in order to have a fun, memorable summer. Just a short weekend trip could be enough for everyone to relax and have a good relaxing time. Also, by taking a weekend trip, you will have time to feel the happiness of living your own life. Even if you just stay overnight, you will feel like having a vacation. Sure. You will also have lots of fun without having to spend a large amount of money. Really, a short weekend trip is a good option for those teens or people who have an extreme busy schedule.

8. Visit Local Events

visit local events

There are a lot of local events you could visit this summer. The options could be music festivals, or art festivals and farmer’s markets. Maybe, you think that most local events are boring, yet if you want to have something fun, you can visit these events with your friends or family. If possible, go to the neighborhood town to enjoy their own local events. There must be something surprising!

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

III. 11 Fun Summer Ideas For Couples

1. Go On A Beach

go on a beach

If the two of you, as a couple, want to have an adventurous date which does not require much pre-planning, then going tubing together down the local river should be an option. You can do a Google search to find out where you want to go to.

2. Take A Road Trip

take a road trip

You could download a map of your state or area, then point the finger randomly on the map. After that, plan a day trip or weekend to getaway there.

3. Have A Picnic

have a picnic

If you want to enjoy a fun summer together, then having a picnic is a good option. Prepare some necessary items for picnicking and also some tasty yet simple foods for a great date. Then, pack a picnic basket with a bottle of wine and easy-to-eat foods. Besides, you need to grab a sturdy blanket which is big enough to comfortably accommodate you two yet small enough to make sure a little intimacy. Arrange to complete your dessert just in time for watching the sunset with your hands free.

4. Watch A Baseball Game

watch a baseball game

There is a sure reason that baseball is called America’s pastime. Why don’t you take advantage of this pastime? Whether you are watching a team from major leagues, the minors, or even just local high school, there still is something about the feel of the sun on the back, the smell of the grass, and the taste of a good combination between a hot dog and mustard. This could transform the most lackluster afternoon into such a perfect day.

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

5. Step On Gallery Walk

step on gallery walk

The next one in this part of fun summer ideas for couples is stepping out on the gallery walk. Many towns now hold gallery walk, even small or mid-sized ones. There is often one night each month, these art galleries stay open late, sever finger food and wine, and invite everyone to wander from each showcase to another and discuss the art.

6. Drift Away

drift away

Drifting away is also one of great and fun summer ideas you can try out. To do this, rent or borrow kayaks, a sailboat, or a rowboat or whatever makes the most sense. Yet, consider your experience and ability. Spend your afternoon or early evening on discovering those local waterways. Moving slowly via the water in a wind- or human-powered craft will decrease your stress levels and also allow you to have a great date. This can also increase your opportunities of spotting some wildlife.

7. Establish A Sand Castle

establish a sand castle

If you are living close enough to sandy beach for making a day trip, you can go to the shore and spend your day on beach combing and establishing sand castles. If you could not do so, then finding a park or school as well with the sandbox, then bring your own water in order to wet down the sand before building your favorite sand castles which will delight the children when they show up in the next morning.

8. Two Person Bike Parade

two person bike parade

Here is a recipe for a totally original summer date which is easy, fun, and promote such a real bonding. The ingredients for this idea are two bikes, colorful streamers, a portable boom box, and 2 containers of bubbles with wands. Then, decorate your bikes with the streamers, bump your own favorite summer jams and let the bubble fly when you drive around the neighborhood celebrating the season for all to see.

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

9. Find A Street Fair

find a street fair

You can celebrate a fun summer date by taking part in the fun at one of many street fairs held in neighborhoods near your area. You can sample food from several street vendors, or check out those crafts and groove to the music when you ease into the season.

10. Cuddle On Couch

cuddle on couch

If you want to enjoy a fun summer without having to leave outside, then set up two lounge chairs side-by-side in the backyard or right on your deck, plus with a big blanket which the two of you could share if it gets chilly. You could download some classic romance such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Casablanca and arrange your own laptop on an end table, so it will be at the level of the eyes when you are reclined. After that, open the bottle of wine, gently click “play” button and simply enjoy that great moment.

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11. Go Stargazing

go stargazing

If you love stargazing, find a clear night and an open field which is far enough for you to be away from the city light glow and helps you have a good view of the night sky. Get spreading a blanket, then lie down and start seeing how many stars and constellations you could name out. If possible, you could bring a sky map for helping you in case you get stuck. If you would like to dive deeper into the amateur astronomy, you could purchase or borrow a basic telescope for taking a closer look.

These 27 fun summer ideas for kids, teens and couples hopefully can help you have more ideas to enjoy an amazing summer vacation. If you want to comment on any aspect of this article or any lifestyle tips introduced in Vkool.com, leave your words below and I will get back to you soon.

There are a lot of other fun and healthy summer ideas for your children, so if you want to know more, Summer Activities For Kids is the best guide you should read.

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