List of best lycopene rich foods – top 13 choices

Whether you are a health specialist or not, the benefit of antioxidants in the human health is known to all. People are always finding the best ways to add more antioxidants to their daily diets. And according to a research, lycopene found in foods are the richest source of antioxidant.

Lycopene is a kind of bright red phytochemical found in vegetables and fruits. It is a powerful antioxidant, not an essential vitamin. The antioxidant can lower the amount of free radicals in your body. Taking in lycopene can help you reduce the risks of stroke, heart disease, cancers of the stomach, lungs, prostate, breast, and osteoporosis. Lycopene is not toxic and it can be taken in the large amounts, although consuming too much lycopene can bring your skin a temporary red tint.Lycopene contains strong antioxidant agents, which means that it can remove free radicals from the body. Free radicals can cause harms to cells and DNA and are one of the causes of any different kinds of cancers, others diseases, and some aging signs. Free radicals can be a result of consuming alcohol, smoking,exposure to pollution and excessive sun exposure.

Top 13 Best Lycopene Rich Foods

lycopene rich foods - lycopene rich foods

If lycopene is not used by your body, it will be left to mop up the free radicals. For instance, lycopene can collect in the lungs’ tissues and then quench the free radicals there, preventing them from damaging the cells. Therefore, it is thought to be effective in preventing many kinds of cancers. Lycopene can internally protect the body from damaging sun radiation, hence helping to prevent sunburn and even skin cancer.

Consider adding more lycopene-rich foods to your daily diet in order to improve the health. The recommended lycopene dose is 4-8 mg daily. There are many foods that are the best sources of lycopene and are advised to consume more by health specialist.

In the article today, I would like to reveal some of the best lycopene rich foods in details so you should keep your head on the following interesting nutritional facts and the list of foods that contain the high amount of lycopene. The foods rich in lycopene I would like to introduce in the sections belowand you should learn carefully to make use are:

1. Tomatoes

lycopene rich foods - tomatoes

This is the first out of the best lycopene rich foods that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and make use for good!

For a full dose of lycopene per day, do not forget to mention tomatoes.Tomatoes are known as one of the best lycopene rich foods in the average diet. Tomatoes are a great source of lycopene when they are fresh. A cup of fresh tomatoes will have 6.7 mg of lycopene.

However, the amount of lycopene will release up to 3 times when they are consumed as a cooked tomatoes or a juice.Consuming tomatoes in ketchup, pasta sauce or soup diet is a great way of increasing the lycopene amount in your diet. These products are the mixture of tomatoes and the water removed or lycopene-concentrated forms.Deep red tomatoes include more lycopene than tomatoes that are ripened off the vine.

As you know that lycopene is fat soluble, so taking it in with a small oil amount can help it become easier to absorb.

Tomatoes actually contain the high amount of lycopene, so do not skip it!

2. Guava

lycopene rich foods - guava

Red or pink guava is a great source of lycopene. Guava is also called a super-fruit because of its wonderful health benefits. Besides, guava also contains large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C and guava seeds are also a source of dietary fiber and omega-3.

Guavas can be grown indoors in places where are in temperate climates. They can be eaten fresh, juiced or made into jams.

This is in fact one on the list of lycopene rich foods that people should learn and make use to prevent your body from heart disease and cancer.

3. Papaya

lycopene rich foods - papaya

Papaya is a tropical fruit grown widely in warm places of the world. Lycopene is a compound that is found in the ripe and red flesh of this fruit. Papaya is available from April to October and is often found green in the grocery stores. In order to ripen it, place it in a dry and cool place for a few days until the flesh emits a fragrant aroma. This healthy fruit is often eaten raw and it also has the same lycopene amount as guava. A cup of papaya contains 2.6 mg of lycopene, which will give you all of the lycopene you require to balance your daily diet. Papaya is not only high in lycopene, but also low in calories.However, some people can be allergic to this fruit, so if you want to consume this fruit, you should take caution, especially when consuming it for the first time. Besides, trying on dried papaya for a snack is a great way for you to increase the intake of lycopene.

In fact, this is also among the best lycopene rich foods so that people should add more of this healthy fruit into your daily diet o get a healthy body.

4. Watermelon

lycopene rich foods - watermelon

Watermelon is not just a fantastic summer fruit that maintains water content in your body and keeps it stay cool in the summer. If you are looking for another reason to enjoy some deliciously juicy, fresh and crunchy watermelon, now here you get it.

