Best home remedies for pollen allergies symptoms – 6 tips

Many people around the world, especially millions of Americans, have suffered from irritants and seasonal allergies each year. The causes of seasonal allergies may include spring’s pollens, smog in summer, falling leaves in autumn and dust in winter. However, in this article’s content, I only want to emphasize the best home remedies for pollen allergies symptoms.

Best Home Remedies For Pollen Allergies Symptoms – Effective Ways Forever

As I mentioned before, pollen is one of the pollutants that cause seasonal allergies. The triggers for seasonal allergies vary from pollen, smog, falling leaves and dust in house. Every year, millions of people experience the annoying and continuous symptoms which vary from hay, fever to severe allergies. The symptoms for patients include postnasal drip, sneezing, coughing and red eyes. Some allergies may be mild and the symptoms will disappear after a few weeks. However, certain allergies, for example allergic asthma and bee stings, may lead to death if not treated immediately. Therefore, it is important to visit the doctor if you suspect that you have allergies. The doctors will help you diagnose the disease and give you the necessary treatments if your allergies are fatal.

Besides life-threatening allergies, some common allergies including pollen allergies have the best home remedies for pollen allergies symptoms. By applying these treatments, you can reduce the amount of drugs, medicines and limit the expense spent to treat as well as avoid side effects. BrunildaNazario,  who is a medical editor of WedMD said that nowadays, the way people fight seasonal allergies no longer depends on medicine or technology but natural treatments. In this article, I will refer to pollen allergies, one of the seasonal allergies. As author of, I would like to share with you some useful tips to keep pollen allergies at bay.

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1. Control The Symptoms By Using Saline Solution:

home remedies for pollen allergies-control the symptoms by using saline solution

It is important to treat pollen allergies before the symptoms may get worse. One of the simple home remedies for pollen allergies is to use saline solution. Saline may help you wash away pollen from your nose and alleviate respiratory allergies. It also removes pollutants that are stuck in your nose. Saline solution can be bought at drug stores. Another choice is home-made saline solution. You can do it at home by adding sufficient salt into the warm water. After that, mix enough baking soda with solution to make treatment. You should bend a sink and let one or two drops drip into one nostril at a time. Repeat this treatment twice a week to achieve the better results.

2. Take A Shower:

home remedies for pollen allergies-take a shower

If you are allergic to pollen and need to go out in the pollen season, you should wash your hair and take a shower after coming back home in order to remove all the pollen. This tip is effective as one of the best home remedies for pollen allergies. In the pollen season, much sticky stuff tends to stick on your hair and they can easily fall into your eyes and nose. By removing all stuff on your hair, you avoid getting pollen allergies. Even when you wake up in the morning with coughing and sneezing, taking a shower is the effective treatment to wash all the pollen residues on your body. If your eyes feel itchy and painful but you do not want to seek for medicine treatment, I suggest that you should rinse your eyes with cool water to soothe the pain.

3. Wear A Mask Or Sunglasses:

home remedies for pollen allergies-wear a mask or sunglasses

When you get diagnosed with pollen allergies, exposing to the polluted air may worsen your symptoms. Therefore, you should spend less time on smoggy days than usual. In case you need to go out, please wear a mask and sunglasses. It will keep the airborne factors like pollens from attacking you. Moreover, you should always close your window during pollen season because a spring breeze may blow the pollens into your house. Air purifiers many people use may help you limit the indoor pollens but it may stir up dust which can lead to respiratory allergies.

4. Pepper Tea Provide Relief:

home remedies for pollen allergies-pepper tea provide relief

If you want to find home remedies on how to cure allergies to pollen, pepper tea is something you should not skip. Peppermint has not only delicious smell but also decongestant effects. The possible reason may be that pepper tea has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients. In order to make this treatment, you should add ½ peppermint leaves into a 1-quart jar. Pour the boiling water into the jar and wait it warm for a few minutes. You can add a little sweetener if you want. However, it is important not to let children drink pepper tea because menthol in this tea may make them choke.

5. Acupuncture:

home remedies for pollen allergies-acupuncture

If you want to look for home remedies for pollen allergies, you should consider acupuncture, which is traditional medical Chinese practice. Annals of Internal Medicine published a study to show that acupuncture may help people with hay fever feel relief. In this study, patients with pollen allergies were asked to try dozen of acupuncture and the results showed the more significant decrease in symptoms than the patients who had medicine treatment or who did not try anything.

6. Let Your Face Steam:

home remedies for pollen allergies-let your face steam

Irritated sinuses may be treated and soothed when you breathe steam. This way on home remedies for pollen allergies also helps to free the nasal passages. Although it needs a long time to treat, you can feel wonderful and relief. In order to do this treatment, you boil water and pour it into several cups or a big bowl. Lean over the big bowl with a towel covering over your head. When finishing, the warm water can be used for another purpose.

Dip the washcloth into that warm water and hold it on your sinuses.

I had suggested 6 best home remedies for pollen allergies symptoms. I hope that you will find this article helpful and informative. Do you have any question to ask? If yes, please leave it bellow. I will answer all your questions soon.

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