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Updated: 08/13/2024

If you look for an entire solution to the learning of the piano from the beginning till the end, this Rocket piano review will reveal your answer via 7 parts below:

1. Rocket Piano – What It Is?

2. Rocket Piano Review – How It Works?

3. Rocket Piano Review – Benefits Of This Product

4. Cost of Rocket Piano

5. What Are Included In The Full Package?

6. Rocket Piano – Money Back Guarantee

7. Does The Author Give Any Support?

Rocket piano course

Rocket Piano – What It Is?

Rocket piano detailed user reviewsRocket Piano is the whole online package to the learning as one plays something on the piano. This Rocket Piano review is based on the real user named Hanh Nguyen. Before discovering the program, she is new to piano and did not know where and how to start. Yet, after finishing this course, she now is confident in playing any song on the piano by herself. Indeed, with Rocket Piano, you will find out the easiest strategy to learn to play the piano anywhere. This Rocket Piano review aims to show readers that this program contains quality information, containing hundreds of sound files, diagrams, pictures, videos, guidelines training them to read and play by ear. Within the course, as a learner, you will learn how to read music, how to improvise, how to play Gospel and Jazz, and so on. Rocket Piano is developed by a team made up of passionate musicians as well as music teacher, who want to make learning music more accessible and easier. These teachers have over 30 years of teaching, playing, and performing and have instructed a large number of students on how to gain their goals with piano. There might be a variety of songs you want to play on the piano, and you are applying backward methods to learn how to play without acknowledging it. In fact, no matter what type of piano music you wish to play, and how your piano playing experience is, my Rocket Piano review will uncover that this program will be the perfect choice for you. Through Rocket Piano, you will learn how to play easily the piano from beginner via intermediate to advanced. In this course, you will learn all the basic theory and practical knowledge you should know to get the right track to become a great piano player of you dream. In the next part of this Rocket Piano review, I offer some insight of this product.

Rocket Piano Review – How It Works?

The team behind this product offers a complete system that teaches pianists at various levels and abilities, making it special. The program includes 3 high quality e-books ranging from beginner to advanced studies. These books are available in audio format for learners to listen on the go. 218 step-by-step units spanning these e-books will teach you everything essential about the piano.  Besides, users also have a chance to learn 57 video lessons which clearly illustrate the A to Z of playing, such as proper posture and harmonic phrases.

If you are a total beginner, you will learn the fundamental theory of each technique and then practicing this technique directly with a certain piece of music. It is not necessary for you to worry about how to play it because there will be an audio example of each piece, helping you imagine it. Also, this program teaches learners ways to improvise. As a user, you will discover about melody, harmony, arpeggios, chords, and ways to play such chord progressions in every key. It is estimated that about 97% of piano enthusiasts explore that learning to play the piano is not as easy and quick as they thought it would be.

rocket piano review

And, if you make use of the similar traditional, outdated exercises as well as drills that other people use, you will be worse off. As a real solution, this Rocket Piano will provide you with lessons laid out in simple-to-follow and easy-to-apply regardless of your age. Learning this e-guide, you can discover some classic songs and original songs, and all necessary skills to play any song you love. Especially, not only the Rocket Piano teaches you what and how to practice but it also points out how to cut down the amount of time of practicing playing piano compared to others spending hours per day at it. The strategy of this e-course is to guide learning faster, not harder. Furthermore, we both understand that composers create their works in order to show off something. The task of a pianist is to express all the intention and feeling of the composer via a certain piece of music so that it can touch the audiences’ heart. By learning exactly music language, you can communicate it precisely and improve confidence when playing piano quickly.
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Rocket Piano Review – Benefits Of This Product
Concretely, to help you have a clearer view about the typical aspects and benefits of each component of this product, I would like to list down them here:

  • Book 1 – The Beginner Book:

In this component, you will know about the history and the formation of the piano. Also, you will have a look at the keys and the note names regarding to the piano. After that, you will discover the basics of melody, harmony, and rhythm which are three main sections of music. Whether or not you have experience in playing piano, this book is the best place to begin.

  • Book 2 – The Intermediate Book

The book will take you step-by-step through a process of learning key signatures and time signatures in order to read a piece of music easily. Besides, you will learn about complex rhythms and chords so that you could play music in a jazz  or gospel style convincingly. Via this book, you can take your skills to the next level of playing and knowledge of music.

  • Book 3 – The Advanced Book

This is the next step you will go in the piano learning  journey with Rocket Piano. This book will supply you with some music skills that equip you for sight reading, songwriting , improvising, transposing and acknowledging the relationship that links key signatures and chords. You will also learn how to perform such tricky piano skills.

rocket piano

Apart from 3 main books, you can get three further components of the Rocket Piano package. This first is Rocket Piano Jazz Guide, which covers comprehensive understanding in Jazz, containing the history, distinctive rhythms, underlying qualities, common Jazz chords , rhythmic movements, etc. The second is The Rocket Piano Gospel, Hymns& Spiritual Guide that teaches learners the basic theory of Gospel music containing the Blues and Pentatonic Scales. The last is Jam Tracks and Quizzes component, which includes 26 Rocket Piano Jam Tracks, ranging of backing track styles through each book.

Here is what people said about this product:

Rocket piano review online

Rocket piano testimonial

Cost of The Rocket Piano

How much would you pay for a total course of training piano playing? Well, you would pay a huge amount of money to grab all the above information yourself. Nevertheless, now you will get an incredibly low price of only $39.95. Additionally, there is no shipping cost or waiting time for delivery when it comes to ordering this product. You will get this ultimate piano learning kit at a low price as it is formatted in downloadable form which will cost the producer less to create. So, is it convenient and attractive for you to take advantage of this quick package right now?

What Are Included In The Full Package?

Hanh Nguyen – a real user of this product shared that Rocket Piano is overly delivered because apart from the main components, she also receive bonuses which assist her so much in mastering piano playing. Here they are:

  • Bonus 1 – The Rocket Piano Metronome
  • Bonus 2 – Chordinator
  • Bonus 3 – Jayde Musica Pro
  • Bonus 4 – Perfect Your Pitch Pro
  • Bonus 5 – Advanced Learning Tips for Piano
  • Bonus 6 – 30 day of accessing to SongPond

Rocket piano bonuses packge

These bonuses above will provide you with practical and real information that allows anyone to start from scratch.

Now, is it worth the price?

Rocket Piano – Money Back Guarantee

To make sure there will be no doubt in your mind when using this product, the sponsor team offers a 60-day, money back guarantee for every customer. This is definitely a good thing because if you find yourself disappointed with the results, you will get a full refund within 2 months from the date of purchase. Either you improve your piano playing skills or you get your cash back. There will be no risk for you at all. Thus, do not hesitate to take action right instantly!

Rocket piano guarantee

Does The Author Give Any Support?

For customer service inquiries, you could always contact the Rocket Piano staff through email. Additionally, they also have a thorough FAQ area which can offer you best answers of the most frequent questions.

If you are concerning about anything regarding to my Rocket Piano review, feel free to leave your comments at the box below to share your ideas with VKool.

As I have said in the Rocket Piano review above, this product, in my view point, is the best downloadable piano course available on the market and can give customer the most bang for their buck. Catch it now!
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