Do you know that red fleshed watermelon is a food source that includes about 40% more lycopene than a fresh tomato. Consuming just 1 wedge of watermelon will give you the daily amount of lycopene. In order to choose a ripe watermelon to get the optimum level of lycopene, you should find an uncut watermelon with a dried and brown stem. This good fruit should also get a hollow sound when firmly tapped. In addition, watermelon is also a rich source of vitamin C. It can be consumed fresh, pickled, grilled or in a salad.

This is, in brief, the best one in the list of lycopene rich foods for human beings so that people should not look down yet try to make use of adding this fruit to your daily diet and enjoy a healthy body.

Continue reading the following sections of this entire article to discover other ones in the entire list of lycopene rich foods!

5. Grapefruit

lycopene rich foods - grapefruit

Both red and pink-colored grapefruit have the same lycopene amount as a fresh tomato. Consuming one serving of this fruit during breakfast can give you daily need of antioxidants. Although this fruit is bitter, it has a lot of health benefits. Some studies say that this fruit can help you lower the cholesterol levels. Besides, it is also a rich source of fiber and vitamin C. However, you need to be careful when drinking grapefruit juice, as it can cause the increase in developing kidney stones.

This is actually also one out of the best lycopene rich foods that a lot of people in the world love and have been making use to reduce the risks of cancers.

6. Rose hips

lycopene rich foods - rose hips

Another one on the list of lycopene rich foods that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to make use is that rose hips can help to prevent your body from cancer risks.

Rose hips contain a smaller amount of lycopene compared to the other fruits that are listed in this article but they have a lot of other health benefits. They are known as one of the best sources of vitamin C. They also have vitamin A, vitamin B and other essential fatty acids. Rose hips may also be an useful ingredient to help you treat arthritis. They can be used to make into a jelly or to brew as tea.

7. Soups

lycopene rich foods - soups

This is also one on the list of lycopene rich foods that people should learn and make use for good, especially those struggling with sunburn and heart disease.

Soups have a variety of ingredients that make this meal balance in nutrition. Most of the soups work as a rich source of lycopene. Especially, beef noodle soup is known to have the most lycopene because of the fact that it can contain tomatoes. Besides, clam chowder may be known as a similar source of lycopene as well.

8. Asparagus

lycopene rich foods - asparagus

If you want to know another interesting and useful one out on the list of lycopene rich foods you should add to your diet to increase the lycopene content in your body, a special thing to mention here will be the asparagus. These green bean stalks are added to your meals to get the full lycopene intake. All you need to do is to blanch it a little, and then stir-fry it in garlic and butter, with a bit sprinkling of pepper and salt. And the result that you have a delicious dish ready to gobble and a fantastic supply of lycopene. In order to use asparagus, you need to know some following tips. Asparagus may face fewer threats such as disease or insects, so maybe fewer pesticides require to be used. In order to choose asparagus, look for firm spears that are with bright green and similar thickness. Store them in the fridge vegetable crisper, and then give a good rinse to them before using them, even if you will boil them.

9. Strawberries

lycopene rich foods - strawberries

Another one out on the list of lycopene rich foods that I would like to reveal in this entire article today and want you and my other readers to learn and consider making use of these fruits if you are trying to prevent the body from the risks of cancers.

Strawberries both raw and ripe are very high in the lycopene content. The antioxidant in this healthy fruit helps your body fight oxidation in cells as well as other body’s parts. Besides, strawberries also have a high level of vitamin C.

If you want to know other ones on the list of lycopene rich foods, you should not skip this article, but continue reading it.

10. Dried Herbs

lycopene rich foods - dried herbs

Dried herbs like basil and parsley contain a great source of lycopene content. A generous sprinkling of any of these herbs will not only emphasize their aroma and flavor, but also will offer your body with a great supply of antioxidants in the lycopene form. If you really love these herbs, now you get one more reason to eat them.

In fact, this is among the best lycopene rich foods so that people should consider adding more dried herbs to the daily diet to consume for good!

11. Chili Powder

lycopene rich foods - chili powder

Another one out on the list of lycopene rich foods that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want all of my readers to learn and remember is to make use of this food for daily dishes. If you love a bit of spice, you will have one more reason to add extra chili powder to our daily dishes. Chili powder is really rich in lycopene.

12. Red Cabbage

lycopene rich foods - red cabbage

Whether you are slicing them down for making a side or tossing them into a salad, red cabbage can be the best ingredient you can get to increase the antioxidant level in the body. Therefore, in order to prepare coleslaw, choose red cabbage as the variety of its antioxidant power will boost your system successfully.

This is also a great one on the list of lycopene rich foods that people should not look down but learn and consider adding more red cabbage into the daily diet as soon as possible.

