Anti Aging Herbs And Spices For Longevity You Should Know

anti aging herbs

Are you afraid of looking older or getting older than you actually are?  Especially women, they will see wrinkles on their face and feel lack of energy. But sitting and worrying about aging will speed up your aging process faster. Instead, you can use anti aging herbs and spices for longevity and long lasting beauty. The following are the best anti aging herbs and spices for you to strengthen your health and enhance your beauty for aging prevention. Check out all of these herbs on our VKool site right away!

Top Anti Aging Herbs And Spices For Longevity

1. Lingzhi (Ganoderma)

lingzhi (ganoderma)

When it comes to the most powerful anti aging herbs, we can list out lingzhi on the top of the list.

Lingzhi is shown to nourish the liver and settles the nerve system. A regular use of lingzhi can help reduce body weight, regular blood pressure and prolong life. Many modern studies has indicated that this herb is beneficial in toning human nervous system, strengthening the respiratory system, improving the cardiovascular system, boosting the immune system, balancing the metabolic system, clearing out free radicals, all of which effect your aging process.

2. Jiaogulan (Gynostemma) jiaogulan (gynostemma) Ancient medicine revealed no record of jiaogulan but modern studies have found that this herb is helpful in boosting energy, combating cancer, adjusting endocrine levels and anti-aging. A regular use of jiaogulan can help improve the immunity, regular cholesterol levels, inhibit tumors, cure ulcers, ease pain and relieve stress.

3. Hongjingtian (Rhodiola) hongjingtian (rhodiola) Rhodiola is an ancient Chinese medicine. This herb is a newly discovered anti-aging herb shown in recent years. Rhodiola produces great results in enhancing vitality, relieve excess heat, cleanse the body, calm the mind and boost mental agility. The toning functions of this herb are similar to ginseng. A regular consumption of rhodiola can help protect human body from fatigue and chills, slow down the growth of cancer cells, defer senility as well. 4. Royal Jelly royal jelly Royal jelly is one of bee products that is particularly prized for rich nutrient value for facilitating cell growth, protein synthesis, enhance tissue regeneration and improve the metabolism. Additionally, royal jelly is rich in vitamins E and vitamin C, which are excellent anti-aging properties.

5. Chinese Wolfberry Fruits

chinese wolfberry fruits

Chinese wolfberry fruits are beneficial to bones and muscle. They are also good for controlling weight and aid in prolonging life. According to traditional Chinese physicians, this herb can be used to tone the blood and promote vitality. Chinese wolfberry fruits have the same functions to almost types of ginseng. It is also beneficial for regulating blood sugar levels, resisting arteriosclerosis, deferring senility and invigorating the body.

6. Acanthopanacis Senticosi acanthopanacis senticosi A regular intake of acanthopanacis senticosi can help you manage your body weight and protect your body against aging. Modern studies have found that this herb is beneficial in combating fatigue, invigorating the body and anti-aging. It also helps us adjust our nervous system, cardiovascular system and endocrine system. Besides, anti-inflammatory properties in acanthopanacis senticosi assist in slowing down our aging. 7. Pseudo Ginseng pseudo ginseng Among the best anti aging herbs, this is ginseng. There are different types of ginseng and pseudo ginseng that can act well to boost your overall health, thereby slow down your aging. It is said that pseudo ginseng is great for toning blood. Ancient Chinese people considered this gingeng as a precious herb. Recent studies showed that ginseng and pseudo ginseng are similar to each other and have the same chemical compositions, clinical application and pharmacological effects.

However, the content of saponin in pseudo ginseng can exceed that of this herb. Different to ginseng, pseudo ginseng take its advantage in preventing heart disease and other cardiovascular problems. A regular intake of pseudo ginseng can help expand the blood vessels, increase the cardiac output, decrease the heart rate and reduce the vascular resistance.


8. Renshen (Ginseng)

renshen (ginseng)

As I mentioned above, ginseng in general can help settle nerves. Besides, this powerful herb can help tone up main internal organs, improve mental agility and strengthen vision. A regular consumption of ginseng can help control the body weight and aid in prolonging life. Recent studies has indicated more useful benefits of ginseng such as anti fatigue functions, antioxidants, liver protection, cardiovascular system improvement and so on.

