34 Home Remedies for Ant Bites Swelling and Itching

home remedies for ant bites swelling

Ant bites is not a killer health issue, at least for those who do not have an allergy to insect bites, such as wasp and bee sting. Ant bites could be actually very distressing and it can lead to something even more hateful than the single painful feeling, which can last for just a few seconds – probably the itchiness that are uncontrollable and hard for many people to cope with. In addition, people will be also forced to struggle with swellings all over the affected skin area caused by the action of histamines, and this could be extremely irritating if you are off for much awaited meeting or a function.

Home Remedies For Ant Bites Swelling – Best Natural Treatments:

Fire ants are highly swarmed and they usually attack just when their nests are facing some signs of danger. The venom of some species of ants can cause problems such as dizziness, shortness of breath or a shock … The reaction of the body depends on the immune system of the person being burned, and it is often worse for the elderly, children, or sick people. Therefore, preventing the chances of ant bites is also the simplest way to ensure health safety.

Today, in this article, I would like to reveal some of the best home remedies for ant bites swelling that are proven to work useful for dealing this issue. The home remedies contain:

Some ant bites can cause a prolonged discomfort. Fortunately, there are a lot of home remedies you can follow easily to treat this common problem. They are:

1. Aspirin

home remedies for ant bites - aspirin

Aspirin tablets contain anti-inflammatory properties, and they can be used for preventing the swelling and also removing the itching and pain that come from severe ant & insect bites. You just need to take an aspirin tablet, crush it to create a paste together with water. Next, you apply this paste on your affected skin then let it leave overnight.

Aspirin is actually effective in treating the swelling and itching caused by ant bites, so try it out!

2. Fruit And Vegetable

fruit and vegetable

Fruits and vegetable juices and extracts bring us a soothing effect on our affected skin. The acidity found in these juices and extracts can help us neutralize and sooth the itching and swelling caused by the ants formic acid. There are some fruits and vegetables commonly used to sooth ant bites. In case you have any succulents available in your kitchen, you can cut them in half and gently rub its liquids on your ant bite to reduce the swelling and itching.

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3. Clay

home remedies for ant bites - clay

Clay is another home remedy for ant bites that you and my other readers should know. You just need to mix clay and water to create a paste. Next, you apply it to your irritation area and the surrounding area. This paste will provide effective relief from itchiness and pain. Natural clay contains good curing properties as well as soothing properties that will make it a great home remedy. In case you have a garden, you can find some clay easily to use.

4. Honey

Honey is an amazing home remedy for ant bites. In fact, honey is very famous as a natural ingredient widely used in several products in various fields, such as beauty, medical, as well as natural remedies to cure ailments. When it comes to home remedies for ant bites, honey, once again, is also one of the best things that people will ever find around! It will help you provide soothing benefits to the skin. It will also reduce the swelling and itching caused by ant bites. As it is a very good solution, so you can apply honey on the bitten area. Let it rest for some time and then wash off, and you will get the better results soon.

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5. Herbal Tea

It is an excellent solution to treat ant bites naturally. You can use herbal tea easily on your affected skin. You can rub wet herbal tea on ant bites to get the best result son. Since the herbal tea contains the antioxidant agents in it, it will help you reduce the swelling and itching caused by ant bites. Especially, you should use black tea to get the best result. In fact, it is an effective one on the list of home remedies for ant bites, so my readers should know and follow it whenever you suffer from itching and swelling caused by ant bites.

6. Cucumber

home remedies for ant bites - cucumber

Cucumber is another one among home remedies for ant bites. It will bring you the instant cooling effect and relief from the pain and irritation caused by ant bite. This natural ingredient and its use as a remedy would be very good for you in this health condition, so you should take a cucumber slice and rub it slightly on your infected skin. Continue reading this entire article to discover other home remedies for ant bites!

7. Milk Paste

In order to soothe itchiness from ant bites, you can create a paste with powdered milk and water in 1:2 ratio. Add a pinch of salt, and apply it to your ant bites. The enzymes containing in the milk powder can help you neutralize the ant’s venom. In fact, milk paste is one of the home remedies used to treat ant bite swelling and itching at home. It is really effective, so you should not skip it out, but follow it as soon as possible to get the best results.

