Health & Nutritional Benefits Of Coconut Water – 10 Advantages

benefits of coconut water

Fresh coconut water has long been used as a fancy drink and used to process a lot of healthy and delicious dishes, such as to marinate with beef, pork to add flavor, to make fresh coconut juice, to make coconut ice-cream … Recently, there is a delicious dish which is also made from coconut water and sold widely on the market – coconut jelly.

It is widely enjoyed for the refreshing, cooling effect, making people feel better in hot weather.

Health Benefits Of Coconut Water – Best Nutritional Values:

The reason that coconut water is used so widely is because coconut water is very beneficial for health and it contains many precious nutrients. In this article, I would like to introduce some of the best nutritional benefits of coconut water so that you should keep your mind in this list if you are a coconut lover.

1. Beautify Skin: 

benefits of coconut water

This is the first out of the health benefits of coconut water that I would like to introduce in this article.

Researchers have shown that cytokinin found in coconut water can help to regulate the growth of skin cells. Besides, coconut water contains lauric acid which can reduce the aging of skin cells, balance the PH levels, and keep the skin’s tissue connections strong, as well as moisturizing the skin well.

Therefore, you just need to apply coconut water onto your skin by rubbing up this water onto the ugly skin area every night before going to bed. This can help to reduce acne, wrinkles, stretch marks, skin tags, itching, and eczema.

2. Increase Energy Levels: 

benefits of coconut water

Due to the more abundant content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients than other drinks, coconut water is a great energy drink.

In particular, coconut water contains less sugar and sodium than other sport drinks, but it provides more potassium, calcium, and chloride which can help to enhance the energy levels of your body, giving you the optimal energy supply. Therefore, people should add more coconut water to their daily diet.

3. Good For Cardiovascular Health: 

benefits of coconut water

According to the researchers, those who have high blood pressure often has low potassium levels. Therefore, drinking coconut water regularly can be quite effective in regulating blood pressure due to high concentrations of potassium and lauric acid. This is also one of the best health benefits of coconut water that people should not look down!

4. Reduce The Risk Of Dehydration:

benefits of coconut water

Dehydration is currently a common health issue that many people are facing in the world. There are many causes for this situation, and one of the leading causes of dehydration is due to the lack of water drinking habit in people’s daily life! Coconut water is very rich in potassium and other minerals, so it can adjust the insider fluids and add water to the body. It has been used to treat dehydration when you are suffering from dysentery, cholera, diarrhea, flu, and electrolyte imbalance. This is also another health benefit of coconut water that people should know and make use of for good, especially those who are facing the risk of being dehydrated!

5. Good For Digestion: 

benefits of coconut water

Coconut water contains lauric acid which when entering the body will be converted into monolaurin. Monolaurin will help to antiviral, antibacterial, anti-helminth parasites, and fight against other gastrointestinal infections in children and adults.

6. Help To Lose Weight: 

benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is a natural electrolyte beverage which can help to enhance the body’s metabolism. Therefore, it is very beneficial for those who are struggling with weight issues. If you are among people who really want to lose some extra pounds, you should make use of this delicious and cool drink!

7. Improve The Immune System: 

benefits of coconut water

Coconut water is a sterile liquid which is very low in fat and calories but rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Some of the main nutrients in coconut water include lauric acid, chloride, iron, potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, and phosphorus. In fact, the amount of potassium in coconut water is 2 times higher than the amount of potassium in bananas.

Therefore, this is also one of the best nutritional benefits of coconut water that people should make use of!

8. Reduce The Risks Of Urinary Problems:

benefits of coconut water

If you drink coconut water regularly, it can help to reduce the risks of urinary problems. Those who suffered from painful urination, urinary, and other diseases should drink coconut water to relieve the symptoms fast and effectively.

9. Kill The Intestinal Bacteria: 

benefits of coconut water

Drinking coconut water with a teaspoon of olive oil in three days will help to kill the bacteria in the intestine and cleanse the stomach, helping to ease your digestion. This is also a very good benefit for health that coconut water brings to human health.

10. Reduce And Prevent The Risks Of Kidney Stone: 

benefits of coconut water

This is the last but not least out of the nutritional benefits of coconut water that I would like to introduce in this article and hope to be effective for you!

People with kidney problems or those with the signs of kidney stones should drink coconut water in addition to use the drugs.

Drinking coconut water in a regular basis will help to dissolve kidney stones and make them easier to escape from the body.

This is the list of 10 health benefits of coconut water that will be useful and necessary to know to the readers of who really love to improve health with natural ingredients. In fact, these benefits are proven by science and the experience of many people so that you should not suspense the information I revealed

If you see that the health benefits of coconut water that I – author Lien Nguyen – revealed in the article above are very useful for you and other people you know who also love drinking coconut water but do not know about its benefits, feel free to share this list with them and do not forget to let me know your own thoughts by commenting in the form below!

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