20 Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling And Family Education

pros and cons of homeschooling and family education

Updates: 07/11/2024

Are you thinking of homeschooling? Though choosing education at home instead of sending child to a traditional institution sounds tricky and risky, consider the following pros and cons of homeschooling and family education to help you make the right decisions for your own education or your children’s. Here they are:

20 Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling And Family Education

I. Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling – Advantages Of Homeschooling

1. Educational Freedom

There is no education system as flexible and comfortable as homeschooling method. You could take few days off, take breaks, and enjoy a simple holiday. When going for homeschooling, students will be able to choose what they want to study and learn when they really want. This is not to claim that all the fundamental knowledge will not be covered. In fact, basic knowledge might be covered at age six for a certain kid while at age ten or another. That depends on the ability, maturity, as well as interest levels.

On the other hands, if you are considering whether you should send your child to formal school or not. Here is one more reason for to opt for homeschooling. Your child may have a certain hidden talent. This may not surface amongst the crowd of hundreds of children in school. With this schooling method, you can focus on the hidden talents of your kid, customize the teaching approach or schedule to develop that unique feature effectively.

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pros and cons of homeschooling article

2. Physical Freedom

The majority of people after leaving from the school system, they experienced an actual sense of freedom. Without school hours, school calendar, homework, homeschooling will liberate your physique from forces.

3. Emotional Freedom

 School is a formal institution in which there will be regulations and rules. Sadly, competition, peer pressure, boredom, and bullies are problems of a typical school day. Especially, this could be a serious problem for girls. Those homeschooled students could dress and act and think as the way they want, without a demand to “fit in” or fear of ridicule. With homeschooling, you, as a student, can live in the real world where lives will not be dictated as the adolescent trends as well as dangerous experimentation.

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4. One On One Attention

This is considered as one of the most typical advantages of homeschooling. If you are a mother or father, this approach of schooling can help your child get one-on-one attention. Moreover, it also helps you meet all of the education development demands of your children. You will have space to understand your kids and establish a rapport that is so critical between a student and teacher. pros and cons of homeschooling teenagers

5. Close Family Relationship

This positive aspect of homeschooling is emphasized and appreciated of most families when it comes to comparing between homeschooling and traditional schooling. This can foster loving ties between all family members. In fact, teenagers can get enormous benefits from this type of interaction. Destructive, rebellious behavior usually starts to diminish after the homeschooling starts.

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6. Socialization

Homeschooling brings an amazing effect on socialization. Because parents often decide for their kids, children will have chances to meet a wide range of people and different environment when compared to their peers in formal school. Homeschooled children will have more spare time for pursuing their own interests, such as art, music, or sports, thereby meeting a large group of children as well as make more friends at different ages. Moreover, kids who are schooled at home tend to have more chances to interact with people different intellect levels. Thus, they will be more comfortable with communicating with both old and young people, which those school-going usually lack.

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7. Good Characteristics Are Revealed

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Through supplying homeschooling, parents will have a chance to see their kids’ growth directly. As such, parents also become an important part of the best stages of their kids’ lives and witness great achievements their kids gain. Actually, there are some precious moments which could not be afforded to be heard from the third person.

8. Less Pressure

 We all know that going to school means that students have to cope with a variety of pressure types. Thus, one more benefit of schooling at home is that there will be fewer opportunities of the students taking wrong decision or path because of the impact of peers. This type of schooling method will minimize the negative effects of peer pressure and will supply the students with healthy learning environment. Also, they could be saved from criticism from their friends which could prove to be a hurdle in the road of learning and growing.

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9. Leaning Not Confined To Classroom

In this list of pros and cons of homeschooling and family education, we cannot skip this advantage of this schooling method. The education and learning of the students will not be confined by the walls of the classroom. The traditional education system provides holistic education that not everyone can get a chance to develop in all aspects of life such as creativity. Surely, homeschooling will supply people a space and chances as well to grow in different respects and be innovative and creative concurrently.

10. Focus On Children’s Personalities And Capacities

Because homeschooling usually targets children as individuals, their education might be tailored to their personalities and capacities. If their parents and their tutors can realize that children excel in certain aspects, their education in that aspect will be accelerated. On the other than if they face up to difficulties in a specific part, additional resources can be supplied to support them. In addition, the way children are educated can depend on their personalities. For instance, when a kid is a visual learner, then visual elements may be incorporated into his/her instruction.

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11. Flexibility


Next to benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility.

If children are chronically ill, home schooling is a flexible system for those students. If children have to attend treatments and medical appointments, deadlines and assignment at school is really inconvenient. This makes children suffer from pressure from both medical appointments and performance at school. Home schooling is chosen as the best option for those children. Taking part in home schooling system, the children can have time to study as well as to accommodate their appointments. Time will be regulated for children to be able to learn and relax properly.