8. Lemon Juice

home remedies for ant bites - lemon juice

Lemon juice is known as one of the best home remedies for ant bites. The acidic nature of lemon will help in removing the poison that gets into the skin due to the ant bite. At first, you need to get a lemon and then take its juice. After that, you directly apply this lemon juice on the ant bite, Use this home remedy regularly until you get a relief from this problem. This can help in reducing the burning sensation. In conclusion, lemon juice, besides several medical and beauty uses, is also one of the best and cheapest home remedies for ant bites that everyone can make use at home with ease!

9. Olive Oil

By using olive oil, your infected area will be relieved. You need to fold a paper towel in half, and put some drops of olive oil on the towel. Next, you dab it on your bitten area and hold this olive oil towel for 5-7 minutes. Leave the olive oil  on your infected area for an hour and a half. Rinse it thoroughly with warm water. This treatment should smooth the skin.

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10. Cornstarch

home remedies for ant bites - cornstarch

Cornstarch is another home remedy for ant bites that I want to reveal in this article. You can create a paste by mixing cornstarch with water. Apply this paste on your ant bites 3-4 times a day. This application can give you the desired results.

11. Onion

Onion is known for its medicinal values. The anti-inflammatory properties of onion can help you in reducing the itching and swelling caused by ant bite. All you need is to place a fresh onion slice on your ant bites in order to get a relief from the swelling and redness resulting from ant bites.

12. Meat Tenderizer

Meat tenderizer is one of the effective home remedies for ant bites. It containing the proteolytic enzyme papain was checked for therapeutic efficacy in the swelling and itching caused by ant bites.  You can apply directly a paste that is created with the use of water and meat tenderizer on your affected area to treat itching, swelling and burning sensation.

13. Lavender Oil And Eucalyptus Oil

lavender oil and eucalyptus oil

You can dab a few drops of these essential oils on your ant bites every few hours to reduce the pain and swelling from them. Apply it in the regular intervals in order to safeguard it from common symptoms related to this condition.

14. Lime Juice

lime juice

Lime juice acts as a natural anti-itch. You can cut open a lime and rub your infected area in some different directions until you feel your swelling and itching better. It also helps to neutralize the poison on the ant bites. Once you have saturated your bite area with the lime juice, you will not get any scabs, pustules, and scars.

15. Worcestershire Sauce

home remedies for ant bites - worcestershire sauce

This is one of the best home remedies for ant bites because this product is often available in your kitchen. This will help in combating the ant bite at once due to the soothing properties it owns. You can pour some sauce over a paper towel and apply it on your infected area for quick relief. The various ingredients can help it to be a great home remedy for bites caused by ants.

16. Raw Potato

Like an onion, a raw potato can also be used to treat a lot of symptoms caused by an ant bite. In fact, potato is well-known and widely used as a popular – one of the most common natural and food material – that is contained in several and various delicious and nutritious dishes all over the world. However, when it comes to home remedies for ant bites, potato is also on top! Everything you need to prepare is a single potato. Cut a thin potato slice and place it on your affected area. This will help in reducing the irritation and swelling caused by ant bite.

17. Peroxide

It can reduce the pain, swelling, and itching. You can bring a spray bottle of some mixtures with you in order to use at once if you know that you will be in an infested place where is far from your house. In fact, this is a great home remedy that can help you reduce the signs and symptoms caused and triggered by the ant bite issue and you will have an ability to cure the issue timely without leaving any harmful effect after all!

18. Cool Compress

home remedies for ant bites - cool compress

Place a cool compress on the area where you were bitten. This will help in alleviating the itching and swelling. It also helps in constrict blood vessels.

19. Hot Water

When it comes to dealing with the horrible swelling and itching, you do not need to make the water too hot that you can get burned. Remember that as hot as you can stand without screaming. Place your affected area under the hot water. At first, you will feel your itch increased, but after a few seconds, you will feel like this itch has been disappeared. You will feel relief for 30-45 minutes. Besides, you should not leave the skin under the hot water past some seconds of relief as there is no extra benefit by this. After some hours, your itch may return, but you can repeat this treatment. Each time, your relief will last longer and your itching will be less.

20. Hand Sanitizer

home remedies for ant bites - hand sanitizer

You should get a bottle of hand sanitizer handy. When you get an ant bite, apply this hand sanitizer to your affected area liberally after brushing off the ants. Let it rest in place. This will be effective in alleviating usual symptoms in a couple of hours and you can continue with your daily activities. When you get back home, follow other home remedies for ant bites to get the best results.

21. Ammonia

As soon as you are bitten, use ammonia to wash the area as quickly as you can. A common product containing ammonia is Windex or other window cleaner products. This will help you minimize the effects of the swelling and itching. A touch of ammonia on your ant bite will neutralize the venom immediately. In fact, this is also one of the most effective home remedies for ant bites that everyone should try making use at the comfort of their own home if they are suffering from this skin issue.

