List of healthy dairy products – 7 most nutritional products

healthy dairy products

It can be said that cow milk is the most common type of milk in the current market as it is widely used and has many variations. Cow milk contains averagely 3.4% protein, 3.6% fat, 4.6% lactose, and 0.7% minerals and vitamins, providing 66 kcal of energy per 100 grams. This is actually a healthy food that people should add to the healthy daily diet.

I. List Of Health Dairy Products – Common Forms Of Milk:

Milk has reaffirmed its important role in life day by day. For some people who have an allergic to lactose in milk, or will have abdominal pain when drinking milk, they can try drinking just a little milk every day so that their body will be gradually familiar with this food. Or else, they can turn to dairy products such as flan, yogurt etc. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of this magical liquid. This section of the article will introduce 3 major types of milk which are commonly used in everyday life.

1. Fresh Milk: 

healthy dairy products

This is the first out of healthy dairy products that I would like to introduce in this article.

Fresh milk contains types of animal milk (cow’s milk, goat, sheep …) in the form of raw materials, liquids, unprocessed, or just semi-processed without being pasteurized or thoroughly sterilized by the temperature microfiltration equipment. Fresh milk  is stored and transported in cold conditions before and during being used. The most common type of milk is cow milk due to the popularity of the output. UHT milk is usually processed at high temperatures (from 140-143 Celsius degrees) in a short time, about 3-4 seconds.

2. Condensed Milk: 

healthy dairy products

This is also one common type of healthy dairy products, mainly made from cow milk, which is reduced the content of water and cooked with sugar to get a paste before canning. In the past, there are two kinds of condensed milk: sweetened condensed milk and unsweetened condensed milk. The unsweetened condensed milk had not been produced any more so that in nowadays, “condensed milk” means “sweetened condensed milk”.

3. Milk Powder: 

healthy dairy products

This is a food product made from dried milk powder, made by evaporating the milk, let it dry and then crush and pulverize it into powder. One purpose of milk powder is served for longer preservation, storage, and use. Milk powder has a longer shelf life than milk in the liquid form and does not need to be refrigerated because it already has low humidity.

II. Some Healthy Dairy Products:

After knowing about the major types of dairy products, may be you will be interested in discovering some most common healthy dairy products which are very beneficial and are widely used in the nowadays life.

1. Milk Whey: 

healthy dairy products

This is the fat cream scum floating on the surface of pure fresh milk. This cream is smooth, silky, and there are many types of whey which were named basing on their own level of fat. There is a note for whey preservation: in the cool compartment of the refrigerator. You should absolutely avoid freezing. If the whey is frozen, it will be water separated and cannot be used anymore.

2. Yogurt: 

healthy dairy products

This is another product on the list of healthy dairy products produced by the bacterial fermentation of milk. All types of milk can be used to make yogurt, but in a modern manufacturing, cow milk is the most prevalent. Condensed yogurt and liquid yogurt is a lactic product fermented from cow milk, powdered milk, or animal milk in general; after skimming and sterilizing bacteria by Pasteur method at temperatures of 80-90 ° C.

Nutrient composition of yogurt is similar to milk, but about 30% milk sugar in yogurt is resolved, so it is suitable for those who just can absorb a small amount of milk sugar. Yogurt can also increase the acidity of the stomach, inhibiting the growth of colon bacilli (colibacillus). In 1g yogurt, there are as much as 10 million bacteria which are very necessary for digestion.

Yogurt helps to prevent the side effect which can be harmful for the body due to the radiation or chemotherapy treating process of cancer patients. For children with gastritis or premature infants, parents should not give them yogurt as it can lead to vomiting or bowel necrosis. You will need to preserve yogurt in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3-60C.

3. Cheese: 

healthy dairy products

Cheese is the layer of fat molecules emerging on the surface of the milk, creating a large array when the milk is heated or rested for a while and do not cover. This creamy whey layer is also known as milk cream. After separating this whey layer, we get non-fat milk (Skimmed milk)

4. Butter:

healthy dairy products

This is the last but not least out on the list of healthy dairy products that I would like to introduce in this article.

In fact, butter is the pure fat product of fresh milk. It requires 20 liters of milk to make 1kg butter. To skim butter quickly, people can use the centrifugal cream dispensers, rotating at a speed of 6000 turns per minute. The substances in milk will be separated basing on their density: the lightest is fat; the heaviest is protein, and water. Get the fat, producers will get a liquid cream, including fat and a little milk. To make butter, it is necessary to remove the excess milk using a whisk.

This is the list of 7 best healthy dairy products that will be useful and necessary to know so that readers of, who really want to improve their overall health by making use of milk and dairy products, should learn and make use of the information revealed in this list. These health benefits are proven effective by science, so people do not need to concern about it.

If you see that the list of healthy dairy products that I – author Lien Nguyen – revealed in this article are very effective for your need and also for other people you know who love dairy products and want to make use of them to live a healthy life, feel free to share this list with them and do not forget to show me your opinions by commenting in the form below!

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