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II. Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling – Disadvantages Of Homeschooling

1. Not Fit The Nationally Recognized School Curriculum

The first drawback of home school programs is that no matter how well designed they are, they hardly match for a nationally recognized curriculum with accreditation and examinations. Moreover, if you, as a parent and teacher as well, do not have trained and basic qualifications as a teacher, you will not be able to teach your kids as effectively as an educated professional teacher would.

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2. The Restraints

 On the other hands, homeschooling sometimes goes with the time restraints towards mom and dad. You, a person who plays a role of a parent will have to be very creative in your timing as you work and home school. Luckily, if you can work at home or work close to home, there will be wonderful as you have a lot of time for your kids.

3. Socialization Problems

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This can become a strength point of homeschooling, yet it also can be a drawback, in some cases. Homeschoolers do their school work at their home naturally. They do not have as many social chances as public students. They, afterwards, might look back with regret at missing out on the school experiences like high school prom.   Especially, they usually do not have as much social chances beyond other like-minded people. Sometime, homeschooled students do not be well-socialized with other outside the homeschooling world. This might be because people humans tend to hang out with like-minded people. For instance, network marketers will hand out with other network marketers, rich people hang out with other rich ones. This will become a problem as most people are not homeschooled until high school, if not university.

4. Stress Placed On Parents

The stress that it will place on you is a strong argument against homeschooling. You will not only have to prepare many lessons on all aspects of schooling, but you also have to research to give your kids the right answer your kids might have. In reality, this will not cost you a huge amount of time and work as well. If the child is struggling to get the idea of lessons, they can blame you, leading to resentment between you and your kids.

5. Financial Restraints

pros and cons of homeschooling vs public schooling

For married parents, one partner usually foregoes full-time employment out of the house for homeschooling. This could be a huge sacrifice for the families in terms of financial aspect, especially with those who have to struggle to balance their own budget. In other words, in comparison to public schools, where education is not expensive, even free, homeschooling could be costly. You have to purchase the newest curriculum and teaching tools which are expensive. Also, there are other costs that homeschoolers have to pay, like project materials, books, computer software, stationery, and field trips. Of course, it is quite impossible that a home could be as well-equipped as a regular school in terms of facilities. Some requirements of experiments such as chemistry and physics could be hard to get all. The home would also lack facilities for various sports like running tracks, swimming pools, gyms, and fields.

However, surprisingly, according to some surveys, many families believe that the brief of income is rather well worth the satisfaction of observing their children grow and learn in freedom.

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6. Live Outside The Standard

Similar to any activity which challenges the mainstream thinking, homeschooling can be a threat that can stimulate kids to live out of the norms. If you cannot live outside of the box, then you should not opt for homeschooling as there will be comments and criticism, occasionally.

7. Loss Of School Activities loss of school activities

Some of the school activities are team sports, high school prom, and cheerleading. Home-schooled children may miss out on. Creating friendships with other people through shared activities and interests is a positive social advantage of regular school. Creativity of children can be formed and nurtured thanks to dance, drama, music, and art classes. Nowadays, many schools are well equipped with large gyms, swimming pools, big theaters for dramatic presentations, and music rooms. Children in regular school always have access to school facilities and modern equipment including art studio and science lab. Meanwhile, home-schooled children don’t have the opportunity to develop their skills.

8. Limited Exposure To Adults

Apart from their parents, home-schooled children have no opportunities to communicate with other tutors and adults. When children are sent to school, they are exposed to many teachers that can change each year as a new grade level comes. As a result, they can know how to be more sociable and out-going with adults, which is fundamental to their developing autonomy and emotional growth.

Besides, parents’ knowledge will be limited in certain subjects. Teachers at school can help children apprehend enough knowledge about various aspects in the life.

limited exposure to adults

9. Lack Of Diversity

When talking about pros and cons of homeschooling, regular schools provide your children more chances to interact with many people who are from a wide range of cultures and ethnicities. This guides them to appreciate diversity. Combining many children who have various backgrounds together can teach them to understand about compassion, tolerance, and acceptance. Regular school can guide them on how to be mature and independent. During classes, they can learn to respect viewpoints and opinions of other children. Home-schooled children may be isolated because they are surrounded by their family members. A sheltered existence can result in difficulties in communicating and behaving with individuals.

Every type of schooling has its own advantages and disadvantages. After covering the list of 20 pros and cons of homeschooling and family education above, hopefully you could make your right decision of choosing the suitable schooling method.

If you have any idea relating to this topic of pros and cons of homeschooling and family education, leave your words at the end of this post. We will respond all soon!

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