10 Signs And Symptoms Of Clogged Arteries In Heart & Body Parts

signs and symptoms of clogged arteries

Arteries have the ability to transfer oxygenated blood from your heart into various organs and tissues of the body.

Having healthy arteries will provide you with smooth inner walls and thereby easily moving blood through them. Clogged arteries are caused due to the plaque buildup along your arterial walls.

Plaque can appear in carotid, coronary, renal and peripheral arteries. Cholesterol, fat along with other substances in your blood make up plaque, which ultimately makes your arteries hard and narrow. This, in turn, inhibits the flow of blood rich in oxygen to other body parts.

10 Signs And Symptoms Of Clogged Arteries In Heart & Body Parts

There is no exact reason causing clogged arteries, however, factors contributing to aggravate your condition are high cholesterol, increasing age, high triglycerides (a kind of lipid or fat in the blood), obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, excessive smoking, a family history, and inflammatory disease.

Plaque in your arteries is slowly progressive. It can even appear early in your childhood.

Because clogged arteries raise the chance of getting carotid artery disease, coronary artery disease, strokes, heart attacks, peripheral artery disease or even death. Therefore, it is very important to know its symptoms in order that you may deal with this disease before it causes serious consequences. Today, in this writing, VKool.com will introduce top 10 early signs and symptoms of clogged arteries in heart. This article listed the early signs and symptoms of clogged arteries in heart and body parts from reliable sources. However, it is for the informational purpose. Keep following this writing to know if you are in this condition!

1. Shortness Of Breath

symptoms of clogged arteries - shortness of breath

The first in the list of top 10 symptoms of clogged arteries is shortness of breath. Because of the plaque appearance in your arteries, your heart may not provide your body with enough blood, causing extreme fatigue and shortness of breath.

A study in 2005 is found that patients suffering from a feeling of breathless are at a higher risk of death due to cardiac disease compared to patients having no symptom or even patients suffering from typical cardiac pain.

Nevertheless, breathlessness can also be caused by heavy workouts, oxygen deficiency in high-altitude body parts, respiratory disease or infection, anemia, allergies, and chronic bronchitis.

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2. Male Pattern Baldness

symptoms of clogged arteries - male pattern baldness

Baldness at the head of males can also show that you are suffering from clogged arteries. Apart from losing hair on your scalp, it can indicate that your legs are also in a condition of hair loss.

A study in 200 highlighted the relationship between CHD (coronary heart disease) and baldness, particularly among males with high cholesterol levels or hypertension. Severe vertex balding is usually related to an increased chance of having CHD.

Besides, other popular reasons causing baldness are certain cancers, heredity, thyroid conditions, medications, and anabolic steroids.

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3. Excessive Sweating At Night

symptoms of clogged arteries - excessive sweating at night

When you sweat too much, particularly at night despite sitting in a cool room, it is another of possible symptoms of clogged arteries.

Whenever sweating more than usual without doing exercise or activity, it may be indicated that the heart is working harder to move blood via clogged arteries.

Sweating too much can also be caused by anxiety, stress, nutritional deficiencies or obesity. It may also be an early sign of menopause in older women.

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4. Heart Palpitations

symptoms of clogged arteries - heart palpitations

When your heart beats quickly, you can feel as if your heart was ‘racing’, skipping beats or thumping. You often feel this when you do exercise, suffer from stress and after having an intake of nicotine or caffeine.

However, in some cases, palpitations may be a sign of clogged arteries which supply your heart, particularly when gone with other symptoms such as fainting, dizziness, chest pain, blurred vision, nausea and sweating. It may even indicate that you are dealing with a more serious problem related to the heart.

Other health problems causing palpitations are thyroid disorders, anemia, electrolyte abnormalities, certain medications, sleep apnea, and heart valve disorders.

5. Calf And Leg Pain

symptoms of clogged arteries - calf and leg pain

If you suffer from frequently painful in your legs or have some troubles in walking distances, you may have a plaque buildup in your arteries that are responsible for carrying blood to the legs.

