5 Negative side effects of marijuana

Marijuana plant is called Cannabis with the scientific name. Marijuana contains the addicted substance (or called narcotics) which harms to human health.
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Cannabis is a genus of tree which are used a lot in the world for medical purposes (to relieve pain, treat inflammation, glaucoma…) or entertainment (this only very little legitimacy in the country). Marijuana is a drug form which brings huge profits for growers and sellers. However, there are a lot of positive and negative effects of marijuana that people should study.

Negative Side Effects Of Marijuana – Worst Influences Of Marijuana:

In medical, marijuana has a lot of positive effects:

  • Cannabis may treat glaucoma. However, it affects only from 3 to 4 our last.
  • According to studies at the Complutense University in Marid and Cajal Institute in Spain the ingredient in marijuana (commonly called cannabinoids) may reduce inflammation in Alzheimer’s disease and make the deterioration of the nervous system slower.
  • Marijuana can help relieve pain and nausea caused by chemotherapy in cancer and weight losing by HIV/AIDS patients.
  • The researchers from Harvard University (USA) has studied and discovered that marijuana not only inhibits the growth of tumors, but also prevent metastasis.
  • A number of studies also point that marijuana can reduce seizures in people getting epilepsy, reduce multiple sclerosis symptoms such as muscle stiffness, spasms, pain and frequent urination.

Besides the positive effects, marijuana also has a lot of negative effects. Here are side effects of marijuana that people should know to avoid using marijuana:

  1. Heart Problems
  2. Lung And Breathing Problems
  3. Pregnancy Problems
  4. Long – Term Effects
  5. Marijuana Addiction

1. Heart Problems

effects of marijuana - heart problems

Normally, the heart beat of a person is about 70 to 80 times a minute. But when you use marijuana, the heartbeat can increase double. The heart is put a lot of pressure and stress by this increased rate. This effect may increase the risk of heart attack. Moreover, the danger of getting stroke due to smoking marijuana also increases.
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The risk of stroke and heart attack can be increased because of the pre-existing heart or blood circulation problems and age. The elderly and people with heart problems may be at higher risk. Heart problems seem to be one of the most significant side effects of marijuana that all men and women should know to avoid using this toxic.

2. Lung And Breathing Problems

effects of marijuana - lung and breathing problems

Marijuana smoke is the combination of toxic substances, the same as tobacco smoke. The throat and lung are irritated by marijuana smoke. The effects of marijuana smoke easily lead to cause of coughing and associate with symptoms of bronchitis.
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As tobacco smoke, marijuana also has cancer-causing substances. The same as tobacco smokers, marijuana smoke also suffers the same symptoms below:

  • Long-lasting cough
  • High risk of lung infections
  • Getting chest problems
  • Accumulation of phlegm in the throat.

This is one of the most danger sides that the readers should learn to stay away from using marijuana.

Using marijuana not only causes heart problems but also lung and breathing issues, so stay away from it!

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3. Pregnancy Problems

effects of marijuana - pregnancy problems

Pregnancy problems play an important part in avoiding negative effects of marijuana. If a women who are pregnant uses marijuana, she may get at risk of health problems. The child’s memory and brain can be affected when the mother smokes marijuana during pregnancy for a long time. The toxins in marijuana are transferred from the blood of mother to the child the same as alcohol. Using marijuana mostly affects mental and brain growth of the baby. The toxins in marijuana also are stored in the breast milk and passed to her baby. According to some studies, the babies who were born by the women using marijuana tend to have:

  • Shaking
  • Underweight
  • High-pitched cry.
  • Delaying visual responses

To avoid side effects of marijuana, people should learn the best ways to live a healthy and comfortable life without marijuana.

4. Long-Term Effects

effects of marijuana - long-term effects

THC (Tetra Hydro Cannabinol) in marijuana is a factor which alters the mood of the user and makes them feel different. Some components of the plant contain high levels of THC than the stems and leaves. THC is the main substances in marijuana. When smoking marijuana, THC rapidly passes the lungs into the blood. It will travel pass over the bloodstream to the brain and cause feeling of euphoria. This feeling occurs after a few minutes and it can last up to 5 hours.

