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What is 0x?

0x is a Ethereum based exchange where people can trade without the need for a 3rd party. It is fully decentralized and allows developers to set up the exchange of their liking while allowing for ZRX tokens to pay any transaction fees.

Instead of other cryptocurrency exchange sites where you have to worry about conversions, with this you’re able to get the coins of your liking. This works using Ethereum based smart contracts where open trading can occur without restriction. It’s even intended to be eventually usable for things like fiat currency and gold. We’ll give the finer details so you can understand 0x further in this full review.

Fundamentals of 0x

0x is completely free to use by developers and without any risk of experiencing down time or infiltration of any party. All trades occur using Ethereum based smart contracts and don’t rely on a 3rd party like any of the major cryptocurrency marketplaces. What this offers users is the ability to have full control on their funds, preventing the need to worry about security hacks.

This also goes back full responsibility to the user, instead of having to rely on a 3rd party. For any and all trades there is a fee that must be paid for to miners of the blockchain which comes in the form of the 0x token known as ZRX.

Their network is set up in a way where transactions are operated solely in this frame, which prevents movement and extra added fees. You won’t have to worry about the associated fees that other marketplaces tack on to the cost of moving crypto, or of making conversions.

What’s known as a relayer helps to make either public or private order books open, having a similar effect as any other exchange. Takers then finish the order by providing a signature and the person relaying is given ZRX for every transaction.  This order to a relayer is known as a broadcast order.

For direct referring of funds to a specific trader, there is also what’s known as Point-to-Point Orders. This can occur through many different forms including an email or message of many kinds. This makes it so only the address which is associated with the trade can access the funds, preventing fraud. Unlike marketplaces which rely on slow and non-liquid forms of transaction, this is fully from address to address, eliminating the associated down time and vulnerability.

Looking Deeper into 0x

With the ZRX token you can also use it to vote as a stakeholder on different decisions. This affects upgrades and protocol without it having a direct impact on the usability of the network. What this means for users is that it won’t lead to errors in the network, or any unnecessary down time.

Any developers can modify the network to their platform or token as it’s equipped for Ethereum based dApps. These smart contracts are open to the public to start using it for their own systems. The company boasts having the following companies that use 0x and it includes IDT, OpenRelay, Radar, Paradex, and many others.  A fully detailed list of all users is mention on the website for viewing.

There’s also an open registry where those who take part can check for addresses and exchange rates to ensure a stable trade. Those who have stake in in 0x can change and remove data to ensure it’s operating as it should be, improving usability.

0x Trade

At his time the ZRX token has had a steady rise where it’s now at $0.982601. In the beginning they were stable at around $0.25 but have risen to nearly a dollar as of the date of this review.

They even peaked at over $2.00 to their now stable price point of almost $1.00. Judging from the accomplishments they reached that were mentioned on their road map, it’s clear they are providing value to enough users.

Storing and Buying 0x

A few different marketplaces offer 0x tokens including Binance, Poloniex, Bitfinex, Huobi, C2CX, HitBTC, ChaoEX, Liqui, Lykke Exchange, Gate.io, Livecoin, Mercatox, Gatecoin, IDEX, EtherDelta, Mercatox, BigONE, GOPAX, and Cobinhood.

You can also store it on any wallet that can retain ERC20 such as My Ether Wallet, or hardware like a Ledger Nano S.

There’s also Exodus Eden though it’s highly advised only to use it if you are an advanced user. With any new updates there is likely to be more robust wallets available, we advise keeping up to date by looking at the offered wallets featured on their official website.

Future of 0x

Their website makes it clear through the Roadmap that they are on task for all their scheduled goals. They made sure to provide an alpha version in 2024, and they ae working on 2 other major goals for the first quarter of 2024.

They want to provide a reusable relayer of UI components and work on governance research and development.

You can look at all the checkmarks signifying the accomplishments of each of the goals to determine how they are doing on their promises. They have also had good communication with people who use the network, taking feedback to make tweaks to the interface and system as a whole.

0x vs AirSwap

AirSwap has a different function with its P2P exchange design using their AIR tokens. This also allows people to use their decentralized exchange under the Ethereum blockchain. With its fully decentralized model, it offers people the ability to make trades worldwide. They have a market cap at $150,000,000 and were able to secure $30,000,000 to launch.

0x vs Loopring

Loopring is somewhat similar to 0x but the major difference is that there is no need to provide money to relay. Instead you have to find matched orders which help to reduce fees and to provide better liquidity.

This offers much less fees that what you’d have to pay at a marketplace or exchange. With Loopring there’s also the benefit of enhanced security.

0x vs Kyber

Kyber works difference as a way to exchange tokens with certified liquidity and speed. This is meant to provide a functional way decentralized exchange. It is also usable for any kind of currency and it allows for instant conversion of selected currency. The merchant is able to get the coin they are looking for without knowing what it was originally.

0x vs Ethereum

Ethereum is a major cryptocurrency that uses the Ethereum blockchain. It does not work similar to 0x, as it is not an alternative to a marketplace. 0x does use the Ethereum blockchain in order to operate however. Ethereum is also of course much greater in value, since it is currently at $840 per coin.

0x vs Bancor

Bancor offers people the ability to convert tokens with an automatically generated price. People are able to send a coin of their choosing and have it immediate converted at a much smaller rate than average marketplaces. This works using liquidity and also works similar to 0x, in that it uses the Ethereum network.

0x FAQ

  1. Is there a 0x Reddit page?
    They do have a page at: https://www.reddit.com/r/0xProject/
  2. What is a good ZRX exchange?
    It depends on fees, quantity, and volume but major marketplaces like Binance, Bitfinex, and Poloniex offer it.
  3. What is the total 0x coin price?
    Prices can vary by the day but it’s currently at $0.98.
  4. Where can I buy 0x?
    Several kinds of marketplaces offer it such as Binance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Gate.io and many others.
  5. What 0x coin wallet is currently available?
    Any wallet that can store ERC20 can retain ZRX tokens including My Ether Wallet and Exodus Eden.
  6. Where can I find 0x cryptocurrency news?
    Many major websites which ha cryptocurrency news will often have information on 0x, you can also visit their website for updates.


0x offers a very unique way for people to perform exchanges that is fully decentralized, and removes the unnecessary middle man that can charge large fees. This gives power back to people who are performing trades, and makes it more reliable since it is not reliant on a potentially flawed system. Traders can feel secure in their trades and have full documentation of their addresses so there is no confusion when trading.

This is also offered at a low cost with the ZRX token exchanged, instead of high fees that some marketplaces charge with upwards of over 1% for any and all transactions. Instead of having to pay a large fee each time you make a transaction, this gives you the opportunity to use the ZRK token at a lower cost. This also allows for there to be smart contracts which deal with the security aspects.

Peter Lehmann

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