Prevent Hair Breakage And Maintain Healthy Hair Naturally

Hair breakage may range from the level “Not So Bad” to “Call 911”. Some main factors contributing to your hair breakage are out of control, yet many of reasons behind your hair breakage can lead right back to care you do for your hair on the daily basis. While improving breakage completely can take some times or serious TLC, you possibly can minimize this unhealthy hair condition quickly by understanding the cause of your breakage and starting up a hair care routine. Continue reading this article on VKool site to know how to prevent hair breakage and maintain healthy hair naturally below!

Prevent Hair Breakage Naturally & Maintain Your Healthy Hair

I. Main Causes Of Hair Breakage

prevent hair breakage

There are different reasons that can cause your hair breakage. Mainly, it’s due to some damage and lack of care. Below are some common causes of hair breakage. Check them out to find a treatment for your hair.

  • Lack of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients in your body
  • Improper and unhealthy dietary habits
  • Excessive use of harsh chemicals through your hair styling treatments and hair coloring
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Alopecia, dandruff and some scalp disorders
  • Certain medications
  • Thyroid
  • Tension, stress, etc

Any underlying medical problems should be considered to avoid your severe hair breakage. If you suffer from thyroid, get a thyroid test to reduce the risk of hair fall as well as hair breakage. If you are stressed, consider practicing yoga, doing deep breathing exercises, practicing meditation. Also, improve your sleep to improve your skin and hair health.

To get clearer about more ways to prevent hair breakage, check out the following tips:

II. How To Prevent Hair Breakage

1. Trim Your Ends

prevent hair breakage

To some people, trimming may be equal to cutting that may also equal the answer “No. Thank you!” Done right! In fact, a trim just removes dead ends, but not the whole chunk of your hair. Once you trim your hair proactively, you can reduce chances that hair ends become brittle and dry. So, a regular trim or cut is necessary to prevent hair breakage.

Those who have split ends should have them cut before the ends break off by themselves. Once the split ends get out of your control, they will travel up your hair shaft that make a cut likely. Instead of that, why don’t you trim ¼ – ½ inch of your hair every 2 to 3 months? Trims actually are less traumatic and more even than cuts.

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2. Don’t Brush Your Hair While Wet

prevent hair breakage

You are damaging your hair without realizing that your hair breakage can begin in your shower. When your hair is damp or wet, it’s at its weak point. Water can break down natural hydrogen bonds in your hair that can reform again as your hair dries, yet while wet your hair are mostly in the fragile state. In your shower, apply a hair conditioner through your hair with a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush that helps detangle hair.

Some experts just advice that people not to brush hair if it is soaking wet. Especially for black hair that is already fragile. When wet, it is in a weak state. Probably, it is not bad to comb through hair while wet; in reality, an ideal condition to comb hair is when it is saturated with a hair conditioner. Yet, brushing black hair sometimes stretches it to “the point of no return”.

Also, avoid using flat iron to dry your hair. As when wet, your hair is so weak, an excessive heat will damage your ends and make your hair breakage worse without any treatment. So, a natural dry is better for your hair. Let your hair dry naturally. It just takes you longer time. If you have spare time, opt for a natural hair. Plus, instead of using round bristle brushes, use paddle brushes to smoothen your hair. Remember to wait until the hair is 50% dry before you tackling a blow or brush dryer.

3. Get Some Protein A.S.A.P

prevent hair breakage

Protein plays an important role in enhancing hair health and preventing hair breakage. Depending on your hair breakage level, you should supply your hair with enough protein throughout your diet and hair care products.

For instance, ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment is one of effective solutions that can helps stop hair breakage. Your hair will be improved significantly.

On the other hand, keep in mind that don’t over do protein treatment for your hair breakage as too much will make hair become dry. Alternatively, combine deep conditioners with mild protein treatments to prevent hair breakage and keep hair healthy.

4. Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

prevent hair breakage

Don’t you know that overlapping harsh chemicals in hair care products is a big contributor to your hair breakage. It should be tempting to use permanent color or relaxers yourself, particularly if you want to save your hard earned money. It can get pricey to invite a hair stylist perform hair services, yet once it comes to chemical hair treatments, it may be worth for you having a hair professional to do it.

Anyway, chemical hair treatment can be damaging to scalp and your hair needs to relax, try other ways by getting some advice from a hair expert. He or she will advise you to do the best things for your hair.

Nevertheless, consider using chemical-free products to relax your hair naturally.

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5. Avoid Heat

prevent hair breakage

Put down your blow dryer or other devices using heat to dry your hair. Even in winter, since this time it’s cold and dry, your hair is weaker than other seasons. If you use any kind of heat to dry your hair, it will make your hair drier that can lead to dandruff, hair breakage and split ends.

High heat can lead to hair damage, then lead to hair breakage. Frequent heat, therefore can also lead to serious hair damage and hair breakage. So, to prevent hair breakage, limit using heat. While designing your hair with a flat iron or curling iron and blow dryers, pay attention to set the heat levels. Do not set too high temperature, especially when you iron your ends. Also, pay attention to the right hair ironing techniques. If you can’t control the techniques, you can damage your hair and can’t a hair style you want.

