12 Easy, Step By Step Nail Art Designs For Beginners Are Exposed

nail art designs for beginners

Hey divas! Today I want to show you an entire list of nail art designs for beginners collection called “12 easy nail art designs for beginners” with the concrete pictures of perfect manicure suggestions by professional nail technicians. These designs and techniques are suitable for women who want to have beautiful nails without spending too much time.

Nail Art Designs For Beginners – The Quickest Techniques:

Nails play an important role in our look, especially for women. They cannot only make your hands sparkle, but also actually show how a person care about their own appearance. The good thing of simple nail designs is that they are very easy to create and you will not need fake nails. You can let you nails grow perfectly so that the designs will look fuller. You will be able to get elegant fingers which could fit with your outfit without making any silly mistake or meeting any difficulty. In fact, these 12 nail art designs for beginners will not take too much time from you to create! Try it yourself!

1. Bananas:


The first out of the fancy and nail art designs for beginners I want to present is the banana style! This design is very simple to paint. You can use white for the background. White nails with some cute tiny yellow bananas on a couple digits will make your nail lookinteresting and unique! To draw bananas, you use black color for the line around the images, paint the bananas in yellow, and finally, draw a slim black line starting from the pedicle of the banana to make it more animated. You should also learn some painting techniques if you want to get more complex designs.

2. Combining Some Styles: combining some styles Maybe you are among people who want to look different among others when you are in public. That will be a great idea for ones like you to beautify your appearance starting with the nails! Try painting different styles and colors on each nail and make yourself outstanding! You totally can make use of even extremely contrast pairs of colors! You can try combining cartoons, flowers, faces, animals,…to make your nails so animated! Remember that you should always take care of your nails the right way to protect them from the negative effects of nail polish.

3. Bubbles with a twist: bubbles with a twist This is the design that an active and funny girl should opt for. Bubbles are really cute and interesting! They make you look younger and also make your skin seem brighter than normal. You can use white or black color for the background. If your nails pained in white, you should add some shinny blue bubbles. If you prefer the black background, make it funny by adding colored bubbles. That is enough for an active and interesting girl! Do not be shy! You are totally ready to go out and show your new nails off! 4. Black And White For A Mysterious Girl: black and white for a mysterious girl The black-white color pair is among the most common classic major colors for every suit. To get the nails which can be suitable for all clothes in your wardrobe, you should try this style for this summer! You just need to pain a half of each nail in black with a diagonal in the center, dividing the nail into 2 clear parts. Then, you can draw something you love in white on the top half of the nail, such as bubbles, circles, stars,…Finally, you can highlight your nail design with a little sparkle or glossy. The simplest way to dress is combining short skirt with polka dot T-shirt in case that you love the charming and feminine style. This is one of the super nail art designs for beginners that everyone can create at home!

5. Rainbow:

How about little rainbow for a boring rainy day? By adding rainbow colored stripes, you can get this look quickly and easily. There is a quick tip for you: you can put a piece of glazed paper (cellophane) onto your nails on the bias compared to the length of each nail, then paint line to line according to the 7 basic colors of the rainbow. You can also be creative and create your own tiny rainbows with any colors you want. Try it yourself and see how people around will be surprised about your brand new appearance!

6. Lucky 4-Leaf Clovers: lucky 4-leaf clovers Why you do not choose creating the luckiness by yourself instead of finding it so far? To have this nail design, you will need sparkling green and bronze color. Besides, you need a henna tool which has the round head. – Firstly, you will need to paint your nails in green excepting index finger (or other finger if you want). Use the bronze to pain the rest finger. – Use the henna tool to draw the tiny lucky 4-leaf clovers (draw 4 circle dots) With the simple henna tool and just 2 colors of nail polish, you can still get a beautiful nail art design as you want! 7. Pink And Gold: pink and goldYou may firstly think that this pair of color is really “freaky” because they seem to be unrelated to each other and cannot help for your beauty. However, it can create a special effect for your look that not everyone knows! This should be the first choice for you as a fun holiday color combination.Gold and pink are great for stripes, hearts or anything you want to paint onto your nails. This is actually one of the best fancy and nail art designs for beginners.

8. Neon:

neonNeon has never been obsolete because what it brings about as we always see easily: the funny and unique effects. There is an interesting suggestion for you with neon color: you can add a neon ombre to 2 nails and some polka dots to others for an easy way to rock the neon trend. Believe me or not, you will see people around looking at you with friendly eyes because of your warm and playful nail color!
9. Create A Picture: create a picture Placing a part of a design on each nail that combines into one picture is super fun. You can try this way to get your nail design much more in-depth and animated. Besides several of methods to improve appearance by fashion, skincare, or hair care, everyone should not ignore their nails because it can reflect sometimes the soul of a person. By painting a small picture onto the nails, you will get your nails look like a piece of art. 10. Vintage: vintage A bit of girly pink and blue combine with white for an ultra feminine look. What do you think about this idea? I really love this classic design and it has never been obsolete! You can draw some roses, simple leaves, and add one or two white dots to make your nails perfect! This nail art design is suitable for vintage clothing. It will be perfect if you dress a long pink dress and a white T-shirt made from silk. Try this tip and see whether or not it is one of the best nail art designs for beginners for you!

11. Black And Red:

black and red
This is one of the best pairs of color which reflects the mysteriousness and sexiness of a woman. No matter how you use them on your nails, black and red are still wonderful colors for you to combine. Here are some suggestions for you:

– Paint the heads of your nails in red and the rest in black or in the contrary

– Paint the background in black and add some red dots on it

– Paint red hearts onto the black background

– Draw a bat in black on the red background for a little bit scary look

Besides, you can create your own designs using these two basic colors. What you got will make you satisfied. Remember that black and red design is very suitable for showing off in a prom.

12. Using Sticky Tape:

using sticky tape

Sticky tape is one of those things you can not forget when painting your nails.That is because they can help you create many designs which are extremely impressive. For example, the nail style inspired by the peppermint candy in the Christmas holidays. Just hit the white background layer, wait for the paint dry, stick the tape as you like and fill up on extra red paint. After removing the tape, you will have amazing nails.

Those are my top 12 fancy yet nail art designs for beginnersI want to share with my customers who are visiting Vkool.com. Print out this list and bring it along with you the next time you go shopping for nail-polish.

If you think that my “Nail art designs for beginners” writing is useful for other people you know, feel free to share it and give me your feedback!

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