19 Restaurant Management Tips For Success In A Down Economy

restaurant management tips

There are various ways for you to boost your restaurant sales. But it is not easy for you to carry out effective business strategies in the current down economy. So, what are the most powerful ways? This writing will help you have an overview of 19 restaurant management tips. Some of the ways are simple and flexible so that you can use for improving your restaurant business immediately.

1. The Food Cost Balance

The average restaurant food cost hovers around 33%. There’re some fine restaurants can creep to 40% while some well-run operations can maintain a 28% food cost. You should remember this is an average. The key to a perfect restaurant menu is the perception, the food cost balance and the value.

If you cannot track it, you won’t know whether you are if you are in line or not. If you track it, you will be on the constant lookout for prices that go up and always ask your vendors for viable alternatives the best possible deals. 

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2. Analyze Profit Margin

If one menu item in your restaurant is priced at 40% food cost, then you should set the price of another food item at 20% to maintain your average. This is the reason why many restaurants mingle priced paste on the menu. You can plan your menu pricing structure at the same time you design your food menu in order to create the balance for the palate and in your margins. 
3. Add Special Items To Your Food Menu 

You can create some special dishes as the features of your restaurant and add them to the top of food menu. This strategy is like a way you enhance your restaurant’s trademark. 

4. Add Simple Recipes To Gain High Profits

Imagine that if you use expensive ingredients you cannot get more profit to your pocket. Why don’t you cook some simple recipes such as soups, salads to reduce ingredient cost. Plus, with simple recipes you don’t need to hire a pastry chef with high salary. 

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5. Remind Your Servers To Work For Sales

Your staff has to work on commission. Depending on the efficiency they do, business profit will increase. Figure out who the best servers are and ask them to mentor the weak performing ones. Anyone who doesn’t get it needs to be fired or replaced as they cost you money. 

6. Plan Marketing Strategies

Marketing is very important that increases business revenue. A good loyalty marketing allows you to cost the least and get the best results. Never promote an overpriced menu. This is the worst marketing you should never think about it though you always desire to have more profits. Why don’t you plan to provide more service with some discounts at the same price, instead of raising your prices. 

7. Design Your Food Menu

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Entering your restaurant, people will pay much attention to your food restaurant space. But when they sit near the eating table, they will watch menu item descriptions and evaluate the features, the quality, the creation of different dishes included in your food menu. Try to design it as clear as possible. But don’t make it look too simple and boring.

Think about long names for your dishes which can make your customers feel curious and want to try on it immediately. Moreover, why don’t you insert a variety of eye-catching food images to help your customers know exactly what dish they are going to taste.
8. Introduce New Dishes And Print A New Food Menu

Don’t forget to introduce new dishes to people. This is a good way to attract them go to your restaurant more than one time. However, you still maintain the old recipes if they help you to develop your restaurant fame. Print the new menu on a paper without containing the old menu cover. Price the new dishes with the old ones reasonably. If these new dishes attract your customers, it means that you maybe should toss the old menu and officially use the new one on a fresh course. 

9. Open Daily Staff Meetings

Daily meeting is essential. It’s an occasion for your staff to exchange ideas and talk about business schedules. The way the staff operates is the way the restaurant goes. Therefore, plan meetings to collect opening ideas from your staff. An excellent staff can contribute great business ideas for boosting your restaurant business. Whereas a poor staff just bring down a great restaurant. Besides, meeting is also a way to build good business relationships between the owners and the staff, and a way to form a business culture in a company. 

10. Have A Detailed Plan

A detailed plan can help you deal with prices, marketing campaign; develop a customer network and much more.

As an important task, you need to review your business quarterly. Analyze the success and the failure you gained while charting a new business course. Restaurants are fashionable places. Let them be new and attractive like fashion. You can plan to change your restaurant spaces seasonally. Take advantage of your restaurant to attract customers. For example, if your restaurant has a great view, you can decorate your restaurant to make it spark with lighting, pictures, flowers and so on.

