How to treat alcoholism naturally at home: 8 proven ways

Alcoholism is the mental and physical dependence on alcohol, and is a treatable disease. Alcohol addiction is a steady process that occurs due to the changes in the level of the human brain chemicals, resulting from frequent consumption of alcohol. The main chemicals are gamma-aminobutyric acid and dopamine.

A modification in the level of these chemicals increase the alcoholics crave for alcohol in order to make them feel good.
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Fact is, alcoholism impacts the liver, heart, nerves, pancreas and digestive system and if left untreated might result in the death of the alcoholic. Their personal career and relationship might also get impacted.
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The main reasons for developing alcoholism are emotional, psychological and cultural factors. There are a variety of treatments available for alcoholism and before undergoing the drug cure, you can consider using some natural ways which could be done right in your own home.

The foremost factor for the success of cure for alcoholism is the willingness of the sufferer. The following natural tips on how to treat alcoholism at home naturally, collected by, will help you leave alcohol completely. If you try them out, you will definitely succeed.

How To Treat Alcoholism At Home Naturally – 8 Useful Ways

1. Follow A Juice Diet

how to treat alcoholism-follow a juice diet

The first and foremost tip on how to treat alcoholism is planning a juice diet which works for a lot of people. If you have been an alcoholic in the past, then it is crucial for you to go on a juice diet to give up alcohol. If you can drink fresh juices for 10 days, you will steadily stop missing alcohol. The juice will help you crave for less alcohol and you will quit alcohol by the eleventh day. The fresh juice is rather easy to make at home. Choose pineapple juice, orange juice and apple juice.

2. Keep Yourself Focused

how to treat alcoholism-keep yourself focused

Another tip on how to treat alcoholism is to make yourself occupied. When you do not have anything to do, you will begin drinking, obviously. Those people with depression tend to drink alcohol more. when joining in any activity, be it painting or dancing, you will be occupied and stop drinking yourself. Also, be surrounded by happy people and do some productive activities to help your mind be busy. There are a lot of social work organizations that you could take part in. If your own brain is busy, you will quit drinking soon.
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3. The Grape Diet

how to treat alcoholism-the grape diet

A grape diet plan could really help you get rid of alcohol cravings effectively. It is considered one of the most common tips for giving up alcohol. With this diet, you need to eat grapes for approximately 25 days. Do not eat anything else. The wines which are made of grapes can also help you. This diet should be applied for 1 month so you can leave alcohol entirely. Nevertheless, in case you feel uncomfortable in the middle of this process, you should discontinue.

4. Dates

how to treat alcoholism-dates

One of the most popular and oldest home remedies for treating alcoholism is dates. If you cannot give up alcohol, make use of dates. You could rub some dates in the water and start drinking the solution 2-3 times per day. As a result, you will quit alcohol completely. This treatment works wonder. You need to drink it for 1 month to see good results. Alcoholism is something that impacts your own body in a negative way. Thus, have dates as much as you could.

5. Bitter Gourd

how to treat alcoholism-bitter gourd

Not only can bitter gourd help cure your damaged kidney, it also helps you treat alcoholism. As mentioned earlier, alcohol might damage the human kidneys, possibly resulting in death. You could take advantage of bitter gourd juice in the early morning to give up alcohol. The taste is rather bitter but you could still mix it with butter milk to have better taste.

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6. Carrot Juice

how to treat alcoholism-carrot juice

Drinking carrot juice could assist you in quitting alcohol naturally. Carrots could curb the urge of craving for alcohol. Thus, whenever you feel the urge of drinking alcohol, just simply drink one glass of carrot juice. It can also improve your digestive system. Drink one glass of carrot juice on your daily basis to get the best results possible.

7. Change Your Lifestyle

how to treat alcoholism-change your lifestyle

In order to know how to treat alcoholism effectively, you need to learn how to say “no” to your mates. People often begin drinking due to peer pressure.
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When saying no to your friends, they should listen to you.
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In addition, you should also avoid hanging out with those who are alcoholics. Friends should be the ones who stop you from taking alcohol.

8. Take Some Vitamins

how to treat alcoholism-take some vitamins

A crucial B-complex vitamin, B12 could help you regulate the function of your liver; therefore, restoring the normal function of your liver, helping ease alcohol cravings.

Besides, you should also consider taking vitamin C more to quit alcohol fast. The whole body, especially the brain, requires a pretty much level of vitamin C. This nutrient can help mediate the activity of the opiate receptors within the human brain, helping reduce the interest of a person in alcohol and drugs.

Another vitamin you need to take is amino acids to give up alcohol naturally. The amino acids, particularly L-glutamine, are strongly responsible for effectively regulating a few processes within the body. In particular, L-glutamine can help stabilize the mental health as well as the mood, helping breaking the addiction cycle.

Not mention to 8 tips on how to treat alcoholism above, a balanced approach to alcohol recovery might be the best option. Pairing these cures with a balanced recovery program will help you quit alcoholism in no time.

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