Ways To Stop Domestic Violence – 6 Useful Tips Are Revealed

ways to stop domestic violence

Domestic violence is one of the disturbing problems of the society. Domestic violence occurs in all countries, regardless of culture and education, regardless of religion, and there is no exception for rich or poor. Almost every day on newspapers, radio, and television, regrettable news related to domestic violence are published. So the question is what we can do to contribute to reducing the violence in the family.

I. Ways To Stop Domestic Violence – A Brief Look:

stop domestic violence

Several studies showed that the violence stems from childhood-old children. This will even make children hurt and lost confidence when they grow up. This article presents indirectly the causes, forms of violence and suggests solutions which can be applied to help families prepare and prevent domestic violence effectively.

1. Causes Of Domestic Violence: 

There are many reasons for the domestic violence, from the family does not have normal function, to the lack of communication, the provocation of a spouse, the psychological repression of a person, or other stimulants, such as alcohol, drugs, the lack of a spiritual life, or the economic difficulties, etc. The results of the study on domestic violence proved that those who commit acts of violence often want to overpower others. A person with violent behaviors can not only get higher physically position, but can use transcends in mental ability, psychological ability, knowledge, authority, communication, and even the terms of skin color or voice, etc.

Domestic violence often comes with a high proportion in families with special problems such as economic difficulties, low levels of education, illness, unemployment, drunk, or addictions. However, this does not mean that the rich families or intellectuals will have no violence. Moreover, there are different forms of violence that “outsiders” are difficult to identify. Such violence can happen between parents and children, often reflected through the educational style with harsh punishments. It can be the acts of beating, starving, humiliating or verbally abusing victims in many forms.

2. Types Of Domestic Violence:

stop domestic violence

– Physical Violence: The actions directly impact the health of the victim. For example, a story just happened not long ago when a husband tied his wife to a corner of the table and used a knife to cut her hand. Or another case happened when the child was beaten by their parents, leaving his/her body a lot of painful injuries. In another case, a mother of a four-year-old daughter chained her daughter in the basement to go to work without spending money on babysitting. And there is much more misery as the case of a mother tied her two children: 1 year old and 3 year olds in her car and let the car down to the river so that she can go with her boyfriend without caring about the children.

– Sexual Violence: The victims will be forced to have sex without their agreement. Worse, there are incest acts between father and daughter, as the case of an Austrian (Austria) who had sex with his 14-year-old daughter. He has a child with his own daughter.

– Mental Violence: In addition to the extreme cases above, there are some “quieter” cases. In this situation, the victims will be reviled or do not have the necessary care from the abuser in any form. Statistics show that mental violence is one of the main reasons causing the depression of many women.

– Social Violence: In social violence, many victims are often forbidden, have no contact with the family, friends, or the victim will be economically blockaded, must be subject to the abuser.

II. Ways To Stop Domestic Violence:

Here are some simple yet useful tips to prevent and stop domestic violence that people should know:

1. Take Part In A Domestic Violence Program Or Group: 

stop domestic violence

The first out of the ways to stop domestic violence that I would like to show readers in this article is that to prevent and stop domestic violence, people should take part in a domestic violence program or group. You should co-sponsor a citizens’ monitoring group with your local’s program against domestic violence to ensure that judges, law enforcement officers, and probation & parole personnel get proper training about domestic violence and enforce the law.

2. Ask Physicians And Health Care Professionals: 

stop domestic violence

This is also one of the best tips to stop domestic violence for everyone. You should ask that health care professionals and physicians to get proper training about domestic violence and follow the diagnostic and cure guidelines developed by the American Medical Association about elder abuse, child abuse, and domestic violence.

3. Bring The Community Together And Discuss: 

stop domestic violence

You should try to bring together your local school administrators, students, teachers, parents, domestic violence program staff to start a discussion about developing a school based curriculum on family and dating violence.

4. Protect Women: 

stop domestic violence

Developing a women’s safety campaign in your neighborhood, workplace, house of worship, or school is very important, and it is also one of the best ways to stop domestic violence that you should not look down. Build a consensus among your neighbors and colleagues that abusive language and behaviors are unacceptable.

5. Use Social Media To Propagate:

stop domestic violence

Write to video game producers, Internet businesses, movie companies, music producers, and TV stations to speak out about violence against women and children.

6. Build Up Non-Violent Reponses When Having Conflicts:

stop domestic violence

When you are angry with your children or partner, do not respond with outside humiliating or hurting them. You should build a respectful, non-violent response to resolving conflicts in your family. Call a child abuse or domestic violence prevention program for their help if you cannot stop hurting members of your family. This is the last but not least way to stop domestic violence that I want to introduce in this article. People should remember this and try to build a healthy, calm, and harmonious response system whenever there is a conflict in the family.

This is the list of 6 useful ways to stop domestic violence that will be useful and necessary for readers of VKool.com  because everyone has the risk of this hateful and disturbing matter.

If you think that the tips on how to stop domestic violence I introduced in this article are very useful for you and other people you know who are suffering from domestic violence, you should not hesitate to do share this list with others and show me your own opinions by commenting in the form below. As an author, I really want to see my readers’ feedbacks.

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