List Of Vacation Travel Safety Tips For Perfect Journeys

vacation travel safety tips

When you travel around the world, all of you want to have an incident-free and safe trip. However, you may become a victim of violence, crime and experience many unexpected difficulties. This blog can provide you a lot of useful information to help you get a safe travelling.

I. Travel Safety Tips For All Of You Before Go

1.     Travel Safety Tips – What You Should Take

To avoid being a criminal target, travelers should not dress in a way that can mark them as a tourist. Expensive jewelry will draw the criminal attention.

When tourists move quickly and can be likely to get a free hand. They will be less tired and less likely to set their luggage down, leaving it unattended.

Travelers shouldn’t carry valuables things, and then choose some places to hide them. The passport, credit cards, cash will be secure when put in a locked hotel safe.  When people have to carry all of these on their own, they should put them in different places in pouch or wallet. Avoid outside pockets, handbags, and fanny packs that can be easier targets for some thieves. Inside a shoulder bag or pockets with strap across chest will be safer. The pouch and money belt under the clothing is one of the safest places. travel safety tips for business travelers

People should also bring some medicines in packages.

People should avoid keeping the medicines in the labeled, original containers. Bring the list of their prescriptions or all the names of the medicines. If a medication is uncommon or contains the narcotics, people should carry a prescription from the doctor. If people have doubt about the legality of bringing a drug into other country, they need to consult country’s embassy before they travel.

Bring more passport photos, and also photocopies of the page of passport’s information to make replacement of their passport when it is stolen or lost.

Put name, telephone numbers, and address outside and inside the luggage. Travelers should use covered luggage tags to prevent casual observation of the nationality or identity in the locked luggage.

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travel safety tips costa rica

2.     Travel Safety Tips – What You Should Leave Behind

You cannot bring anything. Leave them at home:

  • Valuable and expensive-looking jewelries
  • Irreplaceable objects
  • Unnecessary credit cards
  • Social Security card, similar items, and library card.
  • Leave a copy of all itineraries with friends and family at home in case they need to contact in an emergency.

Make 2 photocopies of the passport identification page, driver’s license airline tickets or the credit cards and bring with you. Leave one photocopy of this information with friends and family at home; pack them in a place separate from where they bring the originals.

Leave a current copy of the numbers of travelers’ checks with a relative or friend at home. And carry this copy with you.

II.  Travel Safety Tips – Precautions To Take While Traveling

1.     Separate All The Money To Smaller Parts

travel safety tips in europeYou need to know how to keep well all the bank cards in your own wallet when staying at home. However, how you can do this while travelling? Keep the smaller parts in many different places, preferably not on your body. In a bad situation, you can lose all cards on the road and it will be difficult to take living in the strange country without money.

When traveling, handling money safely is one of the most important things. Whether, you’re using money or checks, you need to be smart. Here are some tips to help you handle all money in your long travels.

2.     Never Keep The Wallet In The Jeans’ Back Pocket

travel safety tips dominican republicTo prevent from being pick pocketed, you should keep your own wallet in the front pocket of the jean, and especially the pocket that is be able to be buttoned up. Moreover, you should keep money in the inside pocket of the jacket. There is load of smaller part of money that can wrap inside the shirt or hang around your own waist. This is best way for you to protect your money.

3.     Scan All The Major, And Important Documents

A traditional method is photocopying your own entire visas and passport, and travel insurance, and save them in different parts in your own luggage. Also, scan your own travel documents and save them in your email. These days, email is the best way to save your important documents.

4.     Don’t Give To The Beggars

There are some exceptions to this note, such as the monks seeking the alms. However, in general, you shouldn’t give money away to any person on the street in the strange country. In fact, some of you can get your wallet out, that may encourage begging and not be a good way of using your money. If some of you want to support them then you can do it in some of volunteer works in your destination or you can donate your money to the local charity for some homeless, or some poor people.

5.     Be Wary Of Utilizing Credit Card At Any Internet Cafe

Any Internet cafes’ computers in the destination can have some key logger hardware or software that can record your own key strokes; therefore, some unscrupulous person can get your password and username of your online accounts or find out your own credit card details.

6.     Travel Safety Tips At Your Hotel travel safety tips philippines

You should remember that, the hotel can have many strangers, and some of them can be dangerous people. That is why you should keep your hotel room safety:

  • You should lock your own hotel door at all the times, and meet any visitors in lobby.
  • Never leave important document or money or any valuable things in the hotel room while you are going out.
  • If you go out late at the night, let your roommate know when you want to return room.
  • If you stay alone, you should not get on the elevator when some strangers inside.
  • Read the safety instructions for a fire in your hotel room to make sure you know where the fire exits and the alternate exits are.

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7.     Travel Safety Tips On Public Transportation

If many countries have a patterns of many tourists being objected by criminals on some kinds of public transports, this information could be mentioned in every Country Specific Information about crime. Our website provides some products that can help them overcome the fear of traveling, such as the fear of flying, and fear of driving

–   Taxis

You should remember that, only get in taxis clearly with the official markings, and beware of all the unmarked cabs.

travel safety tips for peru

–    Trains

Systematic, well-organized robbery of all passengers on public trains along common tourist routes is a big problem. This guide is common at night on overnight trains.

If you can see your way is being blocked by a stranger or another person standing close to you.

This guide will happen in the long corridor of train or on the station or platform.

Travelers do not accept drink or food from all strangers. All criminals can provide drug drink or food to all passengers. These criminals can spray sleeping gas in the train compartments. You should lock your compartment or not be securely locked; you need to turn sleeping with all traveling companions because you cannot stay awake. If you need to stay wake to protect your own luggage, you should tie down these entire luggage, and protect all valuable objects.

You need to alert the authorities when you feel threatened. Extra police can be assigned to stay trains on all routes where the crime is a big problem.

–   Buses

Some common types of criminal activities found on public trains will be found on some public buses on common tourist routes. For example, all tourists have been robbed or drugged while sleeping in bus stations or on public buses. In some small countries, busloads of all passengers will be held up or robbed by the gangs of bandits.

I hope this blog can give you useful information for preparing a long trip. If you have any comment, please leave it at the end of this post. We appreciate all the contribution.

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