13. Liver

lycopene rich foods - liver

This is the last but very important out of the best lycopene rich foods that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to make use of liver if they are trying to prevent the body from cancers and heart disease. A good liver pate can be the only thing you need to get a good amount of lycopene in the body. Besides, you can also try on lamb livers or stir-fried beef.

Some tips to increase lycopene in your daily diet:

Ÿ Add sun-dried tomatoes to a veggie sandwich or mix them into bread dough.

Ÿ Add canned salsa or tomatoes to a bean burrito.

Ÿ Drink tomato juice to quench your thirst.

Ÿ For a lycopene rich meal, eat he old standby-pasta along with marinara sauce.

Ÿ For a refreshing day, enjoy a pink grapefruit.

Increasing the consumption of lycopene can help you fight against cancer. Lycopene has also been proven to be a great way to slow down the process of aging by fighting the bad effects of free radicals.

Although lycopene is not an essential nutrient, it does not do much harm when using in higher doses. In worst instances, people who get excessive lycopene in the blood will become an orange skin color, and if you limit the consumption of lycopene, your skin will return to normal in several weeks. In addition, there have been some studies which disprove the link between high consumption of lycopene and lower cancer risks. However, as lycopene causes little to no harm, it is generally said as a highly beneficial property to help lower the risk of cancers.

Lycopene is typically available as a dietary supplement in oil-based and soft-gels form. As its wonderful effects on human health, fruits and vegetables that contain lycopene should be added into our balanced diet to make use of their cancer-fighting agents. There are no evidence about side effects from consuming food resources that are rich in lycopene or taking in lycopene dietary supplements. Although it is on the safe side, you should also follow the standard dosage. It is possible when the amount of lycopene you consume much more than the amount your body can utilize, especially if you are eating lycopene supplements. Below are some possible side effects showing that you are taking in too much lycopene:

Ÿ Stomach issues: With excessive lycopene consumption, diarrhea, stomach cramps, nausea, gas or even vomiting can happen. If you are consuming a large amount of lycopene rich foods, especially tomato-based foods, you should consider decreasing this amount if you can see any improvement. Due to the acidic aspect of tomatoes, they can irritate your stomach ulcers rather than lycopene being the culprit.

Ÿ Low blood pressure: Intake of excessive lycopene may cause low blood pressure. You need to take caution if you are already using medicines to lower the blood pressure.

Ÿ Allergic reactions or intolerance: If you have any allergies to tomatoes or lycopene rich foods, consider decreasing the amount of lycopene in your daily diet. You should check up supplement labels to make sure that you are not allergic to any of the additional ingredients.

ŸLycopendodermia: This side effect occurs when you eat an excessive amount of red-colored foods such as chili beans, beets, tomatoes, berries and other fruits. And the result is a reddish discoloration of the skin. Some people reported seeing this side effect after drinking an excessive amount of concentrated tomato juice.

ŸMedication interactions: Lycopene links with some chemotherapy properties used to treat cancers, the antibiotic ciprofloxacin as well as olestra. In case that you are consuming any of these above medications and you think that you are consuming too much lycopene, you should talk with the doctor.

Another thing that I want you and my other readers to do after reading this entire article and learning many interesting things and facts about the best, most useful lycopene rich foods as well as how to make use of them to take excellent amongst of lycopene in order to prevent the attacks of diseases is to spend time reading another article that reveals some of the best antioxidant rich foods and drinks- the The 17 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods And Drinks To Fight Cancer article. This is actually an interesting gathering of the best foods and drinks containing the huge amount of antioxidants that people can make use to fight cancer with ease and without concerning about side effects. These foods and drinks have already supported many people in the world effectively in preventing and dealing with some cancer risks without leading to any unwanted effect so that readers of should read this suggested article and catch the nutritional benefits of these foods and drinks for good.

This is the list of 13 best lycopene rich foods that everyone who wants to know where to find lycopene should read and remember for good. In fact, these fruits and vegetables that I mentioned in this article have been already proven healthy and also delicious foods that can be eaten raw or used to make several dishes, such as salads, smoothies, stir-dried dishes, and fresh juices, so many people in the world love them. The wonderful benefits of these foods are actually proven so you should not worry when making use of these vegetables and fruits.

After reading the list of lycopene rich foods and learn how to make use of these foods to prevent from several health issues, if you feel that this list is very good for your current health condition and can also help other people you know who are trying to prevent from heart disease, cancers and other health issues that I mentioned above, you should share this list with them and encourage them to add more these foods to their own daily diet. One more thing, as an author of Vkool, I always want to know my readers’ opinions, so remember to leave your feedbacks and comments in the comment section below, I promise that I will reply you as soon as possible.

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