For instance, when using the heat, you should move fast, also use even tension. With a curling iron, make sure to roll your hair on a certain angle away from the head so that you do not dent your hair with clamp. When using flat iron to straighten your hair in smooth passes, you don’t need to press or pull your hair too hard. Just stretch hair while baking the tool that causes your severe hair damage over time.

6. Don’t Scratch Your Scalp

prevent hair breakage

When you scratch your scalp, you also scratch your hair. It is said that a person with dandruff can scratch his or her head for about 90 minutes per week, and that may result in hair loss or hair breakage. If you have noticed your dandruff condition with white flakes from the scalp, you should try using a dandruff shampoo. These shampoos now almost are formulated, so they are gentle to use daily. If you don’t take care of a shampoo to treat dandruff, visit a dermatologist and ask him or her about a treatment that can work for you to relieve your itchy scalp.

7. Be Gentle With Your Long Hair

prevent hair breakage

If you have long hair, take care of your hair ends because yanking, combing, brushing, pulling, stretching hair for about 100 strokes per day is a bad idea. They can make your long hair damaged. Consider having your hair cut shorter to improve your hair breakage or care for your hair ends better.

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8. Use Styling Tools Wisely

prevent hair breakage

Yes, next to ways to prevent hair breakage, consider choosing the right styling tools for your hair. For instance, you should look for broad-teeth combs with rounded and smooth teeth that can easily slip through your hair. To choose hair brushes, opt for widely-space ones that will be gentle with your hair.

Also, be careful with tight-fitting rubber bands and hair clips as anything that squashes, crunches or crushes hair can result in hair damage. Better than looking for rubber bands – for ponytails, opt for fabric scrunches that can help your hold hair loosely together.

Beside choosing right hair styling tools, you should pay attention to use these tools properly. Make sure that you use the right comb or brush as there are different tools for straight hair and curly hair. Though you use any tool, remember to do it gently, especially for the hair ends and wet hair.

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9. Choose A Trained Hair Stylist

prevent hair breakage

If you need a hair stylist to design your new hair style, make sure that you choose a good one trained with sharp scissors. Any defect in the scissor blade may damage or crush your hair shaft that predisposes it to hair split ends. Also, remember to get your frequent trims to prevent hair breakage effectively.

10. Beware Of Towel Turban

prevent hair breakage

Wrapping your wet hair in the towel post-shower may cause hair damage. Stop it and dry your hair gingerly. Once a towel drying your hair, squeeze your hair with the towel rather than matting or rubbing your hair into tangled messes. Be gentle to your hair. Some people don’t care about it. They rub their hair dry with bath towels that cause major tangling, and tear through tangles with brushes and combs. After towel blotting, start at hair tips with a large comb or paddle brush when combing your hair in the shower. Remember to start from the hair tips to the hair root.

For persistent tangles, experts suggest applying deep-hydrating treatments and leave-in conditioner weekly. Opt for nourishing ingredients such as coconut oil or olive oil that are beneficial for smoothing and retaining moisture.

Furthermore, you should cut down on the drying time when soaking excess water up. Towel blotting the hair well before drying is rather important. You can do it fast and don’t have to do it over the same sections with a hair dryer.

Choose a dryer, which features tourmaline, ceramic an ionic technology and one that can cut down on your time as well as be mindful in the drying process. Once you work with a hot dryer on your hair too long, the natural humidity in your hair will heat to a boil as if it blisters and cooks your hair!

In short, toss your towel, dry the hair with cotton T-shirt. It will be better than using a towel. Especially, if you have curly hair, this can ensure that your hair can be frizz-free.

11. Save Your Hair With Good Sleep

prevent hair breakage

Good sleep can help you maintain your overall health as well as benefit your hair without hair fall, hair weakness and hair breakage. Also, consider using soft pillows that are gently to your hair. For instance, you can sleep with silk pillow, especially with some fragile textures, which have the tendency for tangling overnight on cotton sheets. On the other hand, polished cotton pillows make a difference. Besides, hair wraps and satin bonnets can be other hair saving alternatives for you.

12. Don’t Be Picky

prevent hair breakage

Though split ends should not stay on your head, don’t pick at the split ends.  Doing this will just cause more hair breakage. Instead, use hair shears to trim your split ends. Make sure to clip above the hair damage; or split ends will reappear.

13. Use Deep Hair Condition

prevent hair breakage

To keep your hair healthy and prevent hair breakage, you should keep the hair moisturized. Follow a deep hair conditioning regularly! Try coconut oil as a great pre-shower treatment. To start, soak the hair in the coconut oil. Leave it on for about 30 minutes, then wash your hair off. When you complete the shampooing, gently twist your hair and cover a shower cap on your head. Let it sit there for at least 30 minutes, then wash it off with cold water.

14. Avoid Excessive Hair Coloring & Bleaching

prevent hair breakage

A basic rule of hair dyeing is staying within coloring group, preferably your dyeing hair no more than 3 shades from the natural color. Moreover, avoid harsh chemicals. Permanent waves adding the body may extremely weaken your hair shaft.

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