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If you are not satisfied with the business results of the last quarter, change the plan for the next month. It’s one way to keep the customers.

11. Do Business In The Holiday Season

The holiday is an occasion for people to dine at your restaurant. Do not miss this opportunity to offer some discount for attracting people to your restaurant, especially groups of people. 

12. Be Kind To Customers’ Wallets

Actually, many people pay extra attention to the amount of money they spend on eating out. Think about some ways to help your customers save their hard-earned money without impacting only your restaurant profits. 

13. Attract New Customers

Increasing the customer count is one of the important restaurant management tips

to get success in business. There are a variety of tactics to attract new customers in the door. Some ways allow you to create your brand quality, some ways cause you to discount it, yet having new customers provides your growth potential significantly. Why don’t you plan to send targeted emails or make a social media presence or create detailed web pages to draw new diners into your restaurant. 

14. Keep Your Existing Customers Come Back Often

When you have those new customers, keep your existing customers have more dinner at your restaurant. How to do it? You can get started by learning how to create a friendly restaurant, or a restaurant with high and safe quality foods, or a restaurant with reasonable price, or a restaurant with a great view and so on. It depends on your business strategies that you focus on doing some of them.

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Exceptional service, food and atmosphere all contribute to the restaurant value. If you make a strong impression on your customers when they enter your restaurant at the first time, you should be hopeful because they can come in the next times. Individual communication with customers is the key to create closeness between your company and your customers. Responding to all feedbacks and thanking customers will let your customers appreciate, which will set you apart from the faceless and nameless competition.
15. Encourage Customers Spending

How to increase restaurant sales by increasing spend directly? Simply, ask eaters some the following questions: Can I interest you in the dessert? Would you like to order a bottle of wine? Seasoned fries with your burger? After you hear positive anwers from your customers, you will answer the question how to increase restaurant sales. This is one of the simple restaurant management tips you should use. 

16. Increase The Rate Of Table Turn

In order to increase the rate of table turn, you have to make sure whether checking are being presented, collected in a timely manner or not, table are bussed and reset as soon as guests leave or not, you have the right arrangement of tables for your average party sizes or not? In the case of limited services, do you have enough POS systems in place? Make a detailed plan to solve these issues, then you will be able to boost your sales. 

17. The Customer Is Always Right

That’s right. This is a golden rule of business, not except for restaurant business. Even if you actually do not agree with your customer’s complaint, you should be calm and behave tactfully. It sounds a little bit bitter but maybe once day the customer will come back to your restaurant. This is must-know knowledge in restaurant management tips.

Learn it well!

18. Save Restaurant Money

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You can save a lot of money by switching to energy efficient light bulbs, running the dishwasher when it’s completely full. Soaking the dishing than running hot water over them, install low flow toilets from 20% to 40% of water use, turning down the thermostat at 68 degrees, switching from plastic to glass to become a green restaurant, investing in energy efficient appliances, trimming down your food menu, training your staff to sort recyclables, turn off lights, ask them not to sue the restaurant takeout and so on!

19. Run Special Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant promotions are great events you can show customer appreciation, this is also a way to create some extra business at the same time such as opening a coffee shop. You can organize promotions for a nightly happy out to an only annual customer appreciation day.

Many restaurants offer happy hour specials during the week. They offer customers free appetizers such as taco bars, chips, salsa or chicken wings. Live music can be included in your restaurant promotions. Make sure that the music should fit your restaurant theme. Besides, why don’t you think about a contest with the free gift as the way to attract people to your restaurant? In the holiday season, you can run a special promotion to get customers into your restaurant. For example you can provide free drink and foods and some discounts to help them enjoy holiday activities. As the result, you can develop your customer network for increasing restaurant profits. 

I’ve introduced totally 19 powerful restaurant management tips. You can apply the tips in order to boost your restaurant business just in months. The tips are useful for you to carry out in our down economy. 

Now, after reading the entire writing, do you think I forgot listing out some restaurant management tips for enhancing your restaurant sales? I’m happy to see your feedback here.

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