How to control your appetite naturally to lose weight: 23 tricks

how to control your appetite

If you are trying to get in shape, then the feeling of hungry all the time is considered as one of the major reasons why many types of diets fail in a week. Fortunately, you could still silence your own grumbling stomach without having to take additional calories. In reality, consuming certain types of food will send a signal to your brain that you are full and quiet your own appetite. In other words, there are some types of foods that might worsen your appetite even more. In this article made by, we provide you with useful tips and tricks on how to control your appetite naturally. Check them out now!

I. How To Control Your Appetite Naturally – 11 Good Foods For Controlling Your Appetite

1. Apples 


The first one in the list of nutrition tips on how to control your appetite naturally is to make use of apples. Simply chomp on an apple about 30 minutes before a meal and it will help you eat less in the main meal. That is thanks to the water and fiber from apples that will fill you up.

2. Avocado 


Consuming half of an avocado with your meal might assist you in losing weight as it makes you feel full for the rest of the afternoon. Women consume only one avocado in their meal will feel 22% more satisfied and have a 24% lower desire to snack 3 hours later than on the days they consume a calorically equivalent lunch without avocado.

3. Soup


In a recent study, people who consumed a bowl of low-calorie, broth-based soup before the lunch tended to reduce their whole calorie intake at the meal by about 20%.

The soups could take the edge of your own appetite as they charge a large portion of volume in your stomach, yet with a small amount of calories.

4. Pickles


Kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, and many other fermented foods contain short-chain fatty acids, thereby strengthening the bond between the human brain and gut.

Short-chain fatty acids are able to stimulate production of hormones that cross the blood-brain barrier and enhance appetite signaling. Those fermented foods can boast probiotics, the healthy bacteria good for your digestion. Many experts believe that probiotics might decrease appetite and are helpful in weight loss.

5. Chili Powder 

chili powder

Chilis include capsaicin which is a compound giving them their kick and improving the metabolism naturally. Recent research showed that if you add heat to your meal, then you might control your appetite. Just ¼ teaspoon of chili pepper to each meal can increase fullness and satiety.

6. Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolate

If you crave for something sweet, you might go for dark chocolate. It is suggested that dark chocolate could decrease blood pressure and protect the human brain and heart as well. Also, it might be more filling than the milk chocolate and might assist you in curbing cravings for both salty and sweet foods. In reality, those people who consume dark chocolate before having their meal might take 17% fewer calories per meal.

7. Eggs 


Beginning your day with eggs will allow you to be satisfied till the lunch. Consuming eggs will help you reduce hunger pangs and enhance fullness during the time between breakfast as well as lunch. In addition, studies pointed out that people consuming high-protein breakfast take fewer calories all day long.

8. Nuts 


The next nutrition tip on how to control your appetite is going for nuts. Nuts, the filling food, which can help people eat less. Those obese women who pair 1.5 ounces of peanuts (equal to 3 tablespoons of the peanut butter) with Cream of Wheat cereal plus with orange juice feel much fuller for up to 12 hours after completing breakfast than those who do not consume peanut products. In fact, nuts are designed by nature to help people control appetite as they are high in protein, fiber and healthy unsaturated fat. These 3 nutrients can slow digestion as well as regulate the blood sugar levels if combined with carbs such as oatmeal, fruit, and brown rice.

9. Oatmeal


If you want to control your appetite effectively, you should not overlook oatmeal. Consider ditching cereal for gooey, warm oatmeal. It can help you feel fuller longer. Besides, it is estimated that oatmeal-consumers were satiated longer, and experienced a huger reduction in hunger and a reduced desire to overeat in comparison with those ready-to-eat cereal consumers. So, what the difference is? Oatmeal really is higher in fiber as well as protein and also contains higher amounts of beta-glucan-the sugars which give oatmeal its heart-healthy properties, molecular weight and hydration in comparison with ready-to-eat cereals.

10. Water


People often misunderstand between dehydration and hungry. The symptoms of hungers are rather similar to the symptoms of dehydration, such as decreased cognitive function, low energy, and poor mood.

Being low in water might make you believe that you are hungry. Therefore, drinking a whole glass of water can trick you into thinking that you are full. The next time when you crave for an afternoon snack, just drink 1 glass of water and wait 10 minutes before deciding to eat. That way, your hunger will pass and you will save a large amount of calories.

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11. Whey Protein 

whey protein

The dairy whey – one of the proteins making up milk products – might be the most filling kind of protein. According to a recent study, people who drank whey protein consumed 18% less and 2 hours later than those who consumed a carbohydrate beverage. Thus, you can make use of whey protein powder so you can give smoothies a great protein punch.

II. How To Control Your Appetite Naturally – 12 Worst Foods For Your Appetite

1. Smoothies


If you think that the healthy alternative for a milkshake is a smoothie, then you should reconsider the ingredients put in that cup. Those chain store smoothies could be detrimental for appetite control as they are full of sugar from frozen juice, yogurt, and multiple servings of fruits. Smoothies containing high sugar content might leave your body feeling hungry and tired for extra sugar. Thus, in order to get a healthier balance, you should opt for a smoothie, which contains protein powder, healthy fats and fruits. And, nut butters and avocados as mentioned earlier in the first part of this “How to control your appetite” article.