9. Astragalus Mongholicus astragalus mongholicus This is another traditional anti aging herb beneficial for stomach and it aids in toning up human’s vitality. Modern studies have indicated that astragalus mongholicus can help in widening the coronary arteries, improving the immunity, boosting the blood flow to heart and slowing down the aging process. 10. Fleece-Flower Root fleece-flower root When it comes to Chinese anti aging herbs, don’t forget fleece-flower root. This is a Chinese ancient medication. A regular consumption of this herb can help strengthen bones, build muscle and prevent effects of aging. Recent studies have revealed that fleece-flower root can aid in growing nerve cells and alleviating neurasthenia and preventing other neurological problems. In addition, this herb can assist in regulating the cholesterol levels and blood sugar levels and it acts like an antioxidant.

11. Bilberry


This is a great circulatory antioxidant that helps protect us against degenerative problems and slow down the degeneration. Bilberry generates the rhodopsins production that is sensitive cells locating at the back of eyes. This herb is used to treat and prevent diabetes associated with glaucoma and prevent the development of cataracts together with Vitamin E. Bilberry also has phytochemical compounds – anthocyanosides, which is responsible for improving the blood flow to the extremities and the heart. They can work to limit calcium deposits and blood clots inside the arteries. Moreover, they can varicose hemorrhoids and veins. For patients with arthritis, this herb can be used to ease joint inflammation and lower the risk of deterioration of the joint collagen.

12. Dong Quai dong quai Among natural anti aging herbs, try Dong Quai. This is an ancient Chinese herb. Dong Quai is well known as a natural reproductive tonic for women. It can be used long-term for treating menstrual problems, before, during and after menopause. Dong Quai can aid in lowering blood pressure levels, improving the digestive system and purifying the blood. The herb however should not be used for women during their pregnancies. 13. Garlic Garlic Garlic was used by ancient Egyptians to strengthen their laborers for building their pyramids. Romanian people also used to feed their soldiers garlic for being strong in battles. In the 1st World War, garlic was used as a type of antibiotics to disinfect soldiers’ wounds and prevent gangrene. Nutritionally, garlic is high in sulfur, which is responsible for maintaining joint health and helping in their repair. This wonderful herb does every great thing in treating ear infection, preventing heart diseases and even deadly cancers. Commonly, garlic is helpful for hay fever and sinus problems.

It has been shown that garlic has anticoagulant properties that help to keep human’s blood thin, lower the cholesterol levels and regulate the blood pressure levels. Moreover, garlic is proven to strengthen the immunity and improve the digestive system. Also, garlic can help alleviate rheumatism and expel worms.

14. Ginger


Next to powerful anti aging herbs and spices for longevity, this is ginger. Don’t forget this spice as it is available and easy to use. This spice and herb was cultivated in tropical regions and the West Indies. Ginger has been scientifically proven to treat join pain and stiffness. It is also beneficial for people with high cholesterol levels.

Besides, ginger can help improve the digestive system by increasing the gastric juices and strengthening the peristalsis of intestines. People commonly use this herb for nausea, vomiting, motion sickness, the poor circulatory system, flu, cold, body toxins, sore throat and so on.

15. Ginkgo


This herb is found widely in the East. It is used as a long term anti aging tonic. It contains protective properties so that it is responsible for strengthening tiny capillaries to human’s organs, especially to the brain. These capillaries thereby become flexible and more oxygen will be delivered to the eyes and brain. As a result, ginkgo helps protect us against some degenerative eye problems such as macular degeneration, especially when we age.

In some modern studies, it is indicated that ginkgo is beneficial in treating inner ear problems such as vertigo and tinnitus, plus treating depression and encouraging the communication among nerve cells.

16. Turmeric 


Turmeric is proven to inhabit Alxhemer’s disease and cancer. Scientific evidence suggests that Indian people who consume turmeric regularly had ten times lower of diseases and cancers than American people did.

Some laboratory studies and researches also indicated that curcumin in turmeric is beneficial in protecting consumers against various cancer and inducing dead colon cancer cells.

I’ve helped you have overview about top 16 anti aging herbs and spices for longevity. Hope that all of you can make use of all these herbs and spices to prevent anti aging effectively and naturally. Comment on this article on anti aging herbs and spice, please drop it into the comment box. If you really like this article, share it with someone! Thanks for reading and see you in the next posts.

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