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What is Augur?

Augur is a prediction market under the Ethereum system that allows people to make earnings off of potential events. The pot of earnings is increased depending on how unlikely a prediction is. By being decentralized and through offering worldwide coverage, anyone can part and stake cryptocurrency to decide what a future outcome may be.

They offer tokens known as REP and with this anyone can take part with Augur, using what’s known as the wisdom of the crowd so everyone gets a say in predicting what the future may be.

What can Augur do?

Anyone taking advantage of Augur is able to do two things. Participate or create markets to different questions, and secondly is putting up stake to potentially make a return on investment.

Crafting a Marketplace

To first start a new prediction market you have to put up some Ethereum to begin your own questions for people to vote on. You’ll get half of all trade fees for as long as the marketplace is active.
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The actual fees are actually presented by the users, and the company says this is much lower than other prediction markets.  As someone who is creating a market it’s highly recommend to not making the fees to high, since if it is, you’re less likely to get anyone to want to join in. You also have to make the fees more than what you put in Ethereum to help cover our initial startup fee; otherwise you end up losing money on each marketplace.


Another unique thing about Augur is the ability to create what’s known as a trade share. It’s similar in structure to a stock market, where you are able to buy shares to help predict if a future event will occur.

This allows people to put in up to 1 ETH while also giving higher price of shares depending if the outcome is likely.

By staying up to date on what’s happening in the market, people interested in selling can look at trends and stay updated to see what the shares are when an event seems to be either likely or unlikely. Another way to maximize funds is by making an accurate prediction and retaining your earnings so it maximizes when you’re ready to pull out.

There are some fees such as creators and reporting fees in order to keep Augur up to date, and if you earn a large amount then this number will increase to correspond with your gains.

REP Coins

They even have their own token known as REP or Reputation. When you put more REP at stake you get a higher earning after you report what you gained.
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This is useful when prediction markets are finished, and you can see whether or not you were accurate in your prediction.  Here’s an informative graph to highly what the process is like:

An additional step is to do what’s known as getting a designated reporter. 3 days from when the final decision is made on a market, the designated report can put forth their solution to arbitrate with the already decided outcome.

If the designated report has no need to try and stop this outcome, then it skips to the next reporting process where there is no need for the total 27 days.

When challenging an event you stake what’s referred to as a dispute bond. This requires putting REP on the line and if you are successful in arbitration, then you get both the dispute bond and original fund back.

The Team and its Results

The company stated in 2024 and was created as a way for anyone to take advantage of a decentralized prediction system. This ended up receiving a total of 11 million REP tokens sold to over 4,000 early backers.

There is a total team of 15 people, as well as 7 advisors, including the founder of Ethereum, a professor of law at New York Law School, and an economist.
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Because there aren’t a lot of predicting markets currently operating, it’s a niche marketplace where Augur has been able to hold a large stake of the market. They are also unique in how they distribute funds.

The company has a goal of released the official full platform in 2024, and they offer their software for free.

The way they secure an income is by getting fees from the trading volume, so the more participation by users, the more the company is able to thrive.


During their open crowdsale they ended up selling a total of 11 million REP tokens. This development allowed them to have a current value of $57.64 USD, and a full market cap of $634,024,600 USD.

They’ve been steadily increasing their REP token in value with the new developments such as releasing their beta version. A lot of new developments have occurred and most recently they were able to begin a beneficial collaboration with IDEO COLab.  They’ve also been stable in the month of February, hovering at the same price.

They have a lot of developments which you can read about on their Wiki page.

Where to get REP

Kraken, Bittrex, Poloniex, Upbit, Bitfinex, ChaoEX, Gatehub, Mr. Exchange, Hit BTC, Abucoins, Liecoin, Radar Relay,,, Cryptopia, BX Thailand, RippleFox, Mercatox, IDEX, BigONE, Qryptos, and Exrates currently offer REP.

Their evaluation for pricing can change, and what the offer in exchange is also different. Some offer trade for BTC, USD, ETH, EUR, JPY, and USDT.

