Rose Water Uses For Skin And Hair: 23 Effective Way

Rose water may be used in many ways for both hair and skin. It is the easiest and cheapest way to incorporate rose water in beauty treatments. Rose water is suitable for all types of skin whether you have oily or dry skin. Rose water contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that maintain the skin problem free and furthermore, it is gentle on skin. In this article, will show you rose water uses for skin and hair: 23 effective ways. The writing collected a list rose water uses from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advices and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this writing to learn these 23 rose water uses in more detail!

Rose Water Uses For Skin And Hair: 23 Effective Ways That Work

1. Rosewater As A Facial Toner

rose water uses-rosewater as a facial toner

Many toners available readily in the market are loaded with alcohol content and chemicals. Applying these on one regular basis on the skin can strip it off moisture. Looking for rose water uses, you should not miss this way. Here are detailed guides:

  • First of all, apply chilled rose water on the skin using a soft cotton ball
  • You should do this soon after washing your face.
  • Add camphor (a pinch) to bottle of rose water and then wipe your face a few times per day with this solution.
  • Also, mix rose water with the mint juice and then dab on the acne-affected face. For the better results leave the preparation overnight.

Applying rose water as one toner will aid to naturally tone up the facial skin. It will close the open pores as giving your skin one pleasant floral fragrance.

2. Rose Water After Sun Body Spray

rose water uses-rose ưater after sun body spray

Generally, rose water is an excellent natural treatment against all harmful effects of sun on the skin. Here are detailed instructions:

  • Crush 10 to 15 leaves of tulsi and add it to rose water (200 ml).
  • Then keep this liquid in one spray bottle and refrigerate.

The water is good to be applied each time that we come in from the sunlight. You need to spray the mist all over the body to help calm your skin. This also inhibits the adverse effects of the sun burn on the skin. It aids in healing the redness of your skin and prevents any irritation or heat rashes.

3. Rose Water As A Staining Lip Pack

rose water uses-rose water as a staining lip pack

Looking for rose water uses, this is one of the simplest and easiest ways for you to follow. Here are step by step directions:

  • Cut a beetroot into many small pieces
  • Then dry them in the sun
  • After that grind it to create it into a powder. Ensure it’s in one very fine powder form.
  • Later mix rose water (a teaspoon) to the beetroot powder
  • This will give your lip pack.
  • Afterwards, apply it evenly over the lips and rinse it off after about 15 minutes.

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4. Creams And Rosewater

rose water uses-creams and rosewater

Rose water may also be applied along with the daily cream in order to make use of its advantages. Seeking rose water uses, you should not pass this way. Here are detailed instructions:

  • Add rosewater (a few drops) to your daily moisturizer or cream.
  • Each time you use this cream it will help your skin become supple and soft.

5. Rosewater As One Cleanser

Surprisingly, wipe out all the dead skin and dirt from the face using rose water as one cleanser. Here are step by step directions for you to follow:

  • Mix rose water (one cup), glycerine (two teaspoons) and rose essential oil (10 drops).
  • Then apply it on the face and finally wipe it off.

6. Rosewater for Acne

rose water uses-rosewater for acne

One of the best rose water uses is for treating acne. Here are easy ways for you to follow:

Method 1:

  • Mix juice of a lemon with equivalent quantity of the rose water.
  • Then apply this solution on your face and allow it sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Finally, wash your face using fresh water. Two to three weeks’ application assists relieve acne, and reduces scars and blemishes.

Method 2:

  • Blend 2 inches of cold, fresh cucumber with raw honey ( two tablespoons)
  • Add just sufficient rose water to form a soft paste.
  • Prior to applying this pack, wash the face with warm water.
  • Then pat dry and apply the mask.
  • Keep for fifteen minutes, wash away, and enjoy how the skin feels. You should use this way once in per week.

Method 3:

  • Make one face pack at home by mixing sandalwood powder, rose water and lemon juice. Then dab on your pimple-marks and pimples. Afterwards, wash out using ice cold water. This step helps to lessen your persistent acne as well as its ugly scars.

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7. Rose Water For Curing Blemishes Naturally

This way is also one of the effective rose water uses. This home remedy is one great aid in getting rid of the pigmentation marks, nagging dark-spots and acne scars on your face. For best results, what you need to do:

  • Combine cucumber juice, rose water, sandal wood powder and curd together and later apply on the facial blemishes.
  • Allow the mask to stay on the face for an hour and finally wash off with water.

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8. Use Rose Water To Get Vibrant And Fresh Skin

rose water uses-use rose water to get vibrant and fresh skin

This way is also one of the well known rose water uses.  All you need to do is splash rose water on the face and eyes in order to freshen yourself up immediately after you get up. It will spruce up your morning with one burst of freshness. Cutting using water in the face pack, you use rose water instead in order to get rose as bloom on your face. You add rose water to the bath water to lift the mood and it’s de-stressing too, making your body pleasant aroma and exude an alluring all day long.

9. Rose Water For Dealing With Suntan

One of the most excellent rose water uses is for treating suntan. First of all, blend rose water with the tomato juice and next dab on the skin and rinse off after 10 minutes. The recipe helps to treat suntan effectively. You can crush some basil leaves and add rose water (200 ml) to them and store it in a fridge. Thereafter, wipe your skin with the solution to cure suntan and keep the skin glowing and fresh.  Also, rose water combined with mashed banana and mashed fig makes for an effective face mask to cope with sun burn effectively.