2. Bagels


Bagels are considered as a breakfast favorite of many people. Actually, bagels have a thick texture tricking people into thinking they will fill them up and supply them with the proper energy necessary to get through the day. Nevertheless, white bagels are carb-heavy food with very little fiber.

At first, you will get full, yet it will not keep you feeling full as long as if you consumed several eggs with a piece of whole-grain toast instead. The whole grain bagel contains approximately 7 grams of fiber in comparison with 2 grams of fiber found in a plan, white bagel.

3. Protein Bars

protein bars

Often, protein fills you up. However, it will not if paired with simple carbs and sugar. This healthy option might just lead you to more and more cravings. Thus, you need to read the label carefully to determine if the protein bar you going to buy looks more like a candy bar which is comprised with simple carbs, artificial flavors, and sugar before opting for it. When opting for a bar, you should look for the one that consists of more whole food such as seeds, nuts and dried fruits.

4. Cookies


Have you ever wondered that how you could eat an entire box of cookies while still finding yourself hungry? Most of us have at least once time asked that question. The majority of cookies which are sold in the supermarket are rich in refined carbs and sugar, and low in fiber, complex carbs, healthy fats and protein so this food digests rather fast, boosting your blood sugar level. Once that food digests and your blood sugar level crashes, you will be right back when you began. The human body is smart and keeps signaling that it needs food till you ingest some nutritional density, not only processed foods.

5. Salty Chips

salty chips

When it comes to worst foods for your appetite, salty foods are one of them. When indulging in salty chips, you could not consume just one. However, salty chips, in fact, are rather hard to fill up on your empty stomach. The combination of fat and salt are not very filling, so it is easy to consume for you to consume the whole bag without thinking while still wanting dinner.

6. White Rice And Pasta

white rice and pasta download

If you are a fan of white rice or Italian cuisine, you had better know that your appetite might start to increase and the same goes for your blood sugar level. Pasta and white rice will not satiate hunger; they just offer the illusion as if they have for a short period of time. Hence, instead of choosing white rice and pasta, you had better offer brown rice and pasta that are higher in fiber. Make sure that you pair them with the healthy proteins as well as fats to slow down digestion, thereby keeping you feeling full for a longer period of time.

7. Breakfast Cereal

breakfast cereal

A morning bowl of breakfast cereal might make your appetite spiking and your energy reducing by noon. You had better skip marshmallow-packed oats or sugar-coated crispies if you really want to take control of your appetite. Many people consume morning cereals which are jam packed with refined carbs and extra sugars, and miss out on satiating protein. There was a survey pointing out that when women consume a breakfast high in protein might have an enhanced sense of fullness, which carry into the nighttime snacking of high-sugar and high-fat foods reduced, in comparison with when consume a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.

8. Frozen Packaged Meal

frozen packaged meal

How many times have you had a microwaved meal for lunch and thought that you were making healthy choices for your appetite? Unfortunately, the frozen packaged meals are often lacking in fiber and nutrients to fill you up, and some might even have some questionable ingredients.

9. Diet Soda

diet soda

It is rather tempting to take a carbonated drink to quench your own thirst as well as appetite, yet even if that diet soda is calorie-free, it might be harmful when it comes to managing weight and cravings. Many nutritionists argue that because the artificial sweeteners inside diet soda could increase the tolerance and desire for sweets, so they might alter the ability of your body to manage sugar cravings and hunger.

10. Juice


Normally, one of the most serious pitfalls that most parents make is giving their kids juice. And, the same goes for matures. In reality, juice is stripped of the natural fiber available within fruits and veggies, so it seems to do nothing for satiety. You will not get full benefits from juice as well as other liquids, so you had better never aim to take calories from liquid. If you are about to indulge yourself with a juice, then you should read the label to see if the drink is 100% juice in order to avoid quenching your own thirst with the unhealthy choice. Another option, if possible, is to make your own fruit juice from those fresh-picked lemons and oranges.

11. Candy


In this list of nutrition tips on how to control your appetite, candy might not help you so much in controlling your cravings. It is always hard to resist just one candy jar when feeling hungry, yet if you want to control your appetite, you have to fight the urge to sugar-laden treats. Those foods such as candy which are high in sugar might wreak havoc on the appetite control.

After the first promotion in insulin from taking more sugar than the human body could process, people get a crash, leading to more cravings for carbs and sugars. For better choice at the 3 o’clock snack hour, you should choose a combination of dried fruits and nuts or apple slices mixed with nut butter.

12. Doughnuts


Last but not least, doughnuts are considered as one of worst foods for your appetite. Even though doughnut holes, icing-filled pastries appear to be able to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. However, you should not be tricked as they contain no calories. Baked goods are packed with simple carbohydrates which are quickly broken down and digested by the human body, resulting into both highs and lows in energy as well as poor control of appetite. The truth is, many people report that they do not experience a sustained feeling of fullness as they consume doughnuts – the refined carbs, even if the doughnuts are really chock full of fat and calories.

Now, you have discovered top best and worst foods for your appetite that can help control weight loss effectively. These 23 latest tips of the trade from experts and researchers about how to control your appetite naturally to lose weight hopefully help you overcome your cravings now and then. Make use of these tips on food and recipes right instantly and you will soon get a healthy weight while still giving your stomach good treats.

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