The company has grown and though they initially were only available on major trading marketplaces, they are now widely distributed in ranging amounts and volume. We recommend looking online to find the most recent updates.

Storing REP

You can choose a hardware wallet such as a USB drive or some sort of online wallet like Exodus. Just like any other wallet it’s recommended to make a secure password and not sharing confidential information online.
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You can also make a paper wallet using the MyEtherWallet, since it is based on the Ethereum framework.
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Augur Contact Info

They do have social media and a Reddit forum you can visit.




Email: [email protected]

Augur vs Gnosis

Gnosis is also a predictive market which runs using the Ethereum platform. This has a lot of similarities in that it’s global, and allows people to put forward questions which are then voted on. They came out in 2024 and are limiting themselves to at total of 9 million coins. THE GNO coin is currently valued at $157.70.

Augur vs Golum

With Golum users can take advantage of a supercomputer which uses combine d power to activate many different purposes. This allows sharing of power globally, and it’s also based of off the Ethereum platform. This is still not yet fully released, though they do say in early 2024 they will release their full platform.

Augur vs Cindicator

With Cindicator you can use what they refer to as collective intelligence of many users to take advantage of predictive markets. This is managed by AI and allows people to measuring market changes and total asset changes. This is all done instantaneously, and allows people to get a feel for what the future may look like.

Augur vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the first major cryptocurrency to make headlines and it’s in the running a most used cryptocurrency. This is a way for payment which is accounted for with millions of people currently having some amount of it. This is also unique from Augur as it’s not based off a prediction marketplace. This was first publicly released in 2024.

Augur vs Ripple

Ripple has been in the news a lot recently and it is being used in by many apps and companies who are using it as their first cryptocurrency. This is different from Augur so it’s hard to compare, but with Ripple users are able to make global payments with a built in ledger. They use XRP as their token, and it initially came out in 2024.

Augur FAQ

  1. What’s the Augur coin price?
    At the time of this review they are capped off at $57.64 USD.
  2. Where can I find Augur news?
    Any major cryptocurrency news website will often have some sort of new developments about Augur, even typing Augur news on your browser will come up with recent stories.
  3. Is there an Augur Reddit page?
    They do have a full subreddit at
  4. What are some Augur price predictions?
    It’s hard to say what the market is going to look like, but it has been increasing since its creation.
  5. Is there an Augur wallet?
    No official wallet exists, but you can general store it in any Ethereum based wallet.
  6. Where can I buy Augur?
    There’s a lot of different markets, we recommend looking at our section in this review where we outline all the current marketplaces.
  7. What is Augur?
    A decentralized predicting system where people can put up REP to make extra earnings on accurate predictions.
  8. When will Augur launch?
    The full platform is going to be active later in 2024.
  9. What is the Augur Twitter handle?
    You can reach them here
  10. Can I find Augur on Coinbase?
    The company has not revealed if this is going to happen anytime soon, so it’s too early to say.
  11. What do people say about Augur on Bitcointalk?
    The company has their account on thee so generally people talk about improvements, news, and future developments of Augur.


Augur offers a unique way for people to make predictions and earn money off of both making questions that people vote on, or by being accurate in predicting. This s also based off of the REP token which has had a steady balance in the past month. The company has a reputable team behind it and they have made many new developments to keep then in the news. The company also has a sleek and ways to use interface where people can learn all about how this process works.

The lack of many prediction markets also makes Augur a unique plyer in this field, and they have made it clear they are active in the crypto community. Their updated social media and Reddit forum reveals their dedication to making it work. The decentralization of this platform allows for anyone to get involved and start producing marketplaces to their liking. The people get to decide whether it’s worth voting on, making it better suited for everyone to have a say in the results.

Peter Lehmann

Peter is a blockchain investor and cryptocurrency writer at Since 2014 Peter has advised blockchain startups and ICOs on content marketing, strategy and business development.

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