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10. Make Homemade Moisturizers

rose water uses-make homemade moisturizers

Firstly, mix glycerin with the rose ware or combine almond oil or olive oil with rose water to make one great quality moisturizer at home. Furthermore, these natural moisturizers will make your skin charming and fair too. Alternatively, you can make one homemade moisturizing facial mask by mixing sugar, rose water and banana together. Then spread it all over the face and rinse off after about 20 minutes.

11. Control Excess Oil

One of the most effective rose water uses is for controlling excess oil. Rosewater is very effective for oily skin because it controls oil secretion. For best results, you need to take some fuller earth (or multani mitti) and later mix this with rose water to create a smooth paste. Afterwards, apply this paste on the face for about 20 minutes and finally wash off. The pack will clean the pores and will regulate excess oil secretion. You can repeat this 2-3 times per week.

12. Rose Water For Eyes

rose water uses-rose water for eyes

One of the greatest rose water uses is for eyes. All you need to do is pour rose water (few drops) into your eyes in order to help clear all impurities from your eyes. Moreover, it keeps your eyes sparkling and clear as well. Just dabbing rose water on the dark circles decreases them significantly. Rose water is one great aid in decreasing the puffiness of your eyes too.

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13. Use For Removing Wrinkles

You need to mix rose water with honey and sandalwood powder and next apply on your face to remove premature wrinkles and keep your youthful charm for a long time.  Alternatively, you can apply the rose water combined with egg white to decrease the sagging skin and appearance of wrinkles on the face.  Moreover, you can apply peach pulp, milk cream and rose water mix to apply on the face. The homemade facial mask holds your young and decreases the appearance of the age spots. Or else, you may whip egg yolk with almond oil (one spoon), a spoon of camphor and rose water and then apply on the skin to remove dry and aging skin.

14. Use For Getting Fair Skin

rose water uses-use for getting fair skin

The rose water can be included to either gram flour or sandalwood powder or multani mitti to make one homemade fairness pack. It is a perfect aid in lightening the skin tone that is why you just need to spray rose water on your face to help lighten your complexion significantly. You should try rosy the beauty tip.

15. Exfoliate Your Skin

You can mix rose water with either rice powder or walnut powder or orange peel powder in order to scrub out the layer of dead skin from your skin.  Or, you can also take lemon juice, rose water, honey and glycerin and make one face mask out of it. Then apply on the face, hands, and legs before going to bed. You will wake up with soft and silky skin all over.  Alternatively, you can include rose water to tomato juice or potato juice or cucumber juice in order to gain amazing skin-whitening results.

16. Use Rosewater As Astringent

rose water uses-use rosewater as astringent

Rosewater may be used as an astringent that is why the rose water is one must- have beauty ingredient that is used after face clean up or facial to close open pores. Simply, dabbing rose water post-steaming the face assists tight capillary as well as lessens the redness. Rosewater detoxifies and helps to balance the PH level of the skin.

17. Use Rosewater As Face Cleanser

Firstly, dip a cotton pad in some rose water and then wipe clean the face and neck with the rosy cotton pad. This will helps in clearing all dirt deposits lurking inside your skin. Plus, it will make your skin smelling rosy and fresh all day long. You can also use rose water to get rid of your make up.

18. Improve Complexion

rose water uses-improve complexion

You need to take gram flour (2 tablespoons) and mix this with rose water to create a smooth paste. You may also add some lemon juice if it is available. After that, apply this paste for about 15 minutes on your face and you may also use this on arms. This is a great way to remove tanning and even get clear complexion.

19. Rose Water Conditioner

Simply, after shampoo, you massage the hair with some rose water or just mix this in the regular shampoo to get soft and shiny hair. When you come back home after spending much time outdoors in the sun, the hair tends to feel life-less and dull as well. There is one solution to this trouble. You can add jojoba oil and vitamin E oil to rose water and then massage your scalp and hair with this solution.  Allow it on for an hour, and lastly wash off with water. The hair oil gives instant shine and softness to your locks a long with protecting the hair from chemical preparations you use on the hair and the harmful effects of the hair dryers.

20. Reduce Dandruff

rose water uses-reduce dandruff

One of the best rose water uses is for treating dandruff.  In order to remove dandruff, you grind fenugreek seeds with glycerin and rose water and then apply on the scalp. After that, soak these fenugreek seeds in this rose water for several hours till they become soft and crush them into one paste. It helps to treat the nagging and itching dandruff from your hair. Rose water is packed with B3, C, E, D that treat the infection of your scalp effectively. Plus, rose water treats hair fall and enhances the new hair growth.

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21. Promotes Growth

Rose water has vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and vitamin E, all of that are essential for enhancing hair growth. In order to incorporate rose water into the hair growth remedy, you just include rose necessary oil to all of the hair products.

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22. For Frizzy And Dry Hair

rose water uses-for frizzy and dry hair

All you need to do is mix glycerin and rose water in equal quantities and next apply this mixture on the scalp gently with cotton pads. After applying, you massage for about 10-15 minutes and allow it sit for half an hour. Wash off and shampoo the hair as usual. You can repeat this 3-4 times per month to get nourished hair and scalp. Glycerin will moisturize the scalp as well as will eliminate frizziness.

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23. For Damaged Hair

One of the most excellent rose water uses is for damaged hair. You need to take one cup of rose water, add jojoba oil (few drops) and also add vitamin E table (2 capsules) in this. Mix it really well. After that, wet the hair and apply the mixture on the wet scalp. Massage for about 10 minutes and lastly shampoo as usual.

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To get more information related to effective way for beauty care, go to our main Home Nutrition page. After studying the writing of 23 rose water uses for skin and hair, hope that this article will help you learn more the rose water uses for skin and hair. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other rose water uses to us.

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