11 Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy In Men And Its Side Effects

benefits of testosterone therapy in men

People with low testosterone level are often suggested to use testosterone therapy. This therapy is for those whose level of testosterone is less than 300 nanograms per deciliter. If you are suffering from low testosterone level, you will experience some certain symptoms such as emotional changes, physical changes, changes in sexual function, sleep disturbances, low sperm count, loss of muscle & bone mass, abnormal increase or breast enlargement in body fat, difficulty in concentration, increase the chance of heart as well as other diseases, etc. Low levels of testosterone are caused due to injuries, testicular diseases, kidney and liver disease, infections, pituitary diseases, chronic diseases such as type 2- diabetes and HIV/AIDS, hormonal disorders, obesity, etc. Testosterone replacement therapy is a way to solve this problem.  Generally speaking, the goal of the testosterone therapy restores any lost functions that happened as a result of testosterone drop. Benefits of testosterone therapy also can be both mental and physical. These benefits of testosterone therapy will be mentioned in this article at VKool site. Meanwhile, we also show some side effects of this therapy.  Learn more about these benefits and side effects of testosterone therapy below.

11 Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy In Men And Its Side Effects You Need To Know

1. Reduce Depression And Promote Mood

benefits of testosterone therapy-reduce depression and promote mood

Men can only be happy when they do not assume that the object of life is happiness.

While the mood of a person can change every day and depression is caused by a number of factors.  Each person has different signs of depression. However, generally, people have persistent feelings of hopelessness or sadness or a depressed mood, fatigue or decreased energy, difficulty concentrating, decreased or increased appetite, decreasing or increased sleeping, and increased restlessness or irritability. The symptoms are expanded.  If one of the causes of depression is the low testosterone, testosterone replacement can essentially improve a man’s mood and increase his desire to live, thereby improving all of these signs/symptoms.

2. Increase Libido Or Sex Drive

One of the outstanding benefits of testosterone therapy is increasing libido. For men with low testosterone levels, their desire to have libido or sex decreases.  Besides, their frequency of erections, performance during sex and sustaining erections is affected.  Testosterone replacement, under the proper medical supervision, can solve the problems. But, for young men, testosterone replacement is not probable to enhance sperm count and may reduce sperm count.

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3. Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy – Regulate Body Fat Distribution

Regulating body fat distribution is also one of the best benefits of testosterone therapy. Basically, body fat increases because men eat more than they require on a regular basis. Testosterone therapy aids men in their efforts of weight loss by enhancing their desire to take part in many physical activities consisting of sex as well as changing the way fat is delivered in their bodies.  A few men find that testosterone therapy results in a better, new physique for them with healthy eating, increased testosterone levels, and exercise.

4. Increase Lean Muscle Mass

benefits of testosterone therapy-increase lean muscle mass

Basically, increasing lean muscle mass is considered among the best and greatest benefits of testosterone therapy. Men are prone to notice see an increase in the muscle tone with testosterone therapy and they’ll begin to feel learner.  In general, there are many factors affecting weight, so a regular physical activity and a healthy diet are necessary for all men to notice this change.  In addition to the changes in behavior, testosterone can lead to a better-looking body.

Keep reading this writing to know more other benefits of testosterone therapy.

5. Increase Vitality And Energy

An energy deficiency is noticeable in all parts of life, such as on the job, on vacation, at home, etc. For men with low testosterone, they will feel like they lack the desire or ability to perform as many activities as they have done in the past or getting tired more quickly than normal.  Testosterone therapy helps men increase vitality and energy as well.  All movement types require energy, according to physicists.  So, this change will help men have the life as desired.

6. Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy – Increase Bone Density

The bone strength of a person relates to bone density. So, bone density is a vital measure because if the bones are less dense they’re more brittle and prone to break as well. Aging women often face   the problem of low bone density and not something men generally think about it as a health trouble.  But, men with low testosterone level have changes in the bone density as well as have an increased risk of bone breaks and fractures.  Testosterone therapy enhances bone density over time.