When marijuana is mixed into the food, THC is absorbed slowly into the bloodstream through the stomach and intestine. Therefore, it may take up to several hours to reach the feeling of euphoria and that feeling can last up to 12 hours.

THC is absorbed very quickly into fat tissue in the body, then it released slowly into the blood. It may take up to one month to eliminate THC from the body.

Nowadays, the levels of THC in marijuana are higher than before. Because of its high level and the time, negative effects of marijuana are also longer. It can last for hours, days, weeks till the next using. If you use marijuana for a long time, your concentration, ability to think and making decision can be harmed. Moreover, smoking marijuana can cause loss of memory and decrease IQ. Teenagers are vulnerable to use marijuana and get the risk of experience these harmful effects of this toxic. Their mental functioning, schizophrenia and psychosis can be affected if they:

  • Have family or personal history of schizophrenia or psychosis
  • Use marijuana when they are young
  • Use marijuana regularly: daily or many times a week, month or years

This side effects of marijuana can stay for a long time and affects the life of people who use it. It not only develops mental disorder but also influences to the work and study of people.
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If using marijuana regularly and in the long time, users will encounter the following health problems:

  • Increasing risk of bronchitis, lung cancer and other diseases of the respiratory tract
  • Reducing productivity of working
  • Reducing ability to concentrate, memory and learn new things
  • Reducing sexual desire
  • Reducing a number of spermatozoa in men
  • Menstrual cycle disorders in women
  • Some people also experience the psychological impact, especially in people with a history of schizophrenia patients.
  • Hard to remember things
  • Thinking incoherent
  • Problems with coordination, balance
  • Effects on ability to drive or operate machinery.

The signs usually disappear when the negative effects of marijuana are no longer.

5. Marijuana Addiction

effects of marijuana - marijuana addiction

A number of harmful consequences on health can be caused by marijuana addiction. Moreover, it also harms to your work and financial in the future. Using marijuana early and in a long time can lead to changes in the body and brain that marijuana can make you addiction. It’s very hard to stop marijuana if the addiction develops. Adolescence is the people who easily get addiction of marijuana. According to a statistic of scientist, 1 in 9 people who use marijuana will get addiction to marijuana. This is one of the most negative effects of marijuana that marijuana users can learn to get rid of using it.

Using marijuana can change the mood. Some symptoms below can appear after a few minutes and lasts about 5 hours (if they smoke) or 12 hours (if mixed with food):

  • Red eyes, laughing more, looking brilliant colors,
  • Hear sounds funny, mind confusing, only focusing on a certain job
  • Inability to understand correctly what is happening around them,
  • Driving capacity reduction of space, time,
  • Fear, anxiety, irritability, hallucinations, frightening and annoying itching

A lot of side effects of marijuana have been shown on this writing. People who are using marijuana should stop it immediately. The use of marijuana for some time will lead to marijuana dependence. It means that marijuana always appears in their thoughts and feelings. They will always seek to use marijuana. However, when stopping using marijuana, some withdrawal symptoms of marijuana can appear:

  • Headache sleeplessness, aches, sleeping more nightmares
  • Irritability nervous angry
  • Bored disappointed, easily irritated, angry and quarrelsome, even manifestations of psychosis and paranoia

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The list today gathers the top 5 negative effects of marijuana that both men and women should read this article on VKool.com. After reading my article today, I hope that you have understood clearly about negative effects of marijuana and what you should do now is to take time visiting our lifestyle page as this page provides a lot of useful articles and writings that help readers deal with several problems in life. If you have any question, please leave the comment below. As an author of the site Vkool.com, I really want to know how my readers think about my articles and writings. In addition, I promise that I will reply your questions and feedbacks as soon as possible, so do not hesitate to do that!

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