People suffering from peripheral artery disease often experience from this, which means that there is a buildup of plaque and cholesterol in your arteries leading to the extremities.

In fact, peripheral artery disease restricts the blood flow to the legs, making your feet and legs uncomfortable. This, in turn, makes you difficult to walk and do activities, affecting to your life’s quality.

Plus, mild leg pain can also a symptom of other conditions such as muscle fatigue, a muscle spasm, standing for a long period, dehydration or nutritional deficiencies. Additionally, it also an early sign of tendonitis, muscle strain, arthritis, nerve damage, and restless leg syndrome.

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6. Nausea, Vomiting, And Indigestion

symptoms of clogged arteries - nausea, vomiting, and indigestion

Clogged arteries causing heart problems can also lead to some common symptoms such as nausea, indigestion, fullness, choking feeling, or vomiting as well as other gastrointestinal conditions caused by oxygen deficiency in your blood along with poor circulation.

Renal arteries have the responsibility to supply blood to your kidneys. If they are blocked, you will also suffer from mild indigestion, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

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7. Dizziness Or Weakness

symptoms of clogged arteries - dizziness or weakness

When you suddenly feel light-headed, it may be another of top 10 symptoms of clogged arteries. It is also an early warning symptom of a stroke.

Dizziness, loss of coordination or balance, unexplained falls or trouble walking can be caused by the buildup of plaque in your carotid arteries. These carotid arteries have to transfer blood to the front and large part of your brain. This is the area where speech, thinking, sensory, motor, and personality functions reside.

Fatty deposits accumulated in carotid arteries can make the arteries get narrowed, thus decreasing blood flow to your brain or make them completely blocked.

However, dizziness may be caused due to neurological problems, low blood pressure, hypoglycemia, anemia, heat stroke, an ear infection, migraines, vision-related disorders, head injuries, and anxiety disorders.

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8. Earlobe Crease

symptoms of clogged arteries - earlobe crease

When your ear has a crease, it may also a sign of blocked arteries. In particular, an angled crease running obliquely from your ear canal to the earlobe’s lower edge is associated with coronary artery problem. Poor blood circulation caused by clogged arteries in the heart can cause an earlobe crease.

A research in 1989 pointed out a relationship between fatal cardiovascular disease and diagonal earlobe creases. Also, a research in 2002 found that people having an earlobe crease are at higher risk of coronary artery disease than usual.

However, ear creases can also a sign of excessive smoking and ageing.

9. Erectile Dysfunction

symptoms of clogged arteries - erectile dysfunction

This is the most popular male sexual condition affecting up to 30 million males in the US. ED is a possible sign of clogged arteries along with heart diseases.

An article in 2024 highlighted that ED is a popular sign of hardening or atherosclerosis of arteries. Typically, atherosclerosis firstly affects to the penis, followed by the heart and then brain.

Besides clogged arteries, this problem can also be caused by low testosterone, depression, some medications and nerve problems.

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10.  Angina (Chest Pain)

symptoms of clogged arteries - angina (chest pain)

Chest pain or angina is a result of decreased blood flow to your heart and is one of the possible symptoms of clogged arteries caused due to the plaque buildup.

This kind of chest pain causes a feeling of heaviness, pressure, and tightness behind your breastbone. Emotional or physical stress usually triggers this condition and it often has a tendency to become worse when doing physical activity and disappears when you have a rest.

However, chest pain does not always mean that you have clogged arteries. Sometimes, it can be caused when you have a stomach ulcer, muscle spasm, bladder disease, indigestion or upper respiratory infection.

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If you want to know more about other signs and symptoms of various conditions and diseases, please go to visit our main Health page. After reading the writing about top 10 early signs and symptoms of clogged arteries in heart and other body parts, hope that it can help you to know the early and common signs of clogged arteries in your body. However, the article is only for the informational purpose; therefore, you should see your doctor to get the best diagnosis. If you have any question related to any problem, please leave your comments below, I will respond you soon.  Also, if you know other signs and symptoms of clogged arteries in heart, please share them with us.

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