Top 7 common causes of car accidents

Car accident issue is current a serious epidemic in all countries in the world as it can lead to unpreventable deaths and several other severe consequences. Every year, car accidents kill nearly 3500 people and result in hundreds of thousands of injuries. Therefore, it is important to understand some factors that mainly contribute to car accidents and how to avoid them!

Common Causes Of Car Accidents – The Leading Trigger Factors:

causes of car accidents

According to WHO and World Bank, nearly 1.2 million people died each year on the road and the number is predicted to rise by to 65 percent by the year 2024. Besides, car accidents are the leading cause of death in the United States. Owing to the mentioned statistics, it cannot be denied that a car accident is one of the most dangerous killers but it is important that you should know what is causing the car accident issues to avoid undesired consequences. The negative effects of car accidents may include the loss of earning, injuries or even death, so it is important to ensure how to get safer when driving on the road and knowing clearly about the major causes of car accidents. Almost car crashes are caused by human errors so that when you read the top causes below, you will know that the greatest threat is the drivers themselves. That is the reason why I would like to introduce to you some causes of car accidents in the article today on The causes of car accidents I will reveal in this article are:

1. Distracted Driving

causes of car accidents - distracted driving

This the first one out on the list of common causes of car accidents that I would like to introduce to you and want my readers to pay attention. Distracted drivers are the leading cause of car accidents in the USA. In order to drive car safely, drivers should not take focus off the road. In fact, they usually take a call, send a text message, listen to music or eat food without knowing that they are the major threats on the lives when driving on the road. As you can see, more than one distraction driver do one or more of these things. For example, when drivers are driving, they want to change the radio station and they do this. Meanwhile, they do not only take their hand off the steering wheel to press a button, but they also have to take their focus off the road to look what a button they want to press. Besides, they have more action in distracted driving to be more likely in a car accident or car crash.

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2. Drunk Driving

causes of car accidents - drunk driving

Alcohol is one of the main reasons behind car accidents as well. Drunk drivers will lose the ability to focus and control when driving a car on the road, leading to a huge threat and risk of facing an accident. Besides, alcohol makes your vision and hearing impaired, slower reaction times and decrease the muscle coordination. About 13000 people died in car accidents related to alcohol in 2024. However, there is a tragedy that drinkers may survive but innocent people are killed. Therefore, it is necessary that we need to give better enforcement and stricter law to arrest drinkers to get them off the road. It can be said that drunk driving is considered one of the common causes of car accidents that we should avoid when driving on the road.
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Alcohol is the top cause of car accidents so that avoid it right away to save your own life!

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3. Rain

causes of car accidents - rain

You will be more difficult to stay, stop the road or to avoid hitting with other vehicles on the rainy days because the road will become slippery as it gets wet, oil rise and create the greasy surface. It can be easily for a car accident to occur if you stop your car in time. Besides, rain decreases the visibility that makes drivers’ eyes difficult to see what in front of them and around their own care. Therefore, your windshield always operates its function and can become dirty so that it is important that you should away check the condition of windshield although it is a small factor. It will help you avoid risks of car accidents at a level that you are difficult to imagine. Also, there are two types of drivers that can increase the threats to lives: reckless drivers and excessive timid drivers. Reckless drivers can think that the number of drivers off the road is decreased in the bad weather condition and they will ignore the consequences of this bad case. As a result, they will drive with high speed and when the roads are drenched or the visibility is low, they can easily lose control and drive at high-speed will make serious car accident occur. Excessive timid drivers are those who overestimate the dangers of bad condition and drive at very low speed, making the traffic back up to increase the risks of rear end car accidents.
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These are two types of drivers who do not know how to drive in a rainy day and easily get threats to their lives and to other people’s lives as well. Rain is seen as one of the most common causes of car accidents.

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4. Reckless Driving

causes of car accidents - reckless driving

This is the next one on the list of common causes of car accidents that I reveal and want you to learn carefully about to avoid. Reckless driving is seen as an action that disregards for the safety of people driving on the same road. This action put you and others at risks that can threat the lives of people. There are many reasons that can lead to reckless driving. It often happens in people who drive with high rate of speed or change lanes quickly without signal or tailgate – they are all causes of car accidents. Besides, reckless driver is the person who displays a disregard to the rules of driving on the road. Therefore, reckless driving people are punished by driver’s license suspension, fines or jail time, forced to learn a lesson and to increase awareness of how to follow the traffic rules and how to help protect the lives of other drivers.

5. Speeding

causes of car accidents - speeding

Another out of the most common causes of car accidents is speeding. Speed is the factor contributing to nearly one-third of all car accidents. One of the things we should do to avoid car accidents is to follow the speed limit. However, many drivers ignore this important factor. Driving above the speed limit is one way that can kill yourself because the faster you drive, the less time you have to react. I will give an example to prove the bad effects of speeding. If the pedestrian walks out into crosswalk and car approaching is travelling 30mph and then a driver brakes when the pedestrian is 45 feet away, there will be space enough to stop without hitting. In the case that the speed of the vehicle increases 5 mph, then the situation will change. When pedestrian is 45 feet and car is travelling 35mph, the hit will happen and may lead to serious injuries or even death.

6. Running The Red Light

causes of car accidents - running the red light

It is considered as one of most common causes of car accidents that you should know. Every year, nearly 3000 people died and 90000 people injured due to running the red light – the leading cause of car accidents in the United States. Red light helps the traffic ease but do not ease traffic jams for those drivers who are in a hurry. In fact, some drivers will speed up when the yellow lights are approached that make people down to slow and stop. For those people who always run the red light and always in cases of “being in a hurry” without concerning about other driver’s safety and see it is not important than their time-saving purpose, then they will be at higher risks of facing and causing car accidents. Moreover, there is another type of drivers – the distracted drivers – who usually take focus off the road. These drivers can cause collides with other vehicles and lead to severe car accidents, as a result.

7. Unsafe Lane Changes

causes of car accidents - unsafe lane changes

This is the last one on the list of the most common causes of car accidents that I would like to introduce to you and want my readers to learn carefully and remember for good. You will make a huge mistake if you change lanes without checking whether or not there is a car in the next lane or a passing car without checking oncoming traffic. It can lead to serious car accidents when drivers change lanes quickly without signal or starting to signal after changing the lane as it can make the following vehicle brake very hard, breaking the safety of both vehicles.

The common causes of car accidents I mentioned in this article aim to help people reveal the seriousness of breaking traffic law and how to increase awareness and pay attention to the safety not for you but for other drivers as well. This will help to reduce the wrongful deaths and injuries to an extent for people when driving on the road.

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The article today covers 7 common causes of car accidents that help drivers realize the dangers of making mistakes and breaking traffic and driving law and how they can avoid making these mistakes, in turns reducing the risks of becoming victims of dangerous car accident. Driving safely is not only a good way to protect your life but also to protect others’ live, so keep learning and remember to avoid these causes to avoid unpreventable injuries and death. If you have any question, feel free to leave your comments and feedback below. I always want to show my thankfulness for my readers’ contributions so I will answer all the questions as soon as possible. Besides, the lifestyle page also provides a lot of useful articles that can help people deal with several issues and problems in life without having to spend too much time, money, and efforts, so give this page and more time and allow us to help all of you!

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