22. Diluted Bleach

The ant’s venom is a mixture of an oily alkaloid and a little protein, and your chance to relieve the effect of ant bite is to break down the protein quickly. You can dab the ant bite with diluted bleach. A simple solution of half water and half bleach applied to the area can relieve the pain and itching. However, this remedy is not effective in case more than 15 minutes have passed, so it is important to apply it quickly.

23. Fingernail Polish

You can also use clear fingernail polish on ant bites and it will work. It takes a couple of minutes to calm down and you can see no swelling and itching after that.

24. Baking Soda:

home remedies for ant bites-baking soda

This is the first out of the most effective home remedies for ant bites swelling and itching that I want to introduce in this full writing.

Baking soda can help to restore the pH balance of human skin and prevent any type of skin infection and itching that might be caused by the ant bites. To make use of this method, you just need to prepare some baking soda and add water to form a thick paste. Use the paste to rub onto your affected skin areas directly and then apply a thin coat of that paste onto your skin as well.

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25. Aloe Vera:

home remedies for ant bites-aloe vera

This is also one of very easy to apply home remedies for ant bites that you can find right in the kitchen. Aloe vera gel can provide an immediate cooling effect on your skin and this will thereby help to soothe the swelling, pain, and itching. The gel extracted from the fresh aloe plant could be very effective for soothing ant bites if you use it to apply onto your affected skin area. Apply this method whenever your situation is required and let it dry on its own.

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26. Soap Bar:

home remedies for ant bites-soap bar

You should apply a soap bar as soon as you get an ant bite. A soap bar could be gently pressed and rubbed onto your affected skin areas and spots. This method would bring about a protective coating, covering the skin surface and preventing the activity of the harmful bacteria, as well as destroying the bacteria on the skin surface that might migrate to your deeper skin layers through wounds and cuts. Pressing the soap onto the affected area is also an useful way to inhibit the swelling, pain, and itching. Use the soap bar to rub onto your skin with the bites many times throughout the day. This would be best for you to make use of an antibacterial soap for this purpose.

In fact, this is one of the best home remedies for ant bites swelling and itching that people should remember to learn and make use for good!

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27. Apple Cider Vinegar:

home remedies for ant bites-apple cider vinegar

This is a powerful antibacterial and inflammatory agent. You just need to apply apple cider vinegar to prevent the infections and also to control the pain and the itchiness associated with any ant bite. It can also help to prevent skin swelling if you apply it onto the skin on time, and in case of peeled skin due to scratching, it will help you heal up faster.

28. Calamine:

home remedies for ant bites-calamine

Another out of the most effective home remedies for ant bites swelling and itching that I would like to introduce in this writing and want my readers to make use is calamine.

Calamine is well-known for soothing the skin and preventing swelling and itching on the skin caused by any insect bite, including ant bites. To make use of this home remedy, you just need to apply calamine lotion in abundant amounts and let it stay till the discomfort and itching totally reduced or disappear. This will allow you to completely take care of the ant bites as well as preventing further distress.

29. Alcohol:

home remedies for ant bites-alcohol

Another out of the most efficient home remedies for ant bites swelling that people should not look down is making use of alcohol.

Using alcohol or any type of products or beverages containing high content of alcohol to rub onto the affected skin area could be used on insect bites, such as ant bites, to suppress the activity of histamine as well as preventing swelling.

Alcohol can also help to prevent the pain and itching due to the astringent effect it contains. Dab some mouthwash, alcohol, or vodka and let it stay for a while. Apply fresh coats every now and then until the swelling and itching completely subsides.

30. Salt:

home remedies for ant bites-salt

Another out of simple home remedies for ant bites that I want to mention in this article is salt. Applying salt onto the affected skin area is also a great method to prevent your body from the influences of the infections, as well as preventing swelling, itching, and scratching on the skin. Make a paste using a proper amount of salt and water. Use this mixture to rub onto your skin thoroughly and let that coat stay on your skin to prevent skin itching and swelling. This can help to make use that you do not scratch the area and there would be no spread of germs to the surface of your skin.

In fact, this is also one of the simplest to follow yet also effective home remedies for ant bites swelling that I would like to introduce in this entire writing and want my readers to learn and apply to stop the ant bites issue fast and effectively.

