Health and nutritional benefits of raw milk – 7 advantages

benefits of raw milk

In developed countries, milk is considered a very nutritious food which is rich in vitamins and minerals from natural, very good for the body. Raw milk is not only used regularly as a daily drink, but also used in many different forms from mixing with fruits, baking, and adding to dishes. Doctors and dietitians always encourage people to consume 100% natural milk because it is not only easy to drink, delicious, but also good for the digestion and can be taken regularly and continuously whenever people want.

Health Benefits Of Raw Milk – Best Nutritional Benefits Ever:

There are many misconceptions about raw milk. People are afraid to drink milk because it is the cause of weight gain, diarrhea. There are also some people try to drink milk just because they are fear of osteoporosis! In some countries, people do not drink raw milk regularly because they think that milk is just the food for children and elderly people.

In fact, for healthy bones, an adult needs to drink about 500ml of milk per day (100ml milk provides 120 mg of calcium).

Here are some other nutritional benefits of raw milk that people should know.

1. Easy To Digest: 

benefits of raw milk

This is the first out of the best nutritional benefits of raw milk I would like to share with my readers. Fresh, raw milk is very easy to digest because it is light and so that it is good for the digestive system. Components present in raw milk naturally, but they are killed by pasteurization. Therefore, your body can digest this natural ingredient better than pasteurized, cooked milk. Amylase, lactase, and lipase – each of these enzymes works in conjunction with macronutrients contained in milk. This will help you digest the milk better as a whole food. By contrast, pasteurized, rendered milk is hard to digest. This is especially true for the proteins which are denatured by high heat presenting in milk.

2. Raw Milk Is Not Inherently Allergenic:

benefits of raw milk

While in Western nations, dairy allergies are very common, the consumption of raw milk is equivalent to the lower allergy rates. Although correlation does not mean the causation in the research, many folks who consume raw milk instead of regular milk find out that their risks of seasonal allergies, asthma, and fever have been drastically reduced. This is also one of the best nutritional benefits of raw milk for health that people should remember, and then build up a habit of drinking raw milk in a regular basis.

3. Contains Whey Protein And Immunoglobulin:

benefits of raw milk

As everyone can see, raw milk is jam-packed with nutrients which help to speed up the healing process. There is no other food all over the world that contains such a stunning nutritional profile.

By far, the tastiest whey and curds come from raw milk.  Whey protein is wonderful for people who are looking for losing some extra pounds and develop a strong muscle mass.

Whey is high in the proteins and enzymes below, and the best way to make use of these immunity boosters is using its in natural form – raw milk.

  • Immunoglobulin
  • Bovine serum albumin
  • Beta-lactoglobulin
  • Alpha-lactalbumin

In fact, this is also one of the best health benefits of raw milk that people should not look down. For good, you should have a brand new habit – drinking raw milk in a regular basis.

4. Probiotics: Kefir, Cheese, Yogurt

benefits of raw milk

Probiotics are the microorganisms that protect you from foreign invader, such as parasites and E. coli, support nutrient absorption, and line your gut. The best way to add probiotics to your diet is working with their most natural state, including raw milk products like yogurt, kefir and cheese.

Just small amounts of probiotics are found in in raw milk but when you ferment raw milk to make cheese, yogurt, or kefir, the good bacteria will increase dramatically.  In fact, there are no other food in the world has higher levels of probiotics than the cultured dairy products.

Some disorders probiotic rich foods are known to help with include:

  • Vaginal yeast infections
  • Urinary track related infections
  • Weakened immune system
  • Skin infections
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Intestinal infections
  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • Diarrhea
  • Colon cancer

5. Contain Minerals: Potassium, Magnesium, And Calcium:

benefits of raw milk

Raw milk is one of the most excellent sources of minerals. One serving of raw milk provides about 500 mg of potassium, 50 mg of magnesium, and 400 mg of calcium.

These minerals are very essential for muscle health, detoxification, circulation, building bone density, hydration, cellular function, and metabolism. These nutrients are 3 minerals which many people are deficient in. In fact, this is also one of the best health benefits of raw milk that people should know and make use of.

6. Contain CLA, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, And Short Chain Fatty Acids: 

benefits of raw milk

In addition to the high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, raw milk is very high in butyrate – a short chain fatty acid which is well-known to help to deal with health problems related to stress resistance, slow metabolism, and inflammation.

In fact, many Japanese researchers conducted a study on mice which suggests that butyrate can be used to cure inflammatory bowel conditions, including the Crohn’s disease.

In addition, raw grass-fed milk is loaded with conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which has been scientifically proven to help to reduce body fat and fight cancer.

7. Fat Soluble Vitamins A, D, And K2:

benefits of raw milk

The last but not least out of the health benefits of raw milk I would like to introduce in this article is that raw milk contains fat soluble vitamins A, D, and vitamin K2. Because raw milk is taken from cows grazing on grass, many researchers have shown that this natural ingredient contains a higher level of fat-soluble vitamins, cancer killing vitamins, and heart healthy vitamins.

Researchers have shown the lack of fat soluble vitamins is one of the most common deficiencies in human beings.  These vitamins help the nervous system and brain, and they are very necessary for brain function, body development, and concentration. In addition, fat soluble vitamins can naturally help to balance the hormones and support the bone density.

This is the list of 7 health benefits of raw milk that I personally think useful for you and other readers of, and I hope you will make use of this healthy food to live a healthy life.

If you think that the nutritional benefits of raw milk I introduced in this article are exactly what you want to know and you also want to share this list with other people who love drinking raw milk, please feel free to share this list with them and let me see your feedbacks and comments. As an author, I always welcome the opinions of my dear readers!

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