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how to stop overthinking

Nowadays, people often have to face with crisis. When we cope with a certain crisis, or if we have a critical decision to make, most of us seem fall into the trap of overthinking.  It is the kind of thinking that really does nothing except for perpetuating its own existence. So, how to stop overthinking everything? The answer lies in the following tips that has collected from a lot of professionals and experts in this field. Just take a look!

How To Stop OverThinking Everything – Tips To Relax & Make Decisions Exactly

1. Put Things Into A Big Picture put things into a big picture

Well, it is so easy to fall into the trap of overthinking even minor things in daily life. Now, ask yourself these questions when you start overthinking:

  • Will this matter in the next 5 years?
  • Will this matter even in 5 weeks?

It is pointed out that widening the perspective by asking these simple questions above could snap people rapidly out of overthinking and help them let that situation go and focus their time as well as energy on things that really do matter to them.

2. Set Your Short Time Limits For Decisions

If you do not set up a time-limit for yourself when making a decision as well as taking action, then you might just keep those unimportant, even irrelevant thoughts around and around, and view them from all angles in your own mind for a long period of time.

That is why you should learn how to make better decisions and how to spring into action by setting strict deadlines in your current life, no matter the decision is small or big.

Here are some of simple yet effective tips when it comes to decision making:

  • For small decisions, you should give yourself about 30 seconds or even less to make the final decision.
  • For somewhat bigger decisions that often took from you days or weeks to think in the past, set a time limit of 30 minutes or for the end of a working day to make your decision.

3. Become A Person Of Taking Action become a person of taking action

Once you acknowledge how to get begin taking action consistently every day, you will take control of your procrastination result by overthinking.

One of the simplest and most effectively ways to become a person of action is setting deadlines. In order to do so, you should take small steps and just focus on getting a single small step at a specific time. This tip works well as you do not feel overwhelmed, thereby you do not want to flee into procrastination. In case you might be afraid, then taking just one step is such a small thing that you do not get paralyzed in that fear.

4. Stop In The Situation Where You Know You Really Could Not Think Straight

In some cases, for instance, when you are hungry or when you are lying in bed, and feel sleepy, then that is the time when negative thoughts begin buzzing in your mind. If you cannot control them, they might do some damages. However, if you say to yourself “no, no…” phrase that you consider that issue or situation through when you know your mind work better. Normally, it might take a bit of practice to get this to work. However, once you can do so, you can do deal with different situations and issues in a more constructive way.

5. Acknowledge That You Could Not Control Everything acknowledge that you could not control everything

An example of trying to control everything may be trying to think things through even 50 times. To cover everything so you will not risk yourself and be less likely making a mistake, fail or looking like a fool.

But those things are a part of daily life where you are experience yourself and truly stretching your own comfort zone. Everybody who is successful in their field and has lived a life that inspires you has failed at least one times. That means they also made mistakes. No one is perfect. However, you could not control everything in life and what you could do is to see failure as valuable feedback to learn from. The failure could be negative but it will teach you a lot and will help you grow day by day.

Thus, you had better stop trying to control everyone and everything around. It will not work well as no one could foresee scenarios in advance. This perhaps seems easier said than done. Therefore, do it step-by-step if you want.

6. Avoid Getting Lost In Those Vague Fears avoid getting lost in those vague fears

To learn how to stop overthinking everything, relax and enjoy life, you need to overcome another trap that I guess you have fallen into so many times. That traps is getting lost in the vague fears about a certain situation in your life. In such case, your mind runs wild and creates disaster scenarios about potential risks if you do something.

For getting through this situation, you should ask yourself honestly what the worst that can occur is. Once you can figure out the worst scenario, you will realize that it is not as scary as your imagination when your mind runs wild with vague fears. Finding clarity in such way might take from your several minutes and a little bit energy to think, but it can save time for you later.

7. Spend Time In The Present Moment

If you are being in the present moment in your daily life rather than in the past or possible scenarios in your mind, you could replace more of your time that you often spend on overthinking with just being here instead.

Here are some tips you can use to reconnect with the present moment:

  • Slow down: that means you should slow down what you are doing now. Talk slower, move slower, or even ride bicycle more slowly. If you do so, you will aware how you are using your own body and what is happening around you at this moment.
  • Tell that “Now I am…”: telling yourself that you are doing what is a good way to reconnect with the present moment. This tip will help your mind stop wandering and bring your concentration back to the present.
  • Disrupt and then reconnect: when you find that you are getting lost in negative thoughts as well as overthinking, just simply shout this to yourself: STOP.After that, you reconnect with the present moment by taking 1 or 2 minutes to concentrate fully on what is going on right at that moment. Take it all in with your senses. Hear it, feel it, see it, smell it, and even sense it on your own skin.

8. Being Around Those Who Do Not Overthink Things being around those who do not overthink things

Social environment plays an important part in your life. Social environment include both those people who are around and close to you in real life, and what you listen, read, and watch. They contain books, forums, blogs, movies, music and podcasts in your life. These can affect your thoughts in different ways, both positive and negative. If you are close to those who constantly overthink, then you tend to be similar to them. On the other hand, if you are around those who think positively, then they will impact the same on your thinking and less on less on the influences that might strengthen your overthinking habit.

9. Workout

This seems rather odd. However, trying to work out, such as lifting weights, could help you remove the negative thoughts, inner tensions as well as worries. Even, it can make your much more decisive and feel relaxed. The ideas for working out can be swimming, jogging, riding bicycle, etc.

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10. Avoid Thinking Traps

If you are the kind who over obsesses about money, pry yourself away from constantly checking your bank account daily. In other words, if one of your colleagues often complains about everything, and always drags you down, then, as the tip on how to stop overthinking and enjoy lifementioned above, you should start having lunch at a nearby restaurant in order to avoid hanging out with her so much.

Fact is, the traps are things that make your subconscious to react even that you do not realize there is a connection between the two. You often feel down when around your colleagues but you still do not know why it happens.

Sure, it is great for you to do some self-examination and try to find the insights to solve your problems. Yet, at some points, you hit the point of diminishing returns. Then, you are wasting your valuable time by doing something that gives you nothing in return but more anxiety and misery.

The tips on how to stop overthinkingand relax above will ultimately help you stop becoming an over-thinker if you apply appropriately. Keep in mind that we all make mistakes, at some points of our lives. So, do not falling into trap of becoming a perfect person by overthinking and worrying everything.

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