7. Boost Fertility

benefits of testosterone therapy-boost fertility

One of the outstanding benefits of testosterone therapy is improving fertility. Fertility can still be a concern for some males with low testosterone since they are younger and still desire to have children. The testosterone effect on the fertility arises from the increased want to have sex. However, testosterone alone isn’t a cure for infertility. Testosterone therapy replacement may be an integral of that therapy.

8. Increase Endurance And Strength

Testosterone therapy will increase the ability to attain achieve physical goals for men who participate in the regular physical activity.  For men who feel declining desire to take part in physical activity, testosterone therapy may increase the desire and make things such as running, lifting weights, walking, as well as hiking much more appealing. So, this is also one of the greatest benefits of testosterone therapy you should know.

9. Benefits Of Testosterone Therapy – Promote Hair Growth

Hair loss is also a common problem in men. And testosterone replacement therapy can promote hair growth effectively. Remember that low testosterone isn’t a cause of baldness, so testosterone therapy isn’t a treatment for baldness.

10. Decrease Risk Of Heart Disease

The best benefits of testosterone therapy must include this advantage. For men, one of the causes of death is heart disease. For men with low testosterone, testosterone therapy can lower the chance of heart disease. Again, physicians need to monitor levels carefully, because high testosterone can enhance the chance of heart disease. Thus, men need the help of a good physician for the appropriate level.

11. Reduce The Chances Of Alzheimer’s Disease

This is also one of the outstanding benefits of testosterone therapy. Testosterone may reduce the risks of Alzheimer’s disease. A few studies have shown that increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease might be caused due to low testosterone levels.  Thus, testosterone therapy can help you solve this problem.

Side Effects Of Testosterone Therapy

Below are a few side effects when using testosterone therapy:

1. Risk Of Stroke, Blood Clots And Mini-Stroke

Testosterone gels raised the risk of stroke – also called a CVA (cerebrovascular accident), according to data in the JAMA and NEJM studies. Men who got testosterone drugs were 30% more likely to experience strokes. The Los Angeles Times reported that some men who engaged in the study had to experienced procedures of “emergency artery-clearing”. Also, men using testosterone have undergone mini-strokes, also called TIA (transient ischemic attacks).  One of the causes, why men using the testosterone therapy drugs have mini-strokes and strokes, may be the fact that the testosterone therapy drugs lead to blood cells to raise in size. As a result, this results in the blood to thicken and promotes the risk of blood clots, which can cause a stroke.

2. Polycythemia

Polycythemia is also one of the side effects of testosterone therapy. It’s a condition characterized by raised levels of red blood cells.

3. Sleep Apnea

Studies indicate that testosterone therapy can exacerbate OSA (obstructive sleep apnea). OSA is one condition in which the flow of air decreases or stops during sleep due to a narrowed or blocked airway. It can lead to stroke, cardiac ischemia and atrial fibrillation. Doctors recommend dealing with OSA prior to starting testosterone therapy.

4. Hormonal Imbalance

The balance of hormones in your body is also affected by testosterone therapy. This can lead to enlargement of male breasts, acne, oily skin, skin irritations, and changes in hair growth and patterns.

5. Dangers To Children, Women, And Pets

Testosterone gels can be dangerous to children and women. This usually happens when males use testosterone gel and the site of application is exposed. Women can experience hair growth or acne, and the unborn baby can be harmed if they are pregnant. Pets exposed to testosterone also become aggressive and violent, and develop enlarged genitals as well.

6. Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is also another side effect of testosterone therapy. Gynecomastia means male breast enlargement because of benign breast tissue growth. It’s aesthetically unappealing while it is benign. It is associated with testosterone aromatization into estradiol in muscle tissue and peripheral fat. This aromatization results in the breast tissue to swell.

7. Small Reduction In HDL Cholesterol

The cholesterol levels are also affected by testosterone therapy. It causes slightly raising LDL cholesterol and slightly lowering HDL cholesterol as well.

8. Fluid Retention In The Extremities

At the first of testosterone therapy, fluid retention can occur in the legs and arms. After the first some months of treatment, it generally resolves.

In fact, the benefits of testosterone therapy will enhance your life dramatically. To read more our helpful posts, you should visit our main Health page. We welcome any comment or question. Leave in the box below.

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