19 Tips How To Get Rid Of Edema In Legs Fast And Naturally

how to get rid of edema

Edema is described as a form of swelling that is caused by excess fluids or water retention within the body’s tissues. Commonly, edema is found in the hands, arms, ankles, feet, and legs. Edema itself does not cause any harm, but when it is a symptom of underlying health conditions, you have to visit your doctor.

How To Get Rid Of Edema In Legs Fast And Naturally – 19 Effective Ways

In this article, I want to reveal some of the simplest but most effective ways on how to get rid of edema. So, if you want to know how to deal with this condition, read this article right now.

I. Causes And Symptoms Of Edema

Edema could be a health condition caused due to temporary conditions after injuries or during pregnancy. Also, edema could be resulted from liver, kidney or heart disease. Plus, edema could be a side effect after taking medication.

Some common causes of edema:

  • Physical inactivity
  • Sitting or standing for a long time
  • Burns
  • Surgery
  • Certain medications
  • Poor diet
  • Excessive salt consumption
  • Heart failure, kidney, lung or liver disease
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes

Some common symptoms of edema:

  • Swelling on the skin, or in a particular organ
  • The skin may be tight and stretched
  • Weight gain
  • Hypertension
  • Aching body’s parts and stiff joints

Basically, mild forms of edema can go away on its own. Nonetheless, in some cases, if this skin condition does not disappear naturally, it should be treated by natural home remedies or medications.

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II. Home Remedies For Edema In Legs

Before opting for drugs or medications, it is advised to consider applying a few natural home remedies that can help you deal with this condition with ease. Now, read this article from VKool.com to discover some of the most effective tips on how to get rid of edema in legs fast and naturally.

1. How To Get Rid Of Edema – Have A Healthy Diet

This is the first one of the best tips on how to get rid of edema naturally that I want to reveal in this article and want all of my readers to know and then apply for good.

According to a study about diet and inflammation, a diet contains vegetables, fruits as well as other healthy foods can aid to reduce swelling and inflammation. Seafood, vegetables, fruits, fish, beans, nuts, sunflowers, peas, almonds, potatoes and whole grains are all good options for you.  Some other tips that can help you have a healthy diet to treat the symptoms of edema:

  • Use oils and foods that are rich in mono-unsaturated fatty acids and omega-3s.
  • Consume foods that contain iron and B-vitamins to reduce edema
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables such as parsley, asparagus, grapes, beets, pumpkin, leeks, onion, and garlic
  • Consume whole grains, leafy veggies, and sea vegetables
  • Consume antioxidant foods like cherries, blueberries, squash, raspberries, tomatoes, and bell peppers.
  • Consume foods that work as natural diuretics, such as beets, asparagus, and pumpkin.

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2. Take Care Of Your Skin

Actually, taking care of your skin is one of the best ways on how to get rid of edema at home that you should not look down. The skin areas affected by severe edema may need special care as it is extremely sensitive. Daily use of moisturizers, proper cleansing is necessary to prevent the skin problem from becoming more serious.

3. Treat Underlying Causes

how to get rid of edema - treat underlying causes

Edema can be caused by certain medications or pregnancy, but there are some other underlying causes that can lead to edema as well. So, if you experience this skin problem without knowing the exact cause, you may need to get a medical attention to know what is going on. Here are some serious conditions that may cause edema:

  • Allergies
  • Brain injury
  • Heart, kidney or liver diseases
  • Infections or injuries

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4. How To Get Rid Of Edema – Drink Plenty Of Water

This is another one on the list of ways on how to get rid of edema naturally that I want to include into this article and want all of my readers to know and then remember to drink plenty of water as soon as possible.

Try to drink more water in case you have water retaining because it is may help cleanse your system. Make sure to drink 6-8 glasses of water on a daily basis. Addition to this, you also need to avoid caffeine and alcohol. This is because these products can increase the intensity of edema and simultaneously affect your overall health. These beverages can dehydrate you; therefore, if you drink them, you will need to drink more water to reduce their effects.

5. Use Herbal Teas And Extracts

Another way on how to get rid of edema at home in this list that you should know is to drink herbal teas and extracts. According to a study about herbal treatments for swelling, herbal extracts or herbal teas contain flavonoids that can help you reduce swelling. Besides, they work as diuretics, helping to remove excess fluids from the body. So, try the following herbal teas and extracts:

  • Bilberry extract
  • Grape-seed extract
  • Horsetail tea
  • Yarrow tea
  • Watercress tea
  • Nettle tea
  • Cardamom tea
  • Chicory tea
  • Fennel tea

Be sure to consult your doctor about interactions between these herbal teas and other drugs and medication that you are taking. Consume 3-4 cups of herbal tea daily, adding stevia, honey or lemon to taste.

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6. How To Get Rid Of Edema – Limit Your Meat Consumption

Another effective way on how to get rid of edema at home that you should not skip out is to limit your meat consumption. Actually, this way is also helpful for those who are suffering from edema to limit their consumption of meat. There are some kinds of meat, including cured meats, cold cuts and red meat that may be high in sodium. Addition to this, the overconsumption of fat can negatively affect the healthy functions of the liver, gallbladder, and digestion and this could worsen your symptoms of edema.

7. Limit Your Salt Consumption

According to a study about side effects of too much salt intake, if you consume salt too much, you may be at the higher risk of developing edema. The fact is that your overconsumption of salt will lead to water retention within your tissues. According to a study, taking less than 2,300 mg of sodium per day is safe for those with edema. Nonetheless, it is advised to consult your doctor about the sodium amounts that you can consume daily.

Moreover, you should cut down your consumption of salty foods such as prepackaged snacks and fast foods. Instead of eating out, you should buy raw ingredients and cook foods at home to take control of your salt consumption. Plus, you should consume fresh fruits and vegetables rather than fried or canned foods, which include extra salt for preserving their color and freshness.

Addition to this, in order to improve your food’s taste, you should use herbs rather than salt. Also, when purchasing your foods at grocery stores, check the organic products and the label of prepackaged foods for their content of sodium.

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8. Flaxseeds

Using flaxseeds is another effective treatment for edema due to its high content of anti-inflammatory properties. Flaxseeds can actually help you reduce your swelling, help with detoxification, thus helping you remove harmful toxins from your body. Simply, you add ½ tsp. of ground flaxseeds to a cup of lukewarm water. After that, you drink this solution twice a day for the best results. Alternatively, you can consider massaging your skin areas with edema with the help of flaxseed oil. Repeat your massage a couple of times per day.

In fact, using flaxseeds is one of the best ways on how to get rid of edema naturally that you should not look down, but try to make use of these seeds to deal with the symptoms of edema fast and effectively.

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