Trampoline Exercises Review – Will The System Effectively Work?

Trampoline workouts are a great option for people who want to get in shape and seek a fun and motivating fitness regimen. Whether you go to a gym to work out on the trampoline or have one at your home, you can strengthen the muscles of your arms, legs and core through performing a series of jumps. Try to exercise on the trampoline at least three times per week, combining the following moves into a 30-minute workout session.

Warm Up


Begin your trampoline workout with some warm up exercises that loosen your muscles and slightly elevate your resting heart rate. Alternate jumping straight up and down with your feet together and your feet shoulder – width apart. Land with your feet flat on the trampoline pad and swing your arms to the front and sides while keeping them below shoulder height. Aim to warm up for approximately five minutes at a mild to moderate pace.

Easy/ Intermediate Trampoline Exercises

If you are new to using a trampoline or are still building up your skill level, try adding these fun exercises to your workout routine. Alternate each two-minute exercise with a 30-second rest period so that you do not tire out too quickly.
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  • Straight jumps: Jump straight up and down with your arms above your head. Try to increase your momentum and height with each bounce.
  • Lateral jumps: Push off on one foot, jump across the trampoline and land on the other foot. Alternate directions while gradually trying to increase your jump height.
  • Jumping jacks: Move your body from a straight line into an “X” position (legs to the side and arms above your head) with each jump.
  • Straddle jumps: While mid-jump, kick your legs straight out to the sides so that you are in a straddle position. Lower your legs before landing.
  • Twists: As you jump into the air, twist your body so that you land either 180 degrees (half twist) or 360 degrees (full twist) from your starting position.
  • Jogging: Jog in place while standing in the center of the trampoline. Lift your knees as high as you can, increasing the height with each repetition.
  • Bounce and stretch: As you bounce on the trampoline, stretch your arms as high as possible. Alternate stretching your left arm and then your right arm and then both.
  • Bounce and kick: Alternate kicking your left leg and right leg out in front of you as you perform high bounces on the trampoline. Lower each leg before landing.
  • Seat drops: With each jump, land on your backside with your hands palm-down and your legs straight out in front of you. Bounce back up on your feet and repeat the move.


Advanced Trampoline Exercises

Once you have mastered the easy and intermediate trampoline exercises, you can incorporate these advanced moves into your fitness program. Follow the “two minutes on, 30 seconds off” pattern for these exercises as well.

  • Pop-ups: Bounce into a sitting position and then pop your body upward into a standing position. Alternate crossing one arm in front of your body as you “pop up.”
  • Hip swivels: During a jump, move your body into a sitting position with your legs straight. Bounce in this position and then rotate one half turn to land in the opposite direction.
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  • Pike jumps: Jump high into the air, point your legs straight out in front of you and stretch your hands toward your feet. Resume a standing position before landing.
  • Tuck jumps: While in the air, tuck your knees in toward your chest and wrap your arms around your knees. Land upright in your original position.
  • Planks and push-ups: Begin by lying down on the trampoline and resting on your forearms. Push up so that you land on your hands and then return to starting position.

Cool Down

After completing your best fitness training workout, bring your heart rate down and stretch your muscles with some cool-down exercises. Repeat the same moves that you performed in your warm up while gradually decreasing the speed and height of your trampoline jumps. Remember to breathe in and out deeply as your body returns to its pre-workout state.

When exercising regularly on your trampoline, be sure to pay attention to the condition of your equipment and replace it for your safety when necessary. Trampoline pads in particular can wear down easily.
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You can find a selection of new, high quality pads online at the Trampoline Pad Shop website.

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