31. Tea Tree Oil:

tea tree oil

You can dilute tea tree oil and use it to apply onto the affected skin areas with ant bites if you suffer from severe swelling and itching. This might take care of the distress as well as preventing people from scratching the affected skin regions. Tea tree oil is extremely potent and you should not apply this tip without getting the oil diluted because it can lead the skin to get burned. Tea tree oil can also aid well in keeping any germs and bacteria out from the ant bite areas, thereby inhibit any secondary infection from the surface of your skin.

This is also among the best home remedies for ant bites that people should learn and apply at home.

32. Tea Bags:

home remedies for ant bites-tea bags

Tea bags also contain powerful anti-inflammatory properties because of the tannic acid content contained in tea bags. Let the tea bags cool after moistening and press them onto the ant bite areas as soon as you can. This is actually a wonderful way to suppress the itching and swelling at the same time. Pressing can also aid in controlling the sensations of itching and pain, and this help you control and take care of the bites caused by ants, as well as preventing any inflammation and scar.

33. Toothpaste:

home remedies for ant bites-toothpaste

Thanks to the presence of menthol or peppermint or the cloves presented in most brands of toothpaste contains a powerful cooling effect for the skin. You just need to use toothpaste to apply onto the area so that the pain and itching will be numbed. This will also help in preventing the skin swelling from being formed because the action of histamine is masked when you apply the toothpaste onto your skin. Toothpaste with peppermint can help effectively to soothe the skin as well and many people prefer using this type rather than many other varieties. In fact, using toothpaste is one of the fastest ways to prevent the skin swelling.

34. Vinegar:

home remedies for ant bites-vinegar

Vinegar has natural antibacterial properties so that it can help to prevent any bacterial action on the surface of the skin if it has been peeled, resulted from scratching with your nails. For soothing this issue, you need to make use of white vinegar instantly to apply onto your affected skin areas, and this will also help well to control the itch and also prevent you from scratching the areas as well. This is actually one of the best home remedies for ant bites that people should not miss!

35. Ice:

home remedies for ant bites-ice

This is the last but also very important out of the list containing the best home remedies for ant bites that I want to introduce in this entire article.

The histamine action is one of the major causes of the skin swelling and making sure that the histamines will not stay and expose on your skin. This is actually the best way to get rid of skin itching and swelling and prevent them to become more severe. You just need to get an ice cube and use it to apply onto the spots of bites. This can act as a natural anti histamine and numb the pain and the itching as well.

It is not common to be allergic to ant bites, but in case you are, you need to see the doctor immediately. Swelling and itching are normal, but in case you have some severe symptoms, you need medical treatment. Some symptoms are:

  • Ÿ nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
  • Ÿ difficulty breathing, tightness in the chest
  • Ÿ hives, itching and swelling in areas out of the area where you were bitten
  • Ÿ swelling of the tongue, throat and lips, difficulty swallowing
  • Ÿ anaphylactic shock, which can result in blackout, dizziness, and cardiac arrest

Now, after reading this entire article and learning exactly how you can make use of home remedies for ant bites swelling to overcome the hateful and stubborn feelings due to ant bites, what you should do next is spending more time if you can to learn ways to deal with the mosquito bites (another type of the bites caused by insects) problem – the Top 13 Natural Home Remedies For Mosquito Bites ForToddlers article. This is actually a revolutionary gathering of proven effective and safe tips that can help people know what to do if they get an itching bite triggered by a mosquito and how to relieve the symptoms and the complications without using any type of drug, pill, or medication. In fact, the home remedies that this article includes are proven good for every case of mosquito bite as long as the sufferers do not have any killer allergy to this insect, so people should spend time reading this list to get more knowledge of how to deal with this skin issue as effective as possible. One more thing, the natural remedies revealed in this article are 100% based on nature ingredients and safe to use so that people should not concern about this!

The full article I revealed today consist of some of the best home remedies for ant bites swelling and itching that readers of VKool.com and other people who are also looking for natural ways to solve the problem caused by ant bites. These home remedies are 100% based on nature and proven simple to follow at home using just available natural ingredients in the kitchen so that everyone even newbies can make use of them without dealing with any difficulty.

If you think that the home remedies for ant bites swelling and itching that I introduced above will work for your skin issue due to ant bites, and if you also want to share these home remedies widely to make use together with other people struggling or concerning about this skin issue, you can share it without hesitating about anything. As an author, I always want to see my readers’ personal opinions and thoughts, as well as evaluations for my articles, so remember to leave your feedbacks and comments in the comment form below to let me see yours!

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