How to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively

Sinus infection or called sinusitis means that your sinuses are inflamed because of any problems like infection. Your paranasal sinuses are lined by the mucous membrane that create the mucus flowing out through the openings of the paranasal sinuses and into the nose. The sinuses will be affected when these openings are blocked by many factors such as a cold or an allergic reaction. Its symptoms are often sneezing, itching nose, sore nose, nasal congestion, headaches. Sinusitis that happens in all seasons often impact significantly on health, work, communication of the patient.

Is There Any Way On How To Prevent Sinus Infection Safely And Effectively?

Anything can cause sinus infection if it irritates your sinuses. All the factors such as smoking, living in a dirty environment can irritate your sinuses. In fact, there is not any proven way to prevent sinusitis thoroughly. All of them only help to reduce the risk of sinus infection. There are some methods for how to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively that I want to share with you including:

1. Your Diet:

how to prevent sinus infection-your diet

Eating fresh foods is one of the natural ways on how to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively. A healthy diet should include 80 % raw and fresh foods and more vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are very high in vitamins and good substances that are effective in inhibiting oxidation in your body. Make sure that your diet also includes healthy fats like omega 3 fatty acids that are very important to our health. It can help to reduce inflammation and swelling.

In addition, you also should limit all the foods that contain harmful ingredients for our health like artificial flavorings, coloring, trans fat and GMOs. All allergens should be avoided to eliminate cycle of chronic sinus, respiratory and ear infections. Moreover, all foods with low fat like whole grains and meats are the good choices for a healthy diet.

Besides that, you also should avoid drinking alcohol too much. They can make your nasal mucosa puffed with oedema that can be easy lead to sinusitis.

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2. Keep Yourself From Any Illness:

how to prevent sinus infection-keep yourself from any illness

Another way to prevent sinus infection is to avoid catching any virus including the viruses that can cause irritation. You should try to limit your contact with the people that are sick to avoid the spread of harmful viruses. One more thing is to wash your hands after touching something dirty. This action will help you from harmful viruses and even sinus infection. Using an antitoxin to protect you from flu is one of the good ways to prevent sinusitis.

3. Remain Hydrated:

how to prevent sinus infection-remain hydrated

Your mucus membranes in your nose need to keep always wet. If they are dry, harmful bacteria can enter. Hence, in order to keep your body hydrated, you should drink a lot of water every day. About 8 cups of water a day is good for your body. Of course, you can drink as much more water as possible. In winter, your sinus membranes can be dry with the decrease of humidity by 25 % or 40 %. Hence, you should try to raise its humidity up by using bowls of cold or hot water.

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4. Keep Your Immune Systems Always In A Good Condition:

how to prevent sinus infection-keep your immune systems always in a good condition

A good immune system can help to reduce the risk of sinus infections. In order to have a good immune system, you need to pay attention to eat healthily. You can refer a good diet in the above. At the same time, an adequate amount of sleep is very important to keep your body in a good condition. You can get a good sleep by taking a warm bath and visiting a doctor if your sleep is not good. An adequate amount of sleep is about 8 to 9 hours.

Reducing the stress is one of the ways to keep your immune systems in a good condition. Many researchers found that people with less stress will get a better sleep that contributes to get good immune systems.

5. Avoid Chemical Things That Irritate Your Sinus Membranes: 

how to prevent sinus infection-avoid chemical things that irritate your sinus membranes

One of the chemical things that you often face up with is fumes of chlorine, an irritant in the swimming pools. When you go swimming, it is easy to sniff up these fumes into your nose. Hence, you should plug your nose to keep water with chlorine out of your nose.

In addition, you also should keep yourself out of smoky places. If it is impossible to do that, you should stay in section with less smoke. Or you can open the window or use a fan to make the smoke go away and get the purer air.

Moreover, you need to pay attention to using over the counter nasal sprays.

6. Avoid The Dry And Cold Air:

how to prevent sinus infection-avoid the dry and cold air

One of the things you should notice is not to keep your nose in front of the dry and cold air from the air-conditioner or fan when sleeping. The proper temperature is from 27 to 28 degree. In addition, avoiding the sudden change of the temperature is also one of the ways on how to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively. It can make the mucosa in your nose hurt. Besides, you should keep your body warm especially your neck, bosom, and nose when it becomes cold or rains.

7. Make Your Nose Clean Regularly: 

how to prevent sinus infection-make your nose clean regularly

This is an important way on how to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively. You can use the cleaning solution to make your nose cleaner after going out. Saline solution is rather useful for making your nose clean. Saline solution should be from 0.9 % to 3 %. It is rather easy for you to make saline solution. And if you want to make saline solution for cleaning your nose, a mixture of 10 ml saline brine solution and 240 ml warm water is for 1% one. For 2% saline solution, you need to mix 231ml warm water with 19ml saline brine solution. And for 3 % saline solution you need to have 221 ml warm water and 29 ml saline brine solution.

This solution has antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, and recovery properties that are very effective in preventing your nose from infection. Moreover, it is from the nature so it will not be harmful for your nasal mucosa.

8. Avoid Picking The Nose Regularly:

unhappy young woman squeezes her nose in the mirror

Picking your nose regularly can make your nasal mucosa damaged, your blood vessels in the nose broken. It will have very negative effect on your nose. In more serious case, it can make your nose infected. Hence, avoiding picking the nose regularly is also one of the good ways on how to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively.

The above include 8 ways on how to prevent sinus infection safely and effectively that should be used regularly so as to keep your nose always clean and healthy. In case, your nose has some initial symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, you should treat quickly in order to prevent your nose from sinus infection. And if you have any idea for this topic, you can write it below the posts of this website, we will always